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    In the Garden Alone

    in Lifestyle

    Todays American Woman Elegant Mrs. 2015 discusses being in the Garden alone with Jesus, when one feels all alone. This is based off of the song by Alan Jackson, " In the Garden".  If you would like to be a part of a wonderful pageant, please go to www.todaysamericanwoman.com

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    You Are Not Alone - Week One

    in Christianity

    This program will focus on the vast numbers of LDS members who are contemplating leaving Mormonism. Know that "YOU" are NOT ALONE! We will share anyomous letters and phone calls of people like you who have questioned Mormonism and are coming to know truth, the truth about who Jesus Christ and God really are! These are real situations of people dealing with "real" heart wrenching issues just like you! Issues of shunning, denial, joy, peace and understanding. Tune in and know...that you are not alone!

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    You are not alone!

    in Motivation

    Counselor Mandy Eppley speaks with Unity Minister Nancy Ennis as she shares her story of losing her father from a chronic disease and how as a result of that loss, and others, she had the realization that there is a “force” (which she calls God) she can connect with so that she is never alone. Her grief process also led her to becoming first a Registered Nurse and later an Ordained Minister. Mandy and Nancy connect this to Step 5 of the Model of Heart-Centered Grief which is “Spiritual Fortitude.” This discussion honors all religious and philosophical beliefs around spirituality.

    Nancy Ennis’ passion is the awakening of a better world where love prevails.  This is the passion that has guided and directed her journey and provided her personal and professional life. She is a Registered Nurse with a MS degree from Northern Illinois University. Her nursing career was focused on patient education with a specialty of Diabetes self-management.  This soon led her into the exploration of the Spiritual realm and into teachings related to self-empowerment, authenticity, holistic health and eventually into ministry.  She is an Ordained Minister currently serving as the Senior Minister for Unity of Charlotte, a spiritual community that holds the vision of a better world for all through love in action.

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    Grace Alone

    in Spirituality

    Grace is powerful! It stands alone. You can not have Grace and Law it has to be Grace Alone. Grace mixed with law is always Law. The two cannot work together we must have one or the other. Jesus came and gave us the gift of Grace. Listen to this weeks show and learn how to grow in the Grace of God. 

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    BeSimply...LoveSelf {HuM Alone}

    in Self Help

    During this segment...'She' will discuss connecting to your highest self. Finding the balance to being in the world and being of service to it. Tools to assist you on your journey with music from around the world to inspire inward wisdom to ripple up and out. Attune, Align, and take a few steps FORWARD! These segments are perfect for anyone walking through a life transition, disease, wanting to transform and authentically explore and align the inner self.

    Focus...Alone. Finding the balance between being with self and engaging in life authentically. Making peace with being ALONE. Become your own best friend.
    Shinning a Light on Download a Free Audio Book (Click Here) audible.com

    Music: Best Friend by Random Rab, Trap by Elizaveta, Taireva by Yeshe Music, I Walk in Beauty  by Michelle Dumond 

    Passage from The Prophet By Kahil Gibran

    Connect with 'She' 

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    in Relationships

    Are you strong enough to be alone?

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    Do you feel awkward? out of place? Feeling like you don't belong? Or are you trying to find your place in the world? So many of us feel that way at times, sometimes all the time. We can't help but feel that way. Thinking why can't they accept me? Why can't I belong? Or where do I belong? In a world full of questioning looks, critizism, a lot of us feel left out. Maybe it's intentional, maybe it's not. But there are those who feel the need to keep people out. We live in a society full of opinions, cruel thoughts and intentions. Not everyone mind you, but it's out there, despite how much we want to deny it. Just be you. Just be yourself, and life will run it's course, and you hopefully you'll realize that you are special, you are unique. 


    "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" ~Eleanor Roosevelt~ 

    Join us this week. "On-Air"

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    in Religion

    Are you alone in this world?  Is their only one you can truly depend on in this life?  Is His name Jesus?  Please join us, as five "workable" ways will be taught on how you can strengthen your dependency on the living Christ.  Join us next on the E.Y.I.C. Radio Network. Sunday, 4/5/15 from 8 pm to 10 pm EST. The call in number is (949) 272-9514; press 1 to speak with host. Listen from your cell or computer by clicking on http://tobtr.com/s/7498133 . Help us bring down Christian Divorce & Abuse via biblical education and teachings on "relationships" from the Bible, one online broadcast at a time. Sow your donation today by clicking the link listed, and help keep our online programming on face book and twitter up and running - every week. Love at the Root Ministry. Click, http://www.gofundme.com/loveattheroot

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    Being Alone Does Not Make You Lonely!

    in Self Help

    Loneliness is not something that affects only the poor, unpopular, or unattractive. Men women, and children from every ethnic, social, or culrutal background may both feel lonely.  Whether you are educated, successful, married or single, you  may have moments when you experience unhappiness as a result of being without the companionship of others.  Being alone is a situation.  However, feeling alone is an emotion that anyone may experience.

    Do you ever feel alone?  Are you aware of what actually causes you to feel lonely? Where does the feeling of loneliness and (perhaps accompanied by) depression come from? Join us for a lively discussion on loneliness. 

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    in Hip Hop Music

    Thanks be to our Heavenly Father that we are never truly alone.

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    What if You Were Already Alone?

    in Art

    When people are considering the incredibly difficult decision to leave a relationship, many times the thing that keeps them stuck long past the relationships’ expiration date is the fear of being alone.

    But what if that thing they fear the most – being alone – has already happened, slowly over time?

    People leave relationships long before the relationship actually ends. 

    Let's tell the truth about it.