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    Arlene Speaks with GREAT Horror Author Deno Sandz

    in Entertainment

    So horror is my middle name (as a watcher) or so I thought before running into Author Deno Sandz! I have met other authors before that write horror and they all have a gift for it. I watch horror a lot and enjoy every moment of it! I checked out Deno's Facebook and knew that he had the gift of writing great horror! Deno Sandz lives in Cleveland, Ohio but came from Chicago, Illinois. He is a bold writer with a creative passion for his work which is why it is so great.  His books are dark with a hint of hellfire that will make you shutter and look behind your shoulder with eyes wide.  If what I am saying makes you curious then check out the interview!

    Here is the Amazon Author Page link: http://www.amazon.com/Deno-Sandz/e/B00JOF1TXO

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    Host Arlene B Mitchell Speaks With Author Phillip Berrian

    in Entertainment

    Author Phillip Berrian was born in Febuary 10, 1976 in Brooklyn, NY at Kings County Hopital and now resides in Valdosta Georgia.  Phillip graduated from Kingsborough Community College an has an Associates Degree in Arts and Sciences.  His parents are Pastor Mary L Berrian and the late Charlie Berrian and he has five brothers and four sisters.  Phillip who is an Author and a Poet has written 20 books, “The Testimonial of One’s True Greatness.”  It is available in eBook and hardcover and you can find it on Amazon.  

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    Kama Speaks with Krystal Pillow

    in Entrepreneur

    Krystal Pillow, is the CEO of Divas & Dolls Fitness. She also has over five years of experience as a fitness instructor and wellness coach as well as over 10 years of experience as an event planner. After undertaking a personal fitness journey and losing over 50lbs, she wanted to become a fitness instructor to help others stay fit and have fun. Her love for fitness and exotic aerobics grew over the years and she decided to open her own fitness studio. Divas & Dolls Fitness has helped hundreds of women reach their fitness goals and it is Krystal’s hope that the studio will continue to be a fun and motivating environment over the years to come.

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    Fear Not comes back to Author Talk

    in Books

    Derrick Good man is more than just the average seventeen year old junior of Seneca Bay High school who graces the football field and aims for gold on the honor roll. He's also been handpicked by God. Which means, sometimes, there will be tests that may not line up with his faith. When Derrick is placed in the center of traumatic events, will he give into fear? Or will he allow himself to be used by the God he's taught to be a miracle worker?

    Check out Brianna White and God's Man on Kindle by Loreal Ballou/Shandra Ward

    Purchase Loreal Ballou books on Kindle,com

    Contact Shandra Ward on Facebook  Shandra -Author Passion-Ward

    Contact Loreal Ballou on Facebook.  On twitter Loreal_2Blessed on Twitter

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    Kama Speaks with Ms. Savvy Pro

    in Entrepreneur

    Patrice Jackson

    Patrice Jackson, A.K.A. Ms Savvy Pro, is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. Drawing upon her own history and experience, Jackson speaks with individuals and groups about how they can get motivated to succeed. For Jackson, identifying your passion and following that passion is the key to success in both business and life.

    Jackson is the founder of Savvy Professionals and currently serves as Executive Director of the firm. Jackson founded the firm in 2010 and since then she has been working with firms in various industries to offer support and assistance with their daily business activities.

    Jackson is a skilled entrepreneur and has honed her skills working as a customer service representative for Progressive Insurance and as a sales representative with Avon. She also runs Puhj.ee Princess Products, An internet-based company that offers a professional line of jewelry, beauty aids and fashion accessories. Jackson draws upon this entrepreneurial experience to teach others how to ignite the fire within and reach great heights.

    Jackson currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio where she has spent the past 18 years working in the fields of marketing and customer service. She is a graduate of Bedford High School and studied Marketing at David N. Myers University When not working on one of her many entrepreneurial activities, Jackson spends her time volunteering her time and resources to the many community organizations she is associated with.

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    Kama Speaks with L. David Patterson

    in Entrepreneur

    Tune in as Kama Speaks with L. David Patterson who is running fo city council for the city of Hawthorne. 

    L. David Patterson:

    Current Treasurer of the city of Hawthorne
    Financial Advisor for over 12 years
    Real Estate Broker 
    Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from the University of Southern California 
    Master's Degree in Pyschology from Capella Univeristy

    L. David Patterson is committed to: 

    Fixing the city's budget
    Increase in reveneue
    Economic Development 
    Public Saftey
    Clean Streets

    A little more on L. David Patterson

    A native of Southern California, David has spent the last 15 years in service to his community and fellow man. David has been actively involved in the city of Hawthorne, volunteering his time to such organizations as the Hawthorne Chamber of Commerce, the Hawthorne Economic Development Council, and Hawthorne Teen Center. In November 2013, L. David Patterson became the first African American to be elected City Treasurer of the City of Hawthorne.  David was officially sworn in December 10, 2013....please visit his site http://www.ldavidpatterson.com for the entire bio. 


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    Elihu Bey speaks from IWDM Tasifer

    in Religion

    Elihu Bey speaks on IWDM Tasife

  • Murad Speaks

    in Religion

    Discussion of the Tasfeers of W Deen Muhammad by Murad Muhammad

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    Murad Speaks

    in Religion

    Al-Islam - A prescription for humanity as taught from the Tasfeer (commentary) of Imam W Deen Mohammed

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    Kama Speaks with Maria Allyne

    in Entrepreneur

    Maria is a proud Air Force brat who attended high school in Germany while traveling extensively through Europe with her family. She credits that priceless education for enhancing her innate ability to connect soul to soul. After high school, she studied fashion marketing at The American College in London, England . After returning to the United States, she obtained her Bachelor's Degree in Communications and later her teaching certificate. At the age of 46, she obtained her Master's Degree in Organizational Psychology and Leadership from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, Pa.

    She is married and the mother of three feisty girls. She feels that coaching women is her calling and is grateful for the ability to do it as a profession. She is known for successfully working with midlife woman who are struggling during this life stage and partnering with them to build the life of their dreams.

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    Kama Speaks with Exodus Swift

    in Entrepreneur

    Exodus Swift is a multi talented gospel rap artist, producer, writer, business owner, poet, and author. With a new a ep out after over 100,000 streams of his last gospel album via Spotify. And a new poetry book out also, Exodus swift is seeking to place his mark in the music industry.