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    Its Game Time: Wendy Raquel Robinson Interview

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    Listen now as Alysse Stewart interviews  Wendy Raquel Robinson live during the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards in Atlanta.   Press play now to find out whats up with Tasha Mack and season eight of The Game (see it September 16th). Alysse also asks the question, "Pookie or Rick Fox in real life?"  Robinson's answer might surprise you. 

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    Kandi Burrus: Beyond Reality TV

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    Kandi Burruss sat down for a chat with Alysse Stewart during Radio Row at The Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards. Ever wondered if the ladies on The Real Housewives Of Atlanta are friends when the camera lights are switched off?  Did her sex life change after marriage you maybe wondering?  Well, press play for the answers to the questions and more.

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    Nephew Tommy & Cupid get busy with the 2X4

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    Press play now to hear my conversation with Thomas Miles AKA Nephew Tommy of The Steve Harvey Morning show, along with Cupid the creator of the dance "The Cupid Shuffel."  During the interview the pair breakdown the inspiration for thier new song The 2 By 4 and Oatmeal voice by Miles stops by to chat too. 

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    Conversation With Charlie Wilson

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    Listen in as radio personality Alysse Stewart chats with Charlie Wilson about his book release January 2015, substance abuse, the love of his life and his daily motivation for success.  

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    Conversation with Sommore

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    Comedian Sommore spent a little time chatting it up with Alysse Stewart on radio row during the annual Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards.  Press play to find out about her experiance as the Season 3 reuion host for Love & Hip Hop - Atlanta. She reveals the emotions and interactions are as real as they seem.  Missed her on the Standing Ovation Comedy tour?  Find out what she has planned next along with returning to Comic View in September.  Alysse also ask the question how does Sommore keep her body fit & fab.   Follow the show host on Twitter and Instagram @AlysseStewart  and show your support by hitting the follow button and leaving a comment.  Thanks for the listening!

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    Conversation with R&B Singer Anthony Hamilton

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    This is an interview conducted by Alysse Stewart from October 2013:  During the conversation Anthony Hamilton shares details of a new album and the hopes of working Pharrell Williams.  When asked about his children and their muscial abilities Hamiliton reveals that the gift may have been passed on to his boys. Press play to learn much more.

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    Conversation With Ginuwine

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    Recently, I had the opportunity to chat it up with Elgin Baylor Lumpkin, more famously known as Ginuwine.  The R&B singer, songwriter, dancer and actor wasn't shy when it came to answering any of my questions.  It has been rumored that  TGT -  a popular R&B group featuring Ginuwine and  long-time friends Tyrese and Tank have called it quits as it pertains to creating music together.  Press play now to find out what Ginuwine has to say about the possibility of another TGT Album release.  During the interview we also talk about his personal experience in the music business and the lessons he's learned that might help someone hoping to follow his path.  On a lighter note our conversation drifted back to a time when Ginuwine was featured in the Juwanna Mann movie and life on the set with Miguel Nunez Tommy Davidson, Vivica Foxx, Kim Wayans and other notables.  Want to know more? Take a listen now.  Comment and share this one with your friends and family.  *Audio also available on iTunes.  Thanks for the listen. @AlysseStewart 

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    Author James K Stewart The Bible

    in Christianity

    James K Stewart author of the book The Bible According to Jim.

    In 1976, Rev. Dr. James K. Stewart read the entire Bible for the first time and became fascinated with God’s relationship with creation. After an early life in construction, Dr. Stewart felt God’s calling and returned to school. At university he majored in ancient history and studied the Hebrew language. His exegetical work is taken directly from Biblical Hebrew and Greek. This ability has helped him understand how male bias has been promoted by the church in all ages. 

    This book has evolved from the frustration of listening to clergy preach on Old Testament stories and knowing their knowledge comes from commentaries written in the 19th century. Biblical Hebrew speaks clearly to those who listen. Proper nouns enrich the Biblical stories. 

    Women have a voice and are major contributors to scripture but not from all traditions. The book speaks of the two main traditions, which provide most of the information. The main contributor is Yahwist (male supremacy) and the other major contributor is Elohist (male and female equality). In the Yahwistic tradition, women are blamed for man’s sin.

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    Challenging the Rhetoric With Anita Stewart & Cheri Roberts Show #26

    in Politics

    Join Anita Stewart & Cheri Roberts for an engaging analysis of current news and events including #LiarOfTheWeek and this week's #TheGRILL guest.

    Challenging the Rhetoric (CTR) is a news analysis show covering timely stories with relevant discussion and listener participation. CTR hosts take calls and run an active chat room during each LIVE broadcast in addition to posting on social media. All shows are archived.

    Regular CTR hashtags are: #TheGrill, #LiarOfTheWeek, #CTR, #challengingtherhetoric

    TWEET at @rhetoricvsFACTS or post to the Facebook page. Please "LIKE," "SHARE," "TWEET", "PIN" or otherwise share our work. 

    Please visit www.ChallengingTheRhetoric.com for more info on the show or to contact the ladies.

    Thank you for listening!

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    Conversation With George Tandy Jr.

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    To say I enjoyed my interview with R&B artist, producer and writer George Tandy Jr., is an understatement.  It was really cool talking with such a unique talent that didn't mind sharing or answering some of my off the wall the questions.  During our brief conversation, Tandy and I talk about his new CD (The Foundation) and the current single Jaded.  He also explains how some might still consider him the new kid on the block, even though he has been on the musical grind for about ten years.  As for those that didn't always believe in or support #TeamTandy, we talked about them too.   I also made sure I asked Tandy to sing live.  His response before singing a little bit of single March was to invite me to join in ... that didn't go so well.  Curious?  Want to know more?  Press play now and to learn what happend when Tandy sat down with me inside a small radio studio in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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