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    Cynt Interviews Kel JVME$ Oct 8th. 18 yr old Poet/Rapper out of Chicago!!!

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    Kel is an 18 year old Poet/Rapper out of Chicago.  When I first met him at a Meet & Greet on Saturday Sept. 5th 2014, I wondered what his story was.  He was one of those guys that seemed rather aloof at first, but when he opened his mouth, you realized he had an opinion. His own point of view.

    I wanted to know more.  I listened to him talk about conscious poetry and learned that he just dropped an album on itunes.  Then I saw him in the background of a Christrian Rapper's music video.  Then, I saw he had completed his own music video. And next, he was collaborating with a female rapper in her music video.

    Kel is a connector and a doer...  Yep!

    Not only that, he has a story.  He grew up on the South Side of Chicago and fell into drugs and gangs, but was able to get out alive.  He represents that demographic that I so want to understand more fully.  So grateful that he is willing to talk to me and let me ask him some questions that's been on my mind about the plight of many young black men on the South Side of Chicago.

    Join me Wednesday October 8th, 2014.

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    How to deal with Anger God's way Part 1 of 3

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    Anger happens to the best of us! Your response to anger is based on trusting God and and meditating on His Word. 

    Proverbs 14:30, A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh,but envy makes the bones rot.
    Proverbs 17:14, The beginning of strife is like letting out water,so quit before the quarrel breaks out.
    Proverbs 19:11, Good sense makes one slow to anger,and it is his glory to overlook an offense.
    Proverbs 20:3, 
    It is an honor for a man to keep aloof from strife,but every fool will be quarreling.

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    Reader's Entertainment Radio Presents: Wayne Jordan

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    Let's see...warm, tropical breezes, pristine white sand, and sun-kissed skies...have I got your attention yet?  Join me as I welcome romance author Wayne Jordan as my guest on Thursday, August 7th to chat about his inspiration, his literary journey, and Barbados...definitely Barbados!

    Touch My Heart

    A tropical island. A sensual stranger. Passion in Paradise.

    A job offer in Barbados is just what widowed nurse Aaliyah Carrington needs to heal and start over. But the rugged stranger she meets on the beach against a backdrop of crashing waves is something out of a Hollywood fantasy. One of "the Sexiest Men Alive," movie star Dominic Wolfe abruptly vanished from the spotlight. His brooding, aloof manner only makes Aaliyah more determined to help her injured patient who arouses such potent desire.

    After walking through fire to save a little girl, Dominic knows he isn't the man he once was. He came home to the tropical island to retreat from the world, but Aaliyah is bringing him back to life with her soothing, erotic touch. Is he ready to let the past go and fight for their future—and a second chance at his own happy ending?


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    Dark Mantis Talk - Author Gay Walley

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    Host Jeanette Michelle

    Co - Host DjJappuck

    Special Guest  Author Gay Galloway

    Gay Walley will talk about her two new releases "Lost in Montreal" and "Duet."

    Lost in Montreal tells the story of Jacqueline, a lively, undaunted girl of fifteen and the competition between her and Lisbeth, her aloof, beautiful, and seductive Austrian Jewish mother who abandoned her when she was very young. Jacqueline gets involved with her mother's boyfriends as a way of winning her mother's respect. She is aware of her antics but treats them sardonically


    Duet is a wildly comic story of a beautiful and talented young woman in her 20's living in New York City and her misadventures as she navigates men's desires and fears. When most women look into a mirror, they see flaws in their body. Some of those flaws can end up being the very essence of what some see as a woman's true beauty.

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    According To Me: Anarchy in the Ukraine

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    I get it. Many shows have discussed the little tidbit or breaking news in regards to what is happening in Ukraine. I also know what is like to be.....oh, a bit busy. I have a full time job, a wife, 4 kids and it easy to just catch a couple minutes worth of news or a quick article. We know what Putin is doing and how Obama continues to look aloof in foreign policy, but how did we get here? Is America's involvement inevitable? Should we get involved? Why is this MORE of an issue than any of the more recent Middle East skirmishes? I connect the dots for you and you will be Ukraine in the Membrane. Simply put, I will explain this in a way you wont hear anyone else do it. 

    A shocking update in regards to Obamacare (HINT: Pen and Phone).

    Surely in light of the Arizona 1062 bill, no one would be gay and discriminate against someone who wasn't would they? Oops. Pot meet Kettle

    Plus 5 minutes of history, the complete line of BS, the asshat of the week and all the other important and funny stories you need to know this week.....According To Me. 

    Taking your phone calls and chat a chat chatting with you in the chat room. If you don't tune in your are an America hating facist. (I am kidding, but really you should listen :)

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    Like the Facebook page: facebook.com/accordingtomeshow

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    PEACE TALKS: African Amer­i­cans and Black Immi­grants

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    The diversity of African people is defined by their uniqueness, which is one of their most important characteristics as a people. In the US, Black or African American is one category. Together they comprise approximately 14% of the population in the United States. One would expect synergy from the various groups that constitute the Black society in America. This includes Black immigrants from Africa, South America, Australia, the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and African Americans. Current reality as revealed by pundits and mere public observation show that relating to one another in their respective communities is a common challenge.

