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    #6Stealth Infections, How They Impact Neurotransmitters, Interfere With Hormones

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    Dr. Tim Jackson, DPT received his undergraduate degree in Health science and chemistry from Wake Forest University in 2003. He completed his Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT) from the Medical University of SC in 2009. Realizing that manual therapy and orthopedic care helped only some of his patients, he began studying functional and environmental medicine, as well as digestive health, in an effort to help others achieve wellness.Dr. Tim is educated in nutritional biochemistry, digestive health and its systemic effects, as well as functional endocrinology. He recently completed the Spine portion of the Active Release Technique methodology, a system that addresses musculoskeletal trigger points and helps to expedite the healing process. You can find Dr. Tim at www.healyourbody.org, where you can also download his free e-book “Beyond Green Allopathy”.

    Read more: http://www.bengreenfieldfitness.com/2014/06/blame-bugs-stealth-pathogens-making-fat-tired-brain-dead/#ixzz36G4m1iRN

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    How We Can Reach a State of Self-Realization--Interview with Author Mary Terhune

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    How can we achieve conscious contact with our divine Self?

    Tune in to this inspiring conversation with author Mary Terhune, who will talk about her experience of self-realization and how we can become self-realized. Mary will also explore the inclusion of consciousness-centered medicine as a way to connect with the vibrant health that we're meant to have.

    Mary has been in the healing arts for over 40 years, journeying as a Registered Nurse from allopathy to homeopathy into body-centered therapeutic massage and the realm of Reiki and energy medicine. She has a degree in psychology from Boston College. A meditation practitioner, she has studied Eastern philosophy for the past twenty-five years.

    Mary published her book OUT OF THE BLUE, Jesus, Self-Realization, Death & Creation documenting her spiritual awakening and experience of Self-Realization where she received a message for all humanity: “Here is your Divinity, the Divinity that Awaits all Mankind.” She was a special guest speaker at Wayne Dyer’s Divine Love Seminar in Maui.

    Connect with Mary at www.maryterhune.com


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    Naturopathy vs Allopathy

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    Dr. Hoban is a Traditional Naturopath and Master Herbalist, specializing in metabolic nutrition. A pioneer in Holistic Medicine, his background includes classical homeopathy, nutrition, herbal medicine, exercise physiology and transformational counseling. Dr. Hoban founded the Natural Healing Center in Encino, CA in 1992 and in the year 2000 created the Health Linx supplement line and Purelements nutritional body-care products. An expert in Preventive Health Care and Nutritional Science, Dr. Hoban consults for health care clinics across the United States, Europe, and Middle East.
    His philosophy is based on the concept that health is relative to the harmonious interactions of a balanced lifestyle, proper nutrition, a spiritual stronghold and a passion for living. True to naturopathy, Dr. Hoban’s practice is rooted in healing the body by adhering to the principles of Nature. Through the Natural Healing Center, Dr. Hoban provides health care coaching to assist his clients to uproot outworn, pessimistic beliefs, replacing them with nurturing and self-affirming attitudes, feelings and thoughts. His passion for health and healing began at an early age when faced with the challenges of overcoming a debilitating, life-threatening illness as a teenage boy. Hoban’s story is chronicled in his new book, Health Wanted, Inquire Within. More information may be found at www.DrHoban.com.

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    Dr Suzanne Humphries, Homeopath, Internist, Nephrologist, and Holistic Health Consultant, is a conventionally (allopathically) educated medical doctor with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Rutgers University. After spending two years as the head technician in a research biochemistry lab, she went to medical school, graduating from Temple University School of Medicine. She soon became increasingly aware of the failures of the medical profession over her 13 year career. Unsatisfied with the fact that doctors are largely trained to prescribe drugs and hunt down disease while their patients continue to get sicker, she sought out alternative treatments that help to heal, rather than hinder illness.
    Another word for conventional (mainstream) medical treatment is allopathy, described as the form of treatment used to supress the symptoms of illness using the principle of opposites, while homeopathy encourages, rather than suppresses, the body’s reaction to an illness. After learning about homeopathy and other healing modalities while practicing allopathic kidney medicine, Dr Suzanne watched first hand through a new lens, the truth that allopathic medicine, while sometimes necessary, is an overused system that never restores true and lasting health; that when implemented as first line treatment across-the-board for mild illnesses and symptoms, will mostly just drive chronic illnesses deeper and more seriously into the patient.
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    Homeopathy and Cardiology with Dr Aadil Kasim

