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    Magickal Metaphysics with Audrey Quinn

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to “Magical Metaphysics withyour host Audrey Quinn - a spiritually inspiring and life celebrating program ~brought to you by GGMradio worldwide via Blogtalkradio!!

    My special guest is a truly a beautiful ANGEL. She is a woman on the move with a mission of LOVE in action, making a difference in the lives of thousands; "Roxanne Watson" from New York is an Organ Donor Amabassador with truly a compelling, inspiring and loving true life story that will touch your soul and spirit.

    April is National Donate Life Month! Roxanne Watson has signed up more than 5000 organ donars to date. She is also featured in Marlo Thomas new book "It Ain’t Over". Roxanne has appeared on ABC News and Fox Good Day Street Talk, Anderson Cooper, NBC “The Debrief”

    You must listen in to hear Roxanne’s true LOVE story straight from her heart to yours!

    Facebook page: Roxanne Watson

    To become Organ Donar: go to Organ Donor.gov


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    The Sanuces Bloodline Brotherhood Part 5

    in Sports

    Topic: Exclusive interview with Professor Don Jacob International Acclaimed
    martial artist of Dr. Moses Powell and The Martial Art Amabassador of the Carribean with over 11,000 students world wide and the first sanuces millionaire.

    November 28th, 2013. Hosted By Furqan Shabazz

    "Unity is in our Strength and Strength is in our Unity"

    The sanuces Bloodline Brotherhood is an audio Documentary of the Greatest Martial Artist and Martial Art System. Dr. Moses Powell and Sanuces ryu Jujutsu. Every Month this show will air on one of the docradio channels. In much as Dr. Powell was a traveling Martial Artist this program will be hosted by different channels on docradio every month.Modern Combat Masters will sponsor this Fourth Program.


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    That Radio Show

    in Politics Conservative

    Wild Bill Finley from "Wild Bill for Amnerica" joined us our first hour. Wild Bill is an ex-cop who has racked up literally millions of views on his YouTube page. Bill discussed the latest movement by Special Op retirees that are pursuing what they believe to be a plot by Obama that included kidnapping Amabassador Stevens as a political ploy to be used to bolster Obama's campaign rather than avoid any potential fallout by confronting terrorists as many believe. The problem is the plot went awry. Craig Andresen then joined us as we discussed the politicization of the Zimmerman trial as a ploy to once again attempt to disarm America by using the trial to claim Americans do not need to defend themselves.

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    Stellar Awards Weekend 2013 - Ambassador Dr. Bobby Jones!

    in Entertainment

    Amabassador Dr. Bobby Jones Legends Award
    Rusty Watson talks about the The Music & Arts Love Fellowship Conference

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    Benghazi Attacks Italy, Brennan/CIA in PAK & AQ War in Mali

    in Politics

    JOIN Host Douglas Stewart today from 7-9pm ET as he delves into the latest news & politics.
    Topics: War in Mali? Yes. You read that right. France has decided it is tired of being the but of every joke regarding military prowess and bravery. They have taken the lead in Kiccking AQIM square in the pants. But in Mali the Salafist Jihadists have gained power since obtaining weapons from Libya. Lets all facepalm ourselves for the entire segment.
    A Beautiful Mind: Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz committed suicide recently. The Justice Department was pursuing him for illegally downloading files. Was he bullied by our government into taking his own life? While his political philosophy is in direct conflict with ours at CRO no one will say that he wasnt a genius and a very reasonable thinker when it came to the future of technology. We have an exciting interview from when he was just 14 years old!
    Wtf Benghazi? Italian amabassador almost killed in that unsecure city. Why is it such a hot spot for assasination? Do successful operatives win some sort of prize for catching bodies of diplomats within city limits?
    Obama moves towards tyranny while circumventing Congress to impede the 2nd Amendment re: Self Defense.
    Democrats want an Executive Order to bypass the budget process, despite not having passed a budget in 4 years.