    The existing conflicts are both recent and antiquity based myths such as claims that African Americans don't like Black immigrants because they are reaping the benefit of their struggles for freedom with disregard for the experience of slavery while Black immigrants are said to think that African Americans are aloof of the opportunity of their circumstances. Other myths include the Willie Lynch’s effect and conspiracy theory of who might have been responsible for slave trade.


    Click here to read detail 

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    Time of Transfer

    in Christianity

     The moment we become aloof to the intensity of the spiritual warfare in which we are engaged and the enemy who seeks to destroy us, we are beginning to fall into the enemy’s grasp. Tune in today for the "Time of Transfer" Mid Day Bible Study at 11:00 am Central Time and 12:pm Central Time Today Lesson: "Now" also visit us at www.uptopministries.org

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    ZenTao Teachings Principle #5: Presence

    in Spirituality

    We continue our series of the teachings of ZenTao with this week's learning of PRESENCE

    What kind of first impression do you make on people?  

    I have seen the most gentle of souls come across as unfriendly and aloof at a first meeting.  What kind of "Presence" do you give off?




    Many have heard of the Law of Attraction as a kind of air about you and the attraction factor you project without even knowing it.  This episode will define what Presence you bring to the table and what you may project to give people the right or wrong impression.

    It's all an inside job - so let's get to work

    Join Yoli for this introspective look at the ZenTao Principle #5: Presence



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    The Zionism Rocks Episode

    in Politics Conservative

    This show features local republican activist & friend of the show Brian Cook, just back from a trip to Israel. Brian will let us in on the state of Israeli politics as he sees it, the looming Iranian threat and Israel's relationship to the US under a very Israeli-aloof President Obama. We'll also talk about the usual range of interesting stories you'll find no where else. Join us!

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    The Most Scandalous Administration in History?

    in Politics

    Special Wednesday Night Edition of the Sack Heads Radio Show! Simulcast this evening on the http://the405radio.com/ !
    At SOME point the question has to be asked! Is this administration the most corrupt administration ever? Of is it aloof? Incompetent? or something else?
    Also, 51 states? Is there rumbling of another state? We discuss a state that is so unhappy with the liberal progressive ways of government, that half the state is thinking of succeeding!
    Welcome to the Sack Heads Radio Show! Live from studio 1 (unless you're listening to the podcast, then it was recorded live, but not actually live...you get it).
    Each week we rip into politics, news and current events. Has the government gone too far? Are your rights being attacked? Out of control world leaders? We got it covered.
    With a sharp tongue and occasional potty humor, we strive to keep the facts straight, and pick up where Main Stream Media ignores or hides. This isn't your parent’s conservative talk show; this is the Sack Heads Radio. “Conservative Kick Ass”

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    IF CHURCHES WON'T TEACH ALL NECESSARY TO PREPARE THE PEOPLE TO HUMBLY RECEIVE THE EXCEEDING TRUTH OF THE SAVIOR THAT THE ONE COVENANT OF PEACE BE KNOWN IN THIS WORLD, WHOSE PURPOSE DO THEY PERFORM?   (1Pet ch.1-3, Mat.5:14-24, 7:13-28,  Acts 3:18-23)  In a confused POLYtheist world, many refuse to know that if WE are NOT ONE with YAH, it is REPROBATE LACK of DISCIPLINE, NOT SALVATION! (2Cor.13:5)   In damningly DECEITFUL ways, man is taught to believe LIES; as if a multitude of personal perverse INcomplete standards are a HOLY COVENANT AGREEMENT unto PEACE!  Most blindly seek FAVOR from YAH trusting BLASPHEMOUS LYING MOCKERIES, CURSES against the HOLY NAME which only exalt PERSONAL IGNORANCE!  SERIOUS MIND-BLOCKS DAMN the minds of whoever hopes after a multitude of present POLYtheisms!   YAH has grown intensely INTOLERANT of this MASS IRREVERENCE!  YAH will NOT give the GLORY of HIS NAME to be POLLUTED nor PARTIALIZED!  HE will give HIS GLORY unto an OTHER who will not REVERE HIM! (Isaiah ch.48-50, ch.43, Rev.7)   Realize it is they who OVERCOME the WORLD who attain to SALVATION, NOT them who prefer CORRUPTIONS!
    WHOEVER is comfortably aloof after decieitful FLATTERIES of WORLDLY MISRULE are FAR from  the mind of the SAVIOR!   For in that MESSIAH died for ALL, (that they who would believe the TRUTH may receive the TESTIMONY of the SPIRIT of LIFE) .. it must be understood that ALL who remain blind after the what seem wise to the FLESH; are DEAD!  YAH DEFILES HIS NAME for NO ONE! (2Cor.5:6- <14-15>-6:1)
    AWAKEN O MY PEOPLE to become the MIGHTY MEN of WISDOM, DISCRETION, TRUTH and POWER that IN YAH you were ELECT to BECOME!  Hallelu'YAH! (Isaiah 29:8-16)

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