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    Deadbeat Dads, Women Are Never Satisfied & Does Anal Sex Make The Butt Grow Big?

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    On this weekends episode of Talk With Toni Gee & Dr. Wood will be discussing Deadbeat dads that don't take care of their children but playing the perfect role to someone else's children...Why are women never satisfied....and Why do women want big butts that do not have them? Does anal sex really help to make the butt grow bigger? JUICY, JUICY, JUICY TOPICS!!!! Live and direct on Talk With Toni Gee & Dr. Wood....Call in at 646-787-8087, chat live or hit us on twitter @TALKWITHTONIGEE...TUNE IN!!!

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    While Los Angeles might not be a place where women's words and men's views are as progressive as Corinne & Krystyna had hoped, it sure is full of sexiness and adventure! This week, the girls of Sorry About Last Night welcome MISTI DAWN, GWF's very first star guest, to the conversation. Raised in a Mormon family in Kentucky, at a young age Misti got in touch with her sexuality, first as a Suicide Girl, then later by performing in hardcore ography. In her first in-depth interview since leaving the business three years ago, Misti talks explicitly about what drew her to the adult industry, dirty business dealings, the drug use and negative body image rampant amongst many females in , how to prep your ass for an anal scene, and why she's the girl to get when the script calls for fucking a black guy. Don't worry, even though she left the biz, she still loves sex (in fact, that's the very reason why)! MISTI'S WEBSITE: www.MeowMistiDawn.com E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com Tweet Misti: twitter.com/MeowMisitDawn Tweet the ladies: twitter.com/SryAboutLastNyt Tweet Corinne: twitter.com/ PhilanthropyGal Tweet Krystyna: twitter.com/KrystynaHutch Follow us on Instagram: SorryAboutLastNight YouTube: www.youtube.com/sryaboutlastnyt Tumblr: sorryaboutlastnight.tumblr.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/sorryaboutlastnight

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    Daily Gogetemism #167 OCD Off The Charts

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    How anal can you get?

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    BlackCatMysteries with, mystery guests, weird internet things, more cats!

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    Who is going to call me tonight?  If i can even figure out how to do this, on tonight's episode!


    I think my cats have gas.  We are listening to weird shows about possessed dolls, and aren't sure if there are any good movies on Netflix.  Can anyone let us know?  Weird music, funny things, and more!


    Adddresing things folks have sent me online.  Detachable Penuis?  Nobody can spell the word 'penis'.

    Mysteries of UFO's on Stuff they Don't want you to Know.....  The mystery of Johnny Gosch, never solved case.

    First child on Milk carton.  Pervert ring alledgedly involved. 

    Tom Jones, What's New cat guy has highest collection of bras and underwear ever reported, check on that though.

    War of The Worlds, strangest broadcast to make people flip out and lose their shit over aliens from mars giving anal probes.

    So much more on BlackCat Mysteries



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    You want me to put that WHERE....................?!!

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    Calm down....no need to fret my friend, we're talking oral sex this time, your anus is safe. For now :) This Wednesday, join us as we chit chat in the studio about our 2nd favorite "O" word......yes, ORAL! Sex that is!

    What's sex without oral? Can you be with someone who didn't enjoy receiving oral sex? Or worse, someone who didn't enjoy giving oral? And to be GOOD at oral sex, you have to actually enjoy it! Agree? Disagree? Are you willing to "try" it out, but not sure if you're doing it right? Can oral sex be taught? Do men actually cheat if they don't receive fellatio? What if he cums in my mouth? What if she squirts in my mouth? Or worse, what if they're not fresh?!.............................LOL I'v e been asked every single last one of these questions and MUCH more! Don't worry, this time I wrote them down, did a few screen shots (you're safe, no worries) and we're covering them all on the show! I really thought oral sex was a part of sex, like everybody was doing it; apparently I'm wrong. SO many women (and to my surprise, men) have hangups when it comes to oral sex. For whatever reason (religion, upbringing, lack of knowledge, sexual abouse, etc) we're here to talk about it! Hopefully by the end of the show, everybody will be eager to get on their knees! LOL just jokes, just jokes :)

    Who better to have on the show than Mr. #LivFre himself, Maurice Destined for Greatness! A South Florida native now living the LIFE in Amsterdam (can you sense my jealousy in the text)?! Determined to live life without limits, Maurice believes "no matter who or what, one should live true to their personal destiny. Life is about the experience of living it." #LivFre Be sure to tune in with an open mind!



