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    The Progressive News Hour.

    in Politics

    Prime Minister Tony Abbott says Australia has been ‘taken for mugs’
    when discussing proposed changes to Australia’s immigration and
    security policies. But what are the real causes of radicalization? We
    speak to Anne Aly from the School of Humanities at Curtin University
    about her research into radicalization.
    Also, there’s been another ‘leak’, not from Julian Assange or Edward
    Snowden, but from the South African intelligence agency. And this
    ‘leak’ could have real consequences for world peace!
    Anne Aly is the chair of PAVE - People against Violent Extremism -

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    Episode 20 - Dharma Your Way. The Personal Path of Harmony

    in Lifestyle

    Dharma Shay is a Martial Artist, Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and founder of a fitness movement on the Big Island of Hawaii. He is the creator and owner of Hawaii Urban Training and The Brave Fitness Facility. These organizations provide valuable coaching, equipment and quality training to the community of the big island by breaking away from your traditional gym environment taking fitness to the community.

    Dharma grew up with martial arts in his life from the time he was born. His father, a Chinese herbalist and acupuncturist exposed Dharma and his siblings to a diverse collection of Martial Professionals and teachers of both modern and traditional backgrounds. As a teen Dharma competed in karate, mui thai, jin jitsu, and qi gong. Over the years his training included Hung Gar, Ba Ji Quan, and Xing Xi Quan. In 2005 he traveled to china where he studied at the shaolin temple for 4 months.

    After returning to Hawaii Dharma wanted to help people reach their full physical potential. In 2013 Dharma began Hawaii Urban Training (HUT). A community based fitness movement completely free to the public ran by certified and experienced personal trainers. The goal of HUT is to build a sense of ownership and direction for health and wellness both on a personal and community level.

    In this episode I’ll be speaking with dharma about how his life has been shaped by martial arts, and his path of self discovery. I'll also speak with him about his engaging role in the health community, and what’s next for dharma in the years to come.


    Dharma on YouTube

    HUT on Facebook

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    Episode 77: The Book of Philippians - Part XI

    in Christianity

    Episode 77: The Book of Philippians - Part XI

    This week we are continuing to study Paul's letter to the Philippians. There is a lot to unpack and you will not want to miss this walk through the book.

  • The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom: Gnostic Templar Knight Mark Amaru Pinkham

    in Religion


    Mark Amaru Pinkham is the author of The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom and Conversations with the Goddess, and The Truth Behind the Christ Myth. All three books reveal startling information which, until now, has been concealed or has been taught solely to advanced spiritual seekers and mystery school students. Mark is now making these teachings available for everyone who is interested.

    His 4th book Guardians of the Holy Grail: The Knights Templar, John the Baptist and the Water of Life is now available - released July 2004!

    Mark is the Founder and Director of the The International Order of Gnostic Templars and its related schools: The Seven Rays of Healing School and The Mysteries of the Goddess Wisdom School.

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    Για να αλλάξει η ζωή πρέπει να αλλάξει το μυαλό. (Λένε)

    in Spirituality

    Πολλες συζητησεις γινονται τα τελευταια χρονια για το πως μπορε? κανεις να αλλαξει ριζικα τη ζωη του αλλαζοντας τις πεποιθ?σεις/νοοτροπ?ες /ΣΥΝΗΘΕΙΕΣ του. Αλλαζοντας το blue print. Το ατομικο και το συλλογικο Matrix. Θα διαβασουμε ?να αρθρο το οποιο αναφ?ρει ποσο καιρο λενε ?τι χρειαζεται μια καινουργια συνηθεια να γινει καθημερινοτητα  


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    Mondays at 8, Authors Supporting Authors with Donovan Tate

    in Writing

    Times: 8:00 pm EST / 9:00 AST. Please check the time in your time zone.

    Welcome to our Mondays at 8:00: Authors Supporting Authors series, brought to you as a joint project by authors April Thomas and Etienne A. Gibbs. Each week we shall interview authors about their work and the disciple behind their writing. Call 646-721-9611 during the show with your questions or comments.

    This week's author: Donovan "Bladerunner" Tate

    Born  on Aug. 26, 1969, in Birmingham, Alabama, Donovan Allen Tate inherited the gift of music. After taking lessons he played the piano, electric organ, & sang in the church choir. His ambition to become an actor and an anchor news reporter halted when he became influence by bands he saw on MTV in the early 80’s.

