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    Doris Rivas-Brekke

    in Health

    Doris Rivas-Brekke is a US Army Veteran and retired mental health counselor, entrepreneur/business owner, budding author, public relations/marketing consultant, garden design, college graduate and radio/ internet personality. Recently widowed and a recovering alcoholic; one of her new life/career changes has been to enter the media/broadcasting world and plans to have her own talk show soon. She been to the mountain top and plunged to the deepest and darkest hole of alcohol addiction! She has triumphantly emerged from addiction and is now reaching out to help others with their life problems through her new show. The show will highlight on how to deal with life’s trials and tribulations through a faith-based ideology.
    She strongly believes in garden therapy for handling life’s stress-filled situations. She is a new addition to the Military Mom talk radio and Motherhood talk radio group; where she is talent coordinator, roving reporter and co-host. Doris also has her own consulting company, Marina del Rivas Enterprises. Doris is living her dream!!

  • Re-Broadcast: Dr. John Kelly: Changing the Stigma of Addiction Through Science

    in Lifestyle

    Many people think that recovery from drug and alcohol addiction is a lost cause when in reality there are approximately 25-40 million people who consider themselves to be in active, stable long-term recovery. Based on those numbers, most people probably interact with someone in recovery on a daily basis, but they don't even know it because it's not talked about openly. Dr. Kelly and the Recovery Research Institute's mission is change that stigma and show people, through science, that recovery is not only possible, but it is the likely outcome.

    On this episode we will talk to Dr. Kelly about addiction, stigma and recovery and how understanding the neuroscience of addiction will help alleviate that stigma.

    For more information about Dr. Kelly and the Recovery Research Institute, please visit:http://www.recoveryanswers.org/.