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    The Holiday Show for Red River Radio Tales from the Pages

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    Host Barbara Ehrentreu welcomes guests from the last year to Red River Radio Tales from the Pages on Wednesday, December 17th at 4PM EST. Each guest who can make it will read a holiday story or poem. Besides the guests all listeners are encouraged to call in and share their own holidays stories and poems. The guests who might be on are : Jami Gray, Lorena Bathey, Penny Estelle, Ken and Anne Hicks, Ashleigh Galvin, Karen Vaughan, Sara Jayne Townsend, Alma Alexander. I want to thank all of them for being part of the show and hope they will all be able to make it. Happy Holidays and a Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year to all.

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    Mensaje de Navidad para todas las Madres Superheroes del Mundo

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    En este show,  la Dra. Carmen Delia Ortiz y Carmen Felicia de Marin, co-fundadoras de www.mamassuperheroes.com  comparten mensaje de la verdadera Navidad.  Participan del programa  hija y nietos de Felicia, expresando gratitud por su vida y por la fuerza que los inspira diariamente a seguir creciendo y transformandose en mejores seres humanos.

    En esta epoca especial de Navidad y fin del 2014,  invitamos a todas las mujeres que viven con condiciones de salud como el cancer, diabetes, MS, etc.  a que se llenen de luz, esperanza y poder femenino.  El 2015 sera el mejor de tu vida,  lleno de oportunidades para transformar tu cuerpo, mente y alma.  

    Te invitamos a unirte a la comunidad global de Mamas Superheroes y a compartir tu historia con miles de mujeres que como tu, superviven de momento a momento.  Para unirte a nuestra comunidad visita www.mamassuperheroes.com.

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    Nancy Drew Audiobook

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    Mystery At The Ski Jump is the 29th volume in the original series of Nancy Drew Detective Stories. Alma Sasse happens to be the ghost writer for this book.

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    Alma e espírito (Soul and spirit)

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    As palavras “alma” e “espírito” nas Escrituras provêm de palavras hebraicas e gregas, línguas em que a Bíblia foi escrita. Alma – No Antigo Testamento, vem do hebraico (nephesh). Na Vulgata, a palavra em Latim é traduzida a partir do grego "pneuma" (πνευμα), (em Hebreu (???) ruah), e está em oposição ao termo anima, traduzido por "psykhe".
    Entenda as raízes etimológicas e os verdadeiros sentidos destas palavras tantas vezes mal entendidas.
    Domingo, 28 de Setembro, 19h em Portugal (15h  Brasília)

    The words "soul" and "spirit" in Scripture comes from Hebrew and Greek words, languages ??in which the Bible was written. Soul - In the Old Testament, comes from the Hebrew (nephesh). In the Vulgate, the Latin word is translated from the Greek "pneuma" (πνευμα), (in Hebrew (???) ruah), and is opposed to anima term translated "Psykhe". 
    Understand the etymological roots and the true meanings of these words so many times misunderstood. 
    Sunday, September 28th, 2pm EST\1pm CST\12am MST\11am PST - USA

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    Making Changes with Bishop Derek Triplett

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    Thank you for joining the L.E.A.R.N for Life Consulting Blogtalkradio Network!  www.learnforlifeconsulting.com.

    Making Changes with Bishop Derek Triplett is on from 10:00AM-10:30AM.

    Bishop Derek T. Triplet thas been a servant leader in ministry for over 25 years.  In addition to preaching, teaching, speaking, and writing, he serves the Daytona Beach community in various civic, economic, youth & educational initiatives, and has been a student at the Reformed Theological Seminary.  He is the proud father of Destanni and Donovan Triplett. 

    Derek T. Triplett accepted his call to preach the gospel on May 22, 1986 and at age 19 he was licensed on June 15, 1986.  He grew and developed under the auspices of the Southern Union Missionary Baptist Church of St. Louis, MO and the pastorate of his father the Rev. Tommie L. Triplett, Jr.  He facilitated weekly campus worship services on the campus of his alma mater Bradley University.  

    Please click on the link below to learn more about Bishop Triplett


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    Nancy Drew Audiobook

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    The continuation of Mystery At The Ski Jump. Written by ghost writer Alma Sasse. Let's see what happens next.

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    Faith Lessons from Ferguson, NYC and Whatever Comes Next

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    Engage a vigorous dialogue with the Reverend Alma Crawford - Pastor, Teacher, Author, Visionary Coach and Consultant!

