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    Warrior of Compassion Reflections

    in Self Help

     Our Special Guest today is Frank Gerould.

    Frank Gerould usually classifies himself as a libertarian socialist.  Libertarian socialism is a broad category encompassing everything from anarcho-syndicalism and platformism to left communism and groups like Solidarity (UK) and Socialisme ou Barbarie. He has recently retired from 40 years in the printing industry in Philadelphia. He worked in a half dozen plants in those years in pre-press production: camera, film assembly, plate-making in the early years: all computers and automation in the later years. He was active in the Graphic Communications International Union, now part of the Teamsters, as an organizer, shop steward, and member of the local executive board at different times.

    In the US, it is difficult to stay employed in a unionized manufacturing. He was lucky. Unions were under constant assault, and manufacturing has left the country. He became a socialist in college in the late 1960s during the student revolution. Moving to Philadelphia after graduation, he stumbled upon a local group Philadelphia Solidarity, which was distributing Solidarity (UK) literature in the US. H became a member, and began his journey in the libertarian socialist tradition. They founded the Wooden Shoe Bookstore in Philadelphia in 1976 to sell socialist and anarchist literature. He was busy with the bookstore until 1985, then became busy making a living and raising a family. Several generations have since passed through Wooden Shoe Bookstore, and it is still open today at 704 South Street, Philadelphia.


     He is currently unaffiliated with any socialist outfit. I am a free spirit. I have special interest in the labor movement, race, and mass incarceration in the US.


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    The Liberal Redneck (The Times They Are A Changing!)

    in Politics Progressive

    Join LR, the Professor, and PD

    Thank you for keeping the faith and spreading the word on Facebook. Call in or join us in chat with a free Blog Talk Radio account. Share archived episodes with your friends on Facebook. Piss off those idiot Republicans by listening every week... LOUD! ?"The Times They Are A Changing!" 'Murika! GOP Senators vote to allow people on the No Fly Tearorist Watch List the ability to buy guns. WTF? Capitalists, Ammosexuals, and Lobbyists run rough shod over the rest of us! Who is looking out for us? We need to look out for us by voting the GOP, Teabagging, Trump fans out! Vote as if your life depended on it, because it does!

    •No Room For Women At The Inn? WWJD? (Sexism at the homeless shelter)

    •Our Favorite Fake News Guy Makes Real News And Continues To Expose The Hypocrisy In The GOP!

    •Solar Farms Will Use Up All The Sunlight! Small Town VS Alternative Energy!

    •My Name Is Inigo Montoya. You Have Misquoted Me! Prepare To Be Schooled!

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    Fighting the Tyranny

    in Current Events

    Fighting the Tyranny is a show that is rough in design and deep in research. While globalism and the New World Order are always discussed, we break apart the individual fights and drive the research home. Chemtrails? G.M.O.'s? Forced Vaccinations? Undeclared wars? The Fed? Yes, we cover all them and more. False falgs aren't off limits. Want to talk about Gulf of Tonkin? what about the Boston Bombing? Got comments on Sandy Hook, Waco with David Koresh, Ruby Ridge, J.F.K., or even the mother load of all false flags, 9/11? Join in the broadcast and we will discuss all of them. 

         Fighting the Tyranny often has guest and has been blessed to move to the new network, Christian Patriots Network. Looking forward to some exciting news coming in the very near future. The show starts at 6:00 pm central or 7:00 eastern and has been expanded from one to two hours. Same night as always. Every Wednesday only on Christian Patriots Network. Look forward to spending time with you and taking your calls at a place I like to call the virtual round table. 

         Pass around the show information and as always, thank you for your continued support and look forwad to hearing from you. If you would like to be a guest on the show please contact me at fightingthetyranny@chrisitanpatriots.org. Also, please contact me with show ideas or comments or concerns. Participation is key at passing around the much needed, and often never reported news.

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    Tonight’s Topics
    “Chickens Coming Home To Roost.” Paris under attack.

    “What’s wrong boss? WE SICK?” The white man reacts, the KNEE-GROW too reacts.

    “Today’s Victim. Yesterday’s Victimizer.” A glimpse into French history of rape, theft and murder.

    “The Greatest Heist In History.” How France is sucking the economic blood from former colonies.

    “Meanwhile, Another Young Black Man Bites The Dust.” Black Lives Matter Movement shut down I-94 in wake of police shooting of an unarmed brother in Minnesota

    “It Was A Bomb.” Russia confirms bomb brought down its airliner.

    “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.” Republicans say Syrian Christian refugees ONLY can come here.

    “Speaking Truth To DEVILS.” Ex marine and former war vet Ken O”Keefe take the covers off the bullshit war on terror and America’s false flags all over the world.

    “Wars And Rumors Of War.” It appears that the devils, warhawks, and vulture capitalists will have their war.

    “America: They’re Coming For You.” ISIS (real or imagined) threatened to bring the fight to the Capital.

    “Put A Muzzle Of The Wolf.” How facebook is trying to silence Lone Wolf.

    “Ending On A Positive Note.” My conversation with a sister about assets and liabilities.

