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    An Alcoholic Family in Crisis with Alberta Sequira

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    Alcoholism is a family disease, a deadly one that cannot be fought by the substance abuser alone. That said, it is always an uphill battle. Those close to the alcoholic suffer tremendously. Logic does not work when dealing with addicts, nor does pleading or crying. We cannot force them to get help. We can only love and support them, give them every reason to want sobriety for themselves, and then pray that they will choose survival.

    Today's special guest, Alberta Sequeira has lived this nightmare and fought this battle twice; first with her husband, and then with her daughter. Tragically, both of these battles were lost. Her husband and daughter both succumbed to their diseases. In the hopes that other families suffering similar addictions will recognize the problem, come out of hiding, and seek help without fear or embarrassment, Alberta has shared her story. She has written two hearfelt memoirs; Someone Stop This Merry-Go-Round: An Alcoholic Family in Crisis, and Please, God, Not Two: This Killer Called Alcoholism.

    Alberta Sequeira is a writer, four-time award winning author, motivational speaker, and director/producer/co-host of a Massachusetts Cable TV show. She also teaches workshops for writers. Today she will tell her story, sharing hope and inspiration to all.

    To learn more about Alberta Sequeira and her books, please visit http://www.albertasequeira.org

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    How to Not Live an Almost Life

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    Everyone has adream but only 20% of people rich their full potential. The other 80% almost get there. Check ways to avoid the alomost life and get all the way to your life finish line.

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    Thirty-Four: It's Almost Over (Thank God)

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    The end of the long, dull, maddening grind that Kings fans everywhere refer to as "the regular season" is thankfully almost here. With four games left to play in just six days, the Kings have a chance to finish as high as 2nd in the Pacific division (giving them home ice in the first round of the playoffs) or as low as, uh, not in the playoffs at all. That's weird, right? We'll discuss it with our guest Mike (@mikeFAIL) of Matchsticks & Gasoline, SBN's blog for the Calgary Flames. The Kings & Flames will play Thursday with Los Angeles looking to leapfrog them in the standings, so hopefully tonight's episode will not devolve into mindless shouting. Also, we'll probably pause to spit on the grave o-uh, I mean eulogize the 2014-15 San Jose Sharks. Fun times!

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    Episode 25: OMG! We're Almost 30!

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    It's Monday night and we have another installment of the HA pod for them ears. Kick back and enjoy as the boys bring to you your weekly eargasm with segments like ANGRY RANTS, MANLY NEWS, Kayfabe NEWS & much more.

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    Almost Famous Friday's

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     Robert Kopecky, author of How to Survive Life (and Death), A Guide to Happiness in This World and Beyond, recently released by Conari Press/Weiser Books (and gratefully well-received!) It's a serious, but fun book from someone with unusual qualifications.The book is based on my three very compelling, and distinctively different Near Death Experiences, and what I learned about life from each of them. My emphasis isn't on scenarios of the afterlife, but on the nature and meaning of each of the three experiences; not about what heaven looks like, but about how to make this life look a bit more heavenly

     David Denkenberger,is a research associate at the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute. My book is called "Feeding Everyone No Matter What" and presents alternate food supplies if agriculture is disrupted by events like abrupt climate change or nuclear winter. Solutions range from the conventional (e.g. growing mushrooms on dead trees) to the exotic (e.g. eating bacteria grown in natural gas).


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    Purpose for Women Radio Show- Almost my Birthday!

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    This show is designed to provide insight inspiration and access to information for the community. It is sponsored by Purpose for Women International, a non-profit which supports the ecomnmic development of the community, women and encourages enterprise. 

    YOUR SHOW HOST: Heather L. Tapia

    TOPICS: Domestic Violence Prevention, Human Trafficking Awareness, Women in Leadership, #INSPIREiwd2015


    Purpose for Women International provides access to resources, funding, education, entrepreneurial opportunities, and empowerment events supporting an increased awareness on local, national and international issues for women, children, families and the community. We partner with other business, non-profits and like- hearted individuals to affect change on a local, national and international level. www.PurposeforWomenInternational.org

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    Episode 5: The Tank is almost over

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    Sixers season less than 10 games from over and it looks like the tank may finally be over.  A look at the NCAA tournament and who in this tournament is going to be a viable option for the Sixers with their up to 8 draft picks.  Miles Austin is an Eagle, Ryans restructured, what does this mean for Mykael Kendricks?  Browns are still looking at QB could a Mariotta or Bradford trade still be in the works?  Fisher commented on Gar's boy Nick Foles, he will want to rant about it.

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    Yankees Podcast - The Dugout: Almost Here

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    The podcast will feature the upcoming Spring Training Games on talk with the NY Yankees! After coming off the 84-78 season in 2014, the Bronx Bombers have to find their way to be at the top of the AL East.  Will it be through their pitching?  Will the bats come alive this go around?  What will they get from the controversial Alex Rodriguez if anything especially coming off the 162 game suspension.  The Bleed Blue Show will be the lead off Yankees talk for the 2015 season talking Yanks from the front office to the bat boy and always the perspective of - the fan!  

    Twitter: @BleedBlueShow
    Instagram: @BleedBlueShow
    Facebook: The Bleed Blue Show

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    The Road to Recovery hosted by Daniel Czuba a recovering Alcoholic

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    Tonight Sunday 03-15-2015 our show is going to review some letters , writings sent in by listeners. We will continue to discuss in depth problems facing those who are working a program to recover from ANY TYPE/KIND of Addiction. Recovery of this type is NOT LIMITED to ONLY alcohol - however one can find help and assistance to overcome just about any kind of addicition that may be plaguing your life or that of someone close to you. Call in at 323-580-5755 as this is a LIVE Talk Show designed to encourage callers to call-in with comments, questions, or to share their personal experiences in the hopes that we can all learn more about Recovery and what it may take to enjoy a life FREE from Drugs - Alcohol or of course any addiciton. We are NOT Doctors or Counselors, or Therapists - but some of us have faced our Demons and found the sanctity of living a drug or alcohol free life and not feel bad or less than for making this healthy decision. JOIN US!!! The show airs from 7 to 9 PM CST and we welcome any and all callers, comments. If you can't make it tonight join us next week or any Sunday from 7 yo 9 PM CST.

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    To become sober, you must recover from alcoholic thinking.

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    Nightmares in Celluloid Presents - Boxhead

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    Randall Kaplan is an artist that has been making short films for over ten years while working in the film industry as a freelance editor, creature designer, and sometimes actor.

    Now he is making his first feature film "Boxhead"

    Al is an aging, alcoholic recluse. There was a time when he aspired to be someone; a writer, with a life and career. That time, along with all of his dreams have long passed him by. He lives alone, his life reduced to an empty, solitary and drunken existence.

    But as time slips away, a strange creature watches, waiting in the dark...

    One night Al discovers something absolutely horrible that could possibly save his soul.

    He takes on the role of a detective, acting out a story he never finished.

    All the while, the creature enters into different people's lives, unveiling their deepest fears and regrets, their loneliness...

    Check out his Kickstarter campaign here.


    Hosted by William Battle

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