    Rev. Alma is a Chicago-based leader of religious and cultural movements promoting the dismantling of systems of oppression and violence.  She is asking and answering important questions about Ferguson. Her incisive insights will trouble the waters of your soul and help to liberate your thinking.

    ALSO… Marcela Howell shares the perspective she wrote about in “Michael Brown Could Have Been My Child.” The article was published in Reality Check  http://rhrealitycheck.org/article/2014/12/03/michael-brown-child/ Indeed, we all need a reality check! Marcela is the Strategic Director for In Our Own Voice: National Black Women’s Reproductive Justice Agenda. She is a policy and communications consultant with Communications Consortium Media Center, a public interest media center. 

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    Estamos sumergidos y navegando en increíbles y mágicos momentos de cambios y transformaciones. El año 2014 ha significado una gran oportunidad para la integración de todos nuestros aspectos, para permitir que cada parte dolida y maltratada, olvidada, reprimida, frustrada, abandonada, retorne a nuestra casa, nuestro Templo Sagrado, nuestro maravilloso Cuerpo Humano. Hemos abierto de par en par nuestras puertas y le hemos dado la bienvenida también a nuestra oscuridad, con la comprensión plena de que sólo cuando acepto mi luz y mi oscuridad puedo avanzar, puedo ser quién realmente Yo Soy. Y hoy, en esta época del Nacimiento del Cristo, la Natividad, CHRIST-MAS, queremos compartir con ustedes algunos pronósticos de lo que estaremos abordando como Consciencia el próximo año, y también, haremos una Caminata con Magdala y Yeshua el Cristo, hacia los Reinos de la Magia, para Permitir con Atrevimiento, Gracia y Gozo, lo que la pasión de nuestra alma desea experimentar en el 2015.

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    The Pact of the fear of Absence of God / O Pacto do temor da Ausência de Deus

    in Christianity

    E lhes darei um mesmo coração, e um só caminho, para que me temam todos os dias, para seu bem, e o bem de seus filhos, depois deles.
    E farei com eles uma aliança eterna de não me desviar de fazer-lhes o bem; e porei o meu temor nos seus corações, para que nunca se apartem de mim.
    E alegrar-me-ei deles, fazendo-lhes bem; e plantá-los-ei nesta terra firmemente, com todo o meu coração e com toda a minha alma. Jeremias 32: 39-41
    Monday, 15 de Dezembro, 22h Portugal (18h Brasília)

    And I will give them one heart, and one way, that I fear every day, for your sake, and the sake of their children after them.
    And I will make an everlasting covenant with them to not turn away from doing them good; I will put my fear in their hearts, that they shall not depart from me.
    And I will rejoice them, to do them good; and I will plant them in this land with all my heart and all my soul. Jeremiah 32: 39-41
    Monday, December 15th, 5pm EST \ 4pm CST \ 3pm MST \ 2pm PST - USA

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    Angel Party with Pink Bella & Guests ~ 12/13/14

    in Spirituality

    Aloha Ohana

    Welcome to the first of many Angel Party's & Interviews with Lightworker's & Wayshowers both Locally & Globally

    I reside currently in Vancouver, BC Canada but my spiritual home is Hawaii with my connection to Lemuria & Greece with my connection to Atlantis

    My path includes becoming a Reiki Master, and offering Lightbody & Chakra balancing sessions with Crystals, Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Aromatherapy & messags from the Angels & Spiritual Guides. I have been called & listen to the call of my Soul to travel since I was 8 weeks old and have been activated and activated many sacred sites on the planet including living in Australia. My journey to remember  really started when I was 7 years old and I first went to Hawaii with my family - then I knew I was home.

    I also am very blessed to offer Animal Energy Balancing/Healing &  Communication sessions.

    During the years 2011-present the Angels made themselves known to me and I my teachers to assist me have been Doreen Virtue, Radleigh Valentine, Stewart Pearce & Diana Cooper

    Today I have an amazing special guest Jenn Powdermaker from L.A.! We met in 2011 at one of Doreen Virtue's Angel Party's and have been Soul Family ever since:-) Today Jenn & I will share our insights about the Angels & take some calls as well with messages from the Angels!

    Sending you all Love, Light Peace & Aloha Blessings ~~ Mahalo for listening ~~ Pink Bella

    Opening Music is Royalty Free & is called Ukulele Happy Whistling by Akashic Records & here is the link - in so much Gratitude for this awesome music!!


    I will be creating a shorter version for the next show - stay tune & much Love & Aloha! Tracy aka Pink Bella xxoo

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