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    Beauty Chat Radio

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    Tonight we'll have open disscussions about EVERYTHING beauty.


    Vaginal and anal steaming
    Slow salons
    The recent cold weather
    salon funiture for sale
    Rosa's Resources upcoming event
    upgrading your business

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    The G-Spot With Meka Rae: Kinky Sexual Play

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    Hi Bedroom Playmates

    Lets talk about the kink in sex play.

    Are you wanting to try something new in the bedroom? Are you already a freaky kind of lover? Do you want to share your stories and how others can enjoy a "kinkier" form of sex? How do you ask your lover to try something new in the bedroom? Will you become offended if your lover suggests you do something new in the bedroom? How would you respond if your partner wants to try something new in the bedroom? Are you open to new things in the bedroom... why or why not? We are talking about the ins and outs of anal sex, vampire sex, and we will explore other forms of kinky play such as golden showers, bondage, submissive/dominatrix, sex outside, bringing food/toys in the bedroom, etc. We will explore how to practice these forms of sex safely if you want to, how to respond to your lover's request if you are not interested, and how to ask your lover to try something new in the bedroom. 


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    The gals of Sorry About Last Night will be packing their shit and coming to a town near you soon (well, I mean if you live in or near rural Illinois or LA), but before they do that it's time to verbally walk one loyal #fucker through the ins and outs of anal sex (shaving, lube, enimas, anal beads). But first things first -- BUTT PLAY! Then, they're ready to give a second listener tips on why none of his friends are willing to be his first fuck. This week, Corinne and Krystyna welcome GARREN (Showtime's "Gigolos"), owner of Cowboys4Angels -- the first elite escort service offering the company of straight men to straight women! C&K grill Garren on what his wife thinks about his business, the most bizarre client requests and whether or not these dudes are DTF. Plus, Corinne offers to test out the merchandise.

    LASSO YOURSELF A COWBOY: http://www.cowboys4angels.com

    BUY TICKETS TO THE SORRY ABOUT LAST NIGHT SHOW IN LOS ANGELES ON 3/3 FEAT. JOHN CAMPANELLI & JOE DEROSA: http://hollywood.thecomedystore.com/event.cfm?id=376130&cart

    NOMINATE US FOR A SHORTY AWARD: shortyawards.com/category/7th/podcast

    E-mail us at SorryAboutLastNightShow@gmail.com
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    When trash becomes treasure: the LGBT community + the A.I. takeover, with Johnny

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    An obvious Illuminati creation is obvious, and what better way to attract children than to use a rainbow? The "New Normal." You know what it is...when the EXIT becomes the ENTRANCE, roles are reversed, and toys are used to simulate the act of procreation. Homosexuality and sexual gratification as the pathway to God, in the coming New World Order. Is there a gay gene? Only if there is a pedophile gene, a murder gene, and a rape gene, and you know what? Illuminati will tell you those exist, just to slap an A-OK label on deviant sexual activity. "It couldn't be helped, she was born a rapist."  PROUD to not know how your sexual organs work? This isn't a gay bash show, this is just calling a spade a spade; homosexuality will never be normal, no matter how much satan/illuminati tells you it is by pushing and parading it around for us.

    Meanwhile Artificial Intelligence androids, robotoids, automatons, AKA SYNTHETIC EVIL will be replacing/exterminating mankind soon enough...how can we stop them? Get magnetic orgone in your areas!!!What is the Singularity? An atheist wet dream/utterly fruitless attempt to escape God's judgement. www.orgoneblasters.com 












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    Down & Dirty After Dark

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    Down & Dirty After Dark

    We talk about love, sex and relationships from all walks of life!!!  Tune in...  No topic is off limits!!!  Look out for our handle your scandal (every week)

    Also visit the website for all the blogs... 

    Tips on how to make any woman SQUIRT 
    Tips on giving Great Head
    Tips on making your hair grow
    The latest celebrity news and gossip
    Tips on getting over a hang over
    Zodiac Signs & compatibilty with your mate
    Domestic Violence
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    Tips from Ms. Henretha


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