    Tate’s musical career began at age 12 as a songwriter, during his 32-year career he worked on numerous projects such as Echoes in the Dark, Code Bleu, Wave Nouveau, Donovan 2525, and Dawn Chorus. His current project, his solo XI-VOX, is his first contemporary Christian synth-pop album, “A New Beginning”, off his own label Electro Underground. 

    Tate not only worked in the music industry as an artist, producer, manager, music coordinator, dj, journalist, and Minister of Music, but also in other field in the entertainment industry as on a local cable TV channel and performing at events and clubs doing original contemporary, romantic, and gothic poetry. Studying music, art, photography, computer & data entry, he earned his Associate Degree in the Arts from Faulkner University. 

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    Night Search

    in Paranormal

    Hosted by Eddie Middleton Co Host Justin Abner

    Tonight from 9:30-10:30PM, CST, Night Search welcomes James DeMeo, PhD. Dr. DeMeo formally studied the Earth, Atmospheric, and Environmental Sciences at Florida International University and theUniversity of Kansas, where he earned his PhD in 1986. At KU, he openly undertook the graduate-level natural scientific research specifically focused upon Wilhelm Reich's controversial discoveries, subjecting those ideas to rigorous testing, with positive verification of the original findings. He is a member of theAmerican Meteorological Association, Society for Scientific Exploration, Arid Lands Society, Natural Philosophy Alliance, Sigma Xi, International Society for the Comparative Study of Civilizations, and the AAAS, and a former Research Associate of the American College of Orgonomy. In 1978, he founded the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL), where he continues as Director. In 1994 DeMeo establish the OBRL Greenspring Center, a high-altitude research facility in the Siskiyou Mountains near to Ashland, Oregon, exhibiting optimal conditions for sensitive orgone energy experiments.

    We will be discussing Orgone Energy and its applications. So tune in for another amazing show!

    Important links:


    James DeMeo's Research Website



    James DeMeo's Book

    The Orgone Accumulator Handbook: Wilhelm Reich's Life-Energy Discoveries and Healing Tools for the 21st Century, with Construction Plans


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    TRUNEWS 12/22/14: Martin Armstrong

    in News

    As North Korea threatens to attack the White House and Chinese President Xi Jingping tells PLA soldiers to prepare for war, Rick talks with renegade economist Martin Armstrong about the historic collision of the business cycle, the war cycle, and the civil unrest and revolution cycle.  Listen to hear what Martin Armstrong – the Cycles Expert – says about 2015-2020.

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    E-XI Sex and Death are Funny. So why are people so serious about them.

    in Lifestyle

    I'll talk about how people should have sense of humor when it comes to both issues. And how by making them funny people can have an open dialog about them. Also talk about the new title of my show.


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    St. Emma of Austria

    in Religion

    Rebroadcast of the long running radio program, "The Ave Maria Hour", a presentation of the Franciscan Friars of the Atonement. www.AtonementFriars.org

    St. Emma of Austria - Hemma, also called Emma of Gurk, was born Countess of Zeltschach to a noble family called Peilenstein in present-day Pilštanj, Slovenia. They were related to the Liutpoldings of Bavaria and thus to Emperor Henry II. She was brought up at the Imperial court in Bamberg by the Empress Saint Cunigunde. She married Count Wilhelm of Friesach and of the Sanngau, by whom she had two sons, Hartwig and Wilhelm. Both of her sons and her husband were murdered, the latest of them probably in 1036. Hemma became wealthy through inheritance upon the death of her husband and sons.

    Countess Hemma used her great wealth for the benefit of the poor and was already venerated as a saint during her lifetime. In addition, she founded ten churches throughout present-day Carinthia, Austria. In 1043 she founded the Benedictine double monastery of Gurk Abbey, where she withdrew during the last years of her life.

    After her death, Gurk Abbey was dissolved by the Archbishop of Salzburg, Gebhard, who instead used the funds to set up the Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt in 1072. Admont Abbey, another Benedictine foundation in Austria, was founded in 1074 by the same Gebhard, and also owes its existence to Hemma's wealth.

    Since 1174 Hemma has been buried in the crypt of Gurk Cathedral, of which she is accounted the founder. She was beatified on 21 November 1287 and canonised on 5 January 1938 by Pope Pius XI. Her feast day is 27 June.[2]

    Hemma is the patron saint of the Diocese of Gurk-Klagenfurt as well as of the Austrian state of Carinthia, and her intercession is sought for childbirth and diseases of the eye.

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