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    An Alcoholic Family in Crisis with Alberta Sequira

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    Alcoholism is a family disease, a deadly one that cannot be fought by the substance abuser alone. That said, it is always an uphill battle. Those close to the alcoholic suffer tremendously. Logic does not work when dealing with addicts, nor does pleading or crying. We cannot force them to get help. We can only love and support them, give them every reason to want sobriety for themselves, and then pray that they will choose survival.

    Today's special guest, Alberta Sequeira has lived this nightmare and fought this battle twice; first with her husband, and then with her daughter. Tragically, both of these battles were lost. Her husband and daughter both succumbed to their diseases. In the hopes that other families suffering similar addictions will recognize the problem, come out of hiding, and seek help without fear or embarrassment, Alberta has shared her story. She has written two hearfelt memoirs; Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis, and Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism.

    Alberta Sequeira is a writer, four-time award winning author, motivational speaker, and director/producer/co-host of a Massachusetts Cable TV show. She also teaches workshops for writers. Today she will tell her story, sharing hope and inspiration to all.

    To learn more about Alberta Sequeira and her books, please visit http://www.albertasequeira.org

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    The Road to Recovery hosted by Daniel Czuba a recovering Alcoholic

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    Tonight Sunday 03-15-2015 our show is going to review some letters , writings sent in by listeners. We will continue to discuss in depth problems facing those who are working a program to recover from ANY TYPE/KIND of Addiction. Recovery of this type is NOT LIMITED to ONLY alcohol - however one can find help and assistance to overcome just about any kind of addicition that may be plaguing your life or that of someone close to you. Call in at 323-580-5755 as this is a LIVE Talk Show designed to encourage callers to call-in with comments, questions, or to share their personal experiences in the hopes that we can all learn more about Recovery and what it may take to enjoy a life FREE from Drugs - Alcohol or of course any addiciton. We are NOT Doctors or Counselors, or Therapists - but some of us have faced our Demons and found the sanctity of living a drug or alcohol free life and not feel bad or less than for making this healthy decision. JOIN US!!! The show airs from 7 to 9 PM CST and we welcome any and all callers, comments. If you can't make it tonight join us next week or any Sunday from 7 yo 9 PM CST.

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    Almost Famous Friday's

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    In 2012, after retiring from a career in investment management, Jörn launched the Wine Elite Sommelier Company, a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to corporate events and hotel advisory. The Wine Elite Sommelier Company have since been retained by the who-is-who of U.S. corporations, executive groups, luxury hotels and special event venues. 
    The Wine Elite is known for a systematic and objective approach to advanced wine tasting appreciation, often using a proprietary blind-tasting approach that has become very popular.

    The Wine Elite Sommelier Company works with large corporations and top hotels to deliver first-rate event experiences with a wine orientation. By leveraging our nationwide network of certified sommeliers, we are the only company in the country with the capability of integrated event execution of all types.

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    Spring is Almost Here! Love is the Answer

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    Join Nicole Smith as she brings in the excitement of spring and how  Love is the answer. Please feel free to join in on the conversation!  Nicole has a practice in Olympia, WA.  She can be contacted by text or phone at 541-450-1250, email che@chenergy.us or her website www.chenergy.us  Thank you for listening!

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    The 'almost-done' show: Saying goodbyes with Chris, Tina, Krayola, Zuul, etc#99

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    Hello & welcome to the ALMOST DONE show, where we are almost nearly done but not finished quite yet. That includes bringing back our lovely Christopher Highland and formally saying goodbye and being done with it. I am very happy to announce that I will be doing other things, new things, and saying goodbye to the old. Come on the show, listen in, and just add to the fun and madness which goes away FOREVER in one more show!



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    For Blacks Only: Why enduring the country known as America is almost impossible

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    It's 2015 and someone is hanging For White Only Signs in Austin TX.  An Oklahoman fraternity is singing chants of cruelty invoking the N word.  In Duluth, Minnesota a group of kids posted a picture of a noose symbolizing "hang em all" in how Blacks should be treated.  A man in the South this week was lynched.  This is not the America I strived to live in.  Like Measles, racism is on a comeback and maybe the news should not cover all the stories.

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    I am very excited to share my story with you all about my journey transitioning back to natural hair. It will be a year in March since my last relaxer. I'm very excited to share with you all my experiences since I started transitioning. The good, bad and ugly moments that almost had me going back to the creamy crack stuff. I will be 25 in April and I'm thinking about doing the "big chop"! I'm going to talk about some products/tools that have been my go to for protective styling. Also check out my latest blog post http://cheesesteaklover.blogspot.com/2015/02/my-journey-transitioning-back-to-natural.html And tips that have helped me during this 1st year of transitioning. If you know anyone thinking about transitioning back to natural definitely tune in and have them tune in as well. 

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    ITS ALMOST THE END OF THE 1st QTR: Questions That'll Make 2015 Your Best Yet

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    You can’t control the circumstances coming in 2015. No one knows exactly what’s going to happen in the market. But the only ones who lose sleep over what they can’t control are the ones without a plan: HOW DO WE GET THERE? If you accomplish your goals, what  deeper meaning will it satisfy? Understanding the true motivation behind what you want is key to your success. The why behind your efforts has to be greater than the obstacles, sacrifices, and consequences. Last, how do I get there in 2015? Do an inventory check to access what’s working and what isn’t.

    Special Guest: Mike Fair (graphic Designer), Dr. Dave Hefner (Morehouse School of Medicicne),  Dr. John Hefner (Internist- Critical Care), Ronald Lee (Behaviour Health Care), Scott Williams (Restoration General Contractor)

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    Fiona's Radio Show - Almost Winter's End

    in Lifestyle

    Since Fiona was six years old, she has been doing a BlogTalkRadio show with her father.  They have talked about the events of the week and intereviewed notable guests in politics and the arts.

    Now, thirteen, Fiona continues to discuss the topics of the week providing the unique insights of a young but experienced broadcaster.  This week. we'll talk about ice dams, book barns, and other end of winter stuff

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    Activating Compassion Radio - Almost Autism

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    Tonight Jesse interviews Maria Rickert Hong board member for the non-profit organization Epidemic Answers which focuses on helping parents recover their children from chronic illnesses like Autism, ADHD, SPD, allergies, asthma, acid reflux, chronic ear infections, OCD, Lupus, Type 2 Diabetes, Autoimmune Disorders. Maria is also the Media Director for Documenting Hope and has authored the book "Almost Autism" which focuses on recovering from Autism. We will look at her work with Autism, and her organization Documenting Hope.  You can reach Maria through her website at www.mariarickerthong.com


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