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    If we get rid of the enemy in a united common struggle it would be easy to transform this unity into a common theme of things.  We are not separate nations of men to continue the pattern of fighting amongst ourselves.  We are a large collection of communities  who can unite and fight together against our common enemy.  the United States domination over all our territories equals a reactionary (in opposition to the interest of all) set of circumstances among our communities.  Reactionary Inter-communalism.  We can transform these circumstances to our benefit: Revolutionary Inter-communalism.

    On the continent of Africa there are people who look like us.  They are Black.  We are brothers because our struggle is common.  We have both suffered under the White racism and under oppression.  This is why we should not let the reactionaries of the world be the only ones communicating across the waters of the masses of land. We have a common interest to survive, and therefore, we can learn from each other." 

    "Despite their religious differences, they came together. Some were communists; some were socialists; some were capitalists. Despite their economic and political differences, they came together. All of them were black, brown, red, or yellow.

    The number-one thing that was not allowed to attend the Bandung conference was the white man. He couldn’t come. Once they excluded the white man, they found that they could get together. Once they kept him out, everybody else fell right in and fell in line. This is the thing that you and I have to understand. And these people who came together didn’t have nuclear weapons; they didn’t have jet planes; they didn’t have all of the heavy armaments that the white man has. But they had unity." MALCOLM EL HAJI MALIK SHABAZZ

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    “All survival programs are free. We have never charged the community a dime to receive the things they need from any of our programs and we will not do so.  We will got get caught up in a lot of embarrassing questions or paperwork which alienate the people.    If they have need we will serve their needs and attempt;t to get them to understand the true reason why they are in need in such an incredibly rich land.  Survival programs will always be operated without charge to those who need them and benefit by them.  

    In order to carry out such programs we have always needed money.  In the past we received money form wealthy  White philanthropists, humanitarians, and heirs to the corporate monopolies.  At the same time we were engaging in a blanket condemnation of the small victimized Black Capitalist found in our communities.  This tactic was wrong since we receive the money for our survival programs from big White capitalists and we freely admit that.” HUEY P. NEWTON “BLACK CAPITALISM RE- ANALYZED I” JUNE5, 1971


    TONIGHT WE MORN THE LOSS OF YET ANOTHER BLACK MALE CHILD. To you my people I say the time is now to rise against this beast that is destroying our community.  Yes we have to deal with the DEVIL the real one, all evil in any from must be abolished and wisdom must take over.  The ability to reason and analyze our situation, yes it has a lot to do with the White Man but it has much more to do with our Black Men.  If we do not make them change from the evil that they have become how can we proceed.  Huey P. Newton said that in order for there to be true revolution a person must change from within first in order to deal with the phenomena that surrounds us.  Since the fall of the Party I have seen Black Men try to con the World into Believing that they are fighting the Revolution. 

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    Let's chat with Don Surber about his new books

    in Politics

    Guest:  Don Surber, author, will tell us about his new books.......The first one is "Exceptional Americans: 50 People You Need To Know", or the stories of ordinary Americans who made the world a better place.   The second volume is "The capitalists" or the Americans who built the greatest economy in the world and saved the planet.   So lwe will go back and remember unknown and well known Americans who contributed to the greatness of the US.

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    10/21/15 - Liberal Propaganda keeps the shackles on tight

    in Politics Conservative

    From hating the police, to hating "tha man," propaganda has kept certain people in darkness, while others see the light.  When we talk about a defeated mindset, or a life of "equality" and "fairness," what are we asking for?  Are we conditioned to think winning is bad?  Should we be feeling guily for success?  Progressives want us to think no one is better than another.  While no man is better than another man, in reality, he may be better at certain things than the others.  Accepting failure, settling for government handouts , and the belief that the 1% are evil capitalists are all part of the plan.  If you wonder why it seems like things are upside down, it's because they are.  What's right is no longer considered right.  Tune in tonight as we discuss these and other tactics used by Progressive Socialists to control the masses.  

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    The Joe Price Show

    in Politics Progressive

    Wednesday, August 19th 2015.
    Due to limited time, I am unable to accept any phone calls.

    -American Libertarianism and Anarcho-Capitalism are scams.

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    WANKER Wednesday And Guests Michelle Dallacroce And Jeff Berwick

    in Politics Conservative

    Each week we “award” at least one person, organization or business which has committed an outrageous act or statement against the sovereignty of America and the further shredding of the Constitution.

    In punk rock ‘wanker’ translates to an extreme JERK!  (So get your heads out of that gutter..) And hear who (or what) is furthering the agenda of the statists.

    Links to the articles can be found on our sites

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    Today's scheduled guests Are Michelle Dallacroce Jeff Berwick.

    Michelle is an Air Force Veteran and President of Mother's Against Illegal Aliens.

    Jeff is a Canadian entrepeneur,libartarian,anarcho-capitalist activist.he is the founder of The Dollar Vigilante,CEO of TDV Media & Services and the host of the popular video podcast Anarchast.

    He founded Stockhouse Media Corporation in 1994 one of the most active financial websites in Canada.

    His website is www.dollarvigilante.com

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