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    Diva Debbi - Your Beauty and Fashion Consultant

    in Women

    Debbi OShea has been writing her Beauty and Fashion Blog DivaDebbi since 2008. It is published by both TotalBeauty and Glam Media. She recently launched a second blog, Forty Four Forever. Debbi is the Brand Amabassador for La Peau Skincare, a Swiss brand that she is devoted to.  Professionally, Debbi has been a Personal Shopper and Stylist for the last 20 years.  She is a Polyvore addict and in her spare time, enjoys creating fashion sets to sharpen her eye and stay ahead of the trends (http://divadebbi.polyvore.com/). Her sets have already received almost 1 million views. Debbi also writes a monthly Fashion column for WAG Magazine, a life style Magazine for Westchester and Fairfield Counties.

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    Interview with Seaworld & Busch Garden's Julie Scardina

    in Environment

    Julie Scardina’s first career was training Shamu the killer whale, as well as dolphins, sea lions, walruses and many other species. Now as SeaWorld, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove Animal Ambassador and zoological corporate curator, Julie works hand-in-hand with trainers at each park to evaluate and train animals and people for educational and media appearances and shares her life-long love of animals and the parks’ commitment to wildlife education and conservation with audiences ranging from children in classrooms to millions of viewers on national television.
              Julie serves on the board of the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund supporting conservation education, habitat protection, species research and animal rescue and rehabilitation. In this role she often has the opportunity to travel to conservation and environmental projects around the world experiencing the conservation work first hand while meeting the scientists and other dedicated people making a difference.
                Julie is actively involved with several other conservation organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, where she serves on the National Council and as a board member on the Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders program where Julie mentors up-and-coming leaders in conservation.
              Julie is a monthly guest on NBC’s “Today,” and continues to appear as a long time regular guest on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.”  She appeared for many years on animal personality Jack Hanna’s show “Animal Adventures.”
    Julie graduated with honors with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in biology from San Diego State University.

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    Kristin McGee BendiGirl Extraordinaire Reflects

    in Health

    Kristin McGee joins us for Reflections 2011.
    Kristin McGee encourages and promotes healthy living, growth and  mind/body connection by tirelessly sharing her love of yoga and pilates. As a fitness celebrity she has been featured in countless TV and print media and is a Fila Yoga Amabassador. In this #reflections11 interview we'll chat about physical and emotional transformation, yoga vs. pilates and finding the BendiGirl within each one of us. Get to know the girl behind the mat and why she choose a life in fitness over one on the stage.

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    Hypocrisy and Conformity: Guest Host Elder Leon Johnson

    in Education

    Noah built the Ark by the precise directions of God.  The righteousness that God found in Noah was because he abided and adhered to the laws established by God for man (RIGHTEOUSNESS).  Once the Ark was built, there were laws that the animals had to be subject to that went against the natural characteristics and the nature of the beast.  The aggressive natures of some of the animals were subjected to the authority of Noah (AMABASSADOR), given to him by God (KING).  Once they left the Ark they resumed their normal behaviors.  Just as the hypocrisy continues today, many people adhere and conform to rules and laws of the religious arena only to return to their former state hopeless, powerless, ineffective, defenseless and unchanged.  Total subjection not only dictates change, but it manifests change through righteousness. Share with us tonight at 6:30pm God’s message.  Live(310)982-4267 or login at www.blogtalkradio.com/4kingdomawareness

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    Daily Soul Nuggets:

    in Spirituality

    Are you a shellfish who's outgrown your shell? You bounce from shell to shell seeking the one that fits just right only to find you are out of luck. Why?

    Because you are not a shellfish at all...You're a bird who's meant to fly.

    This is a metaphor for the message I downloaded today from Spirit. It's regarding the box of identity we have been living in. We define and classify ourselves based on the beliefs or categories determined by others and end up with a battered and bruised box (spiritual house) that reflects the perceptions of others. How are we to overcome the obsatlces in life when we do not have a solid foundation with which to build on?

    In this episode, you'll hear what Spirit told me about this concept and how we can restore integrity to the foundation of this housing. It's a great message about how we are holding onto the damage of not only our surroundings but of our soul's ancestry as well! 

    If you'd like to join us on this journey by taking part in one of our 30 day goodness challenges and spread the word by being an Amabassador For Goodness in your community, check out our site http://www.ambassadorforgoodness.com

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