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    Dreading Being Alone on Holidays

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    Dr. Cathy Reimers, Ph.D., psychologist in New Jersey, and co-host Jennifer Russello, discuss how to remain positive when you are alone for the holidays. While some look forward to family gatherings, parties and gift exchanges, others are dreading the holiday season because they are going to be “alone” once again. People find themselves alone for a variety of reasons; loss of a loved one, family or friends have moved away, you yourself have moved away, you have out-lived all your friends, you are divorced and you don’t have your children this holiday, and the list goes on. Join us to learn tips that can help you feel joyful during the holidays even if you are alone. “Being alone” doesn’t mean you have to “feel alone.”  It is your choice.


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    JanuaryJones - Holidays & Alone

    in Caregiving

    Holidays Being Alone!

    JanuaryJones-Living Without One You Love

    Now, Natasha Josefowitz, Ph. D. at 88 years young, having recently lost her brother, her son, and her husband, it is her strength, her passion for living life, and candor that is truly infectious. Living Without the One You Cannot Live Without (November 2013), is perhaps the most telling book ever written about pre and post grief.

    It is a collection of powerful, gritty, candid, and inspiring poems about living life after loss. It was recently named to Kirkus Reviews Best Books of 2013.

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    BeSimply...LoveSelf {HuM Alone}

    in Self Help

    During this segment...'She' will discuss connecting to your highest self. Finding the balance to being in the world and being of service to it. Tools to assist you on your journey with music from around the world to inspire inward wisdom to ripple up and out. Attune, Align, and take a few steps FORWARD! These segments are perfect for anyone walking through a life transition, disease, wanting to transform and authentically explore and align the inner self.

    Focus...Alone. Finding the balance between being with self and engaging in life authentically. Making peace with being ALONE. Become your own best friend.
    Shinning a Light on Download a Free Audio Book (Click Here) audible.com

    Music: Best Friend by Random Rab, Trap by Elizaveta, Taireva by Yeshe Music, I Walk in Beauty  by Michelle Dumond 

    Passage from The Prophet By Kahil Gibran

    Connect with 'She' 

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    Are you strong enough to be alone?

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    We are not alone

    in Lifestyle

    Always a pleasure to interview experts in the fields of science and theology and here we have two experts from two differnt walks of life .

    A Theologian and a Shaman discuss life beyond us..

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    Is it is better to be married than to live alone?

    in Romance

    Tonight we are talking about the merits of singlehood and whether we are happier, more satisfied with life, more prosperous, healthy or sexually fulfilled when we live alone. According to the office for national statistics in London 43% of women 18-49 are not married and a woman aged 25-44 is five times more likely to be living alone than she was in 1973. There is evidence in a survey conducted by Relate and YuGov which found that 81% of people who are married or living together feel good about themselves compared to 60% of singles. This obviously depends on the quality of the relationship. It has been found single people feel better about themselves than those in average relationships. In 2010 Kinsey found that among women aged 30-39. 12% of those who were single had sex only a few times a month compared to 50% of married women. According to another report women who have high self esteem and are confident about their bodies had high levels of satisfaction whether they were single or not.

    Let's talk about it...

    Join the show on 3479457556 or comment in the chatroom



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    I AM...Never Alone! Live Intuitive Angel and Oracle Card Readings

    in Spirituality

    We never have to feel alone...for we are always surrounded by those, unseen, who are waitng for us to call upon them. Join Deirdra Storm and Rosemary today for Live Intuitive Angel and Oracle Cards Readings and a discussion about Protection.


    Call in at 914-205-5883, join us in the chat room or find me on Twitter @deirdrahepler to ask questions or simply say hello!

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    Thanks be to our Heavenly Father that we are never truly alone.

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    Moving away from a mindless following of learned behaviors is a must for the child of God. We as the Body of Christ must follow the head, who is Christ. Christ walked this earth and physically showed us the way to live and be. This includes the things we hold dear and observe as sacred. Many holidays that have become a part of the culture actually hold no spiritual weight. On the contrary, they draw us away from honoring Christ.

    These teachings will help us as Believers in Christ to come into an awareness of the Holy Days that Christ and His disciples observed while in the earth. Bring the power of these Holy Days alive in you by learning their significance and relation to Christ. 

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    Join Dr. FAB, BIGGDADDY AYERS & THEBOSSLADY for another spicy, real talk episode discussing "Man Sharing"!! 

    You have heard the same, as I have, that there are 5 women to/for one man, huh? Today, many women feel freer to make the choice to man-share. "These women want to get their needs met, and these needs can be emotional, physical, the need for companionship, or a financial need; some women man-share just for the sex." 

     Is it much less of a taboo today than it was 20 years ago?

    There is a spectrum of reasons as to why a woman would knowingly share a man. What would you say are the reasons? 

    Is it because a woman who would willingly share a man is afraid of commitment herself?  "She may have witnessed her father cheat on her mother. She may have been abused, and now she has issues with trusting others. She doesn't do well when she's alone, and she often sits around, crying about where her man is. The man-sharer's intention is not to hurt her lover's main woman, but if she truly empathized with her, she wouldn't do it."Do you agree / disagree? 

    A common misconception about the men involved in man-sharing relationship is that they are, too, having their cake and eating it too. But if the man is in a loveless marriage, and he's only with his wife for the sake of the kids, or to avoid shelling out half of his money in a divorce, his involvement in man-sharing can be equally distressing. It is only when the man is enjoying his marriage and the woman on the side that he is happiest. 

    Tune in to the show for more.....


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    Dan is Kevin in Home Alone.

    in Sports

    Welcome to the Sports Time Radio podcast hosted by The Big Jack and Dan the Man; who'll show up eventually. It's the sports talk that you and your friends have when you're hanging out only in podcast form. It's baseball season for sure now that all the other sports are wrapped up. How's your fantasy team doing? Need help with a trade or who to start or sit or even who to cut; you've come to the right place. Who's hot and who's not! Besides fantasy will discuss the division races and how they might shape up as we head to the All-Star break. Don't forget the NFL is right around the corner; so those conversations may come up as well. Then there's NASCAR, Boxing and any other sport that's making headlines. Also we have the best interviews with experts from all over to get the inside scoop. Checkout www.SportsTimeRadio.com and follow us all on Twitter @Sportstimeradio @Danzeeeman @Mrfanofsports & @Burketime