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    (PROF) DR. KASIM CHIMTHANA-WALA Dr Aadil's parents, Dr Kasim belongs to a family who are in homoeopathy for the past 102 years. He passed his MBBS from Government Medical College Nagpur in 1968. He did his Post Graduation in Skin from Calcutta University, Diploma in Tropical Medicine from School of Tropical Medicine Calcutta and Diploma in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery, from West Bengal Board of Homoeopathic Medicine. Now for the past 4 decades he has been serving the society as a Homoeopathic Consultant. He along with his son, Dr. Aadil are the only father-son duo who have qualified in both systems of Medicines - Allopathy and Homoeopathy.
    PROF. DR MRS SAGIRA CHIMTHANAWALA A founder fellow of The National Academy of Homoeopathy, India, Prof. Dr. Mrs Sagira Chimthanawala obtained her Homoeopathic Graduation way back in 1978 from Bombay Board of Homoeopathy & Biochemistry, Mumbai. After working for a brief period as Lecturer and Asso Prof in Dept of Materia Medica, Nagpur College of Homoeopathy she has been practising as a Homoeopathic Gynaecologist & Obstetritian at her indoor Hospital - Shaad Hospital Complex and Research Centre for the past 30 yrs. She now Heads the Department of Gyn & Obstetrics of the Academy and is an active member of the faculty of the Postgraduate Training in Homoeopathy. 
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    Brainpower and Dopamine

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    Brainpower is the fire that keeps your mind alive, alert, aware and awake. But when your brain is not producing enough Dopamine, brainpower diminishes and you spiral down into a low-energy state.  JOIN US for for LIVE broadcast discussing DOPAMINE and its importance in chronic fatigue, weight gain, and premature accelerated aging.  Our host Dr. Leonard A. Rubinstein, Cosmetic Surgeon and Anti-Aging Specialist, discusses the importance of Dopamine in brain function and physical activity.  The Center for Integration in Cosmetic Surgery and Rejuvenation Medicine has offices in Sarasota, Florida, Mexico City and now opening their largest facility in the Dominican Republic.  The Center sees patients from all over the world who travel to the Center for an integrative approach to wellness.  The Center offers Wellness Weeks where patients receive  comprehensive holistic evaluation and treatments provided by specialists in Allopathy, Osteopathy, Homeopathy, Oriental Medicine and Chiropractic Medicine.

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    The Daily Farcast, With Special Guest, Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD

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    There are very few people who actually impact our consciousness and our culture in ways that challenge the very nature of our relationship to the universe. Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD is one of those rare individuals who has stood against the tide of mechanized thinking and robotic programming in relation to our bodies and our minds.Trained in traditional allopathy, he eventually matriculated to Stanford where he was on the cutting edge of stem cell research, with millions of research dollars at is disposal. Between 1987 and 1992 he discovered something that bucked the trend of at least 500 years of conventional medicine. He cracked the mind/body code when he realized that, "the cell membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell’s equivalent of a brain." His work, reveled that the environment, operating though the membrane, controlled the behavior and physiology of the cell, turning genes on and off. His discoveries, which ran counter to the established scientific view that life is controlled by the genes, presaged one of today’s most important fields of study, the science of epigenetics."Faced with the challenge of understanding this new model, which went against the grain of his training, he turned to quantum physics to understand our somatic mystery and rediscovering the sacred in our cells.In order to continue on his unconventional path, he had to turn his back on his well funded role as a researcher. Lucky for us. Since then, he's authored, "Healing The Heart Of The World," "Spontaneous Evolution" and "The Biology Of Belief."Please join me as we dive into the nature of "quantum healing" and the mind/body connection.

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    Hosted by India Irie with Special Guest, Peter Eugene


    We shall discuss revolutionary natural ways to heal and help your body. The corporations that make up Big-Pharma and the Allopathic Mafia DO NOT want you to know about this stuff, which makes it SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT.    We will discuss topics strictly related to helping oneself from a personal perspective.  We are NOT doctors, and are NOT prescribing ANYTHING. We are simply taking notes, and making you aware that there ARE alternative solutions to health issues, and we want you to know about them.

    For example, here's a must-read story on how a physician used extra virgin coconut oil on her husband's alzheimers and brought him back from no man's land.. See the solution and story: http://www.riseearth.com/2014/11/first-coconut-oil-now-cannabis-natural.html

    More proof the the FDA and big pharma never want your to sort yourself back to helath and wellness.
    See the hidden 7 modalities they have been suppressing for years.. They never intend to make your well:
    Great informative `11 minute video explains dosing with cannabis oil.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijwpv6x2R6U

    To follow Peter's work, see his BlogTalk network here: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/iamfreewill

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