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    The Voice of Americans and Veterans

    in Politics

    Tonight! On The Voice of Americans and Veterans, Jon Wolf makes his epic return to the show where we will be covering the Oregon Standoff and what is truly going on and what it means positive and negative for America. We will also be covering Obama's executive order on guns and what it actually is and means for the future and has he pulled this kind of legislation before? TUNE IN TONIGHT! CALL IN or click the link below! And remember, when calling in, press 1 after you hear that SEXY voice, "Blog Talk Radio"! http://theconservativetreehouse.com/2016/01/03/full-story-on-whats-going-on-in-oregon-militia-take-over-malheur-national-wildlife-refuge-in-protest-to-hammond-family-persecution/

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    The Voice of Americans and Veterans

    in Military

    Tonight, on The Voice of Americans and Veterans, we will be discussing the recent decision of the wearing of the purple heart in public, by those whom didn't earn it, and it being considered freedom of speech along with the wearing of a military uniform. We will have many vets and active duty on to discuss this and MUCH more! TUNE IN by calling in and pressing one after you hear, "Blog talk radio!" if you would like to be a guest, or tune in by clicking the link below! SEE YOU THEN!

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    The Voice of Americans and Veterans

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    Tonight, on the Voice of Americans and Veterans, Jon Wolf goes head to head in a debate with an Independent! Guest panel of moderators and YOU, the caller, get to call in and ask questions that you want answered, CALL IN!!! Dial in the number below and PRESS 1 AFTER YOU HEAR BLOG TALK RADIO! See ya there!

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    The Misconception of Moorish Americans PT..2

    in Culture

    The Chiefs continue to dispell the myths dealing with Moorish Americans, Noble Drew Ali status of Moors and the unification of the movement.. 

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    The voice of Americans and Veterans

    in Politics

    Tonight, On The Voice of Americans and Veterans, we want to hear from you, the Veteran. How do you cope day to day? How do you cope with PTSD, depression, etc? How does your family cope and assist you to cope? How do you handle the triggers? Do you avoid them? Breathe through them? What is your support structure like? Your message could serve as encouragement and an inspiration to other brothers and sisters out there! We want to hear from you! When you call, call the number in the picture below, press 1 after hearing, "Blog talk radio!" and our board operator will bring you on. If you want to listen live online, click the link below. TUNE IN! 6cst/7est-8cst/9es

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    Election 2016 - Who will the Media Elect in 2016?

    in Politics

    Let's be honest......The media....NOT THE ELECTORATE will elect the next POTUS!  The media will elect most Federal offices.  The media will have a major impact on state and local elections.  The electorate - aka "We the People" have become sheeple in this process.  That is the simple truth.

    Main stream media, cable news providers, talk radio, etc etc pick and choose the information they want the people to know.  The so-called "freedom of the press" has become the public relations/marketing department for the polticial establishment and the various special interest.

    Main Stream Media
    Fox News - Cable News
    CNN - Cable News
    The Blaze - Cable/Internet News
    Talk Radio - Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Laura Ingraham, Rush Limbaugh, etc etc etc

    When was the last time any of these news outlets honestly reported the facts about elections or candidates?  They violate FCC regs that require they must support the public interest. This would mean reporting all the facts not just the ones the political establishment wants them to report.  News - aka Freedom of the Press is a for profit business.  Thus, today's news outlets are controlled by those who pay their bills.  The political establishment has substantial influence and control over the news we hear.  Thus, we no longer have "Freedom of the Press".  This is more proof, the American experiment is over and America is dying.

    Talk Radio is OPINION, but is frequently passed off as FACTS. 

    If you disagree with any of the above statement, please call in and explain why I am wrong.

    I want to be wrong, but that is not the way I see it in 2016.


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    The Voice Of Americans And Veterans: The Wolf Den

    in Current Events

    Tuesday, on The Voice of Americans and Veterans, we hit it out of the PARK with Wolf, Hawk, Keeper, Edge, and Captain Wicker!! What is the ACTUAL history and origin of the BLM!? Government entity or foreign based Government contractor with NO power of jurisdiction over the people or the land? Is this the reason the protestors are only charged with felony impending of law enforcement and the Feds? Or are the guilty of far less? How do we stop them? LEARN YOUR LEGAL RIGHTS!!! Tune in by calling the number below, if you want to come live, press 1 after you hear, "Blog talk radio!". Or click the link below and listen live!!!!!

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    Kerry Davis - African Americans Aint African

    in Politics Progressive

    Kerry Davis, author of "African Americans Ain't African," joined "Human Rigths Demand and hosted a series of shows on the subject of Blacks as indigenous people of America. This is his debut episode. Please call 347.857.3293 to listen, or access the show from our archives at Blogtalkradio anytime, 24/7. See Davis on video at YouTube at https://youtu.be/LURMdeTsKyA also. Davis asserts that Blacks in the USA descended from people who lived in the area now called the United States many generations before the first Europeans arrived and did NOT arrive here on slave ships. You are invited to leave comments for Mr. Davis in the comment field at Blogtalkradio at "Human Rights Demand" channel, or contact him using the information on the tape. Thank you for listening to and sharing this tape.

    Black History Month begins January 1 and ends December 31, but we celebrate in February. Happy Black History Month 2016!

    "Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has, and it never will." ~Frederick Douglass

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    Introduction to Americans For Americans Rights [A.F.A.R.] With Don Masters

    in Politics

    Intorduction to the organization [A.F.A.R] Americans For Americans' Right

    Host: Don Masters

    Founder of A.F.A.R

    Don will give the background of A.F.A.R. and explain why he wanted to start a Blog Talk Radio broadcast.

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    What has President Obama done for African Americans (Black Folks)?

    in Radio

    This is a Special Broadcast: Many African Americans, who turned out in record numbers to elect and re-elect our first Black President are finding it difficult to see or understand how they have benefited. What has Mr. Obama done to benefit this constituency?

    Well, this broadcast dedicated to offering a fairly detailed accounting of some of the most important Presidential Actions that Mr. Obama has taken that directly and indirectly impact the African American/Black and Latin Communities of this nation.

    Just dial (818) 739-8909 to listen live or simply click this link to listen to the Archive...

    'Let's Change the WORLD' airs every other Sunday, at 6:00 PM, E.S.T. with Sheryl Alyssa Mendoza and myself (Dale Davis). 

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    DECEPTION OF THE ELECT/Dr Pat Holliday/Dr Sabrina Sessions/Marshall Perot

    in Religion



    Jesus warned that “If it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect,” (Matt. 24:24). Peter the apostle also forewarned that “false teachers” who shall privately bring in “damnable heresies,” even denying the Lord that bought them, that “many shall follow their: pernicious ways,” and sad to relate these “followers” are recruited from the orthodox church members, of whom the Apostle Paul wrote to Timothy in (II Tim. 4:3,4), saying: “The time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching  ears; and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto Fables,”  


    This “turning away,” is evidenced on every hand. There is a “turning away” in doctrinal standards, in the demand for a regenerated church membership, in church attendance. Many churchgoers will not endure “sound doctrine.” They will not hear those who preach the “total depravity” of man, the necessity of the “New Birth,” and the conscious and endless torment of those who reject Christ as the only and personal Savior. They demand teachers who “itch” (tickle) their ears with pleasing, novel and sensational doctrines. [i]


    [i]  ibid, Pat Holliday, the Power...