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    Chris Hill: The Conversation No One Wants to Have, But Everyone MUST...

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    Death is the only life event that happens without fail...to every one of us.  Yet, it remains the last great American taboo. Talk show guests will make the most intimate revelations about their personal lives without batting an eye, but the subject of death and dying (something that WILL happen to us all) remains an uncomfortable subject.

    Everyone knows that death is an absolute certainty and from an intellectual perspective most people think planning one's passing is a smart idea. 

    In fact, a recent Washingon Post interview revealed that while 90% of Americans believe that death planning is a good idea.  However,  less than 10% of Americans actually have a plan in place for the end of their lives.

    Financial planner, columnist, and end of life expert Christopher Hill joins Teresa to discuss how and why death planning is so critical to your peace of mind and the well-being of your loved ones.

    Everyone needs to learn how to successfully plan for the inevitable.  You don't want to miss this show!

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    You Can Have It All

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    What's Up Diamonds!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for continuing to support the show! I hope your getting all your Christmas shopping done and you're not breaking the bank doing so... Remember Jesus is the reason for the season. So give unselfishly with love as he did.

    This will be my last live show of the year coming back in 2015 with something new so keep me on your mobile devices! Why not make the last show about having it all for the New Years.. and who better to start with besides my fellow loyal Twitter follower @spoileddive111 Mrs. Deborah Martin-Minton she is the CEO and Founder of Power Play Productions,LLC. Her company manages music artist emphasis on "Unsigned" music artist are you or do you know someone in music that needs a manager?

    She is has and is continuing to build quite a selection of artist one of them in particular #Diamondboy @THEREALCOLDCASH he was a guest on my show a few months ago you can check out interview under the episodes tab. She manages at least 5 others find out who they are during our interview. She is a busy lady holding down marriage and managing musicians and loving it all who says you can't have it all if you work hard enough.

    Check out our conversation I know it's going to be a blast! Call in and ask questions she is open to questions about her management style and can give you tips on how to do the same if this is something you're looking to do. The best advice you can get is from those who has been there and are not too arrogant to talk about it.  Call or Skype in #347-237-4697 show starts at 3:pm US EST.

    Are you self-employed? Be my guest email: guest@linajonesdiamondnetwork.com

    Music promotions email  diamond.safehouse@gmail.com

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    Love All Humans Hosts: Shawn & Tracy Williams

    It's your choice: Choose wisely.  Tell us your stories at 718-766-4494

    Email your questions, comments or show ideas to: join@loveallhumans.com

    Or Call 562.283.3115

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    When All You Have Left is Faith and Favor

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    Finally Speaking with Lady Rie!  Tuesday, 12/16/2014 @ 6:30pm est/5:30pm cst.

    The Spirit of Naomi. When All You Have Left is Faith and Favor.  Taken from the Book of Ruth.

    Black Diamond Enterprises Network presents "Finally Speaking with Lady Rie"!!!   Cherie (Lady Rie) mother of Jasmine,  Self-Published Author of "7 Powerful Habits to Spiritually Prepare for the Storms of Life; Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit".  She is a Life Coach, Minister, Speaker, CEO/Founder of Black Diamond Enterprises Network (Host of LIF Talk with Cherie), CEO/Founder of New Life Changes (Coaching Business).  She has a Bachelors Degree in Divinity and a Masters Degree in Biblical Counseling.  

    Being a quiet vessel all of my life, God has now opened a door and venue for me to Finally Speak!  Join me as I talk about different topics in the Kingdom of God from faith to mediation.  This show is not a religious show but a show based on spirituality and truth from the Word of God and God speaking through me.  

    Visit me here:




    Or email:





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    Love All Humans Hosts: Shawn & Tracy Williams

    How can we heal the emotional hurt we have deep in our hearts?  Call in to discuss your hurt and how to let it be healed at:           718-766-4494

    Email your questions, comments or show ideas to: join@loveallhumans.com

    Or Call 562.283.3115

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    Love All Humans Hosts: Shawn & Tracy Williams

    Tell us how you help the needy and less fortunate. 

    Email your questions, comments or show ideas to: join@loveallhumans.com

    Or Call 562.283.3115

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    Gratitude: Have The Holidays All Year

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    As the holiday season approaches, people often take stock of the year past, and plan for the future. But why stop there? The new year is an arbitrary date: Learn to take the joy of the season with you all year, every year!

    The show to know when you want better! Join Terri & Vince Hase and build a better you! www.BetterYouRadio.net

    A part of the Better YOU Project - www.BetterYouProject.org

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    Why are more & more police officers becoming murderers hidden behind police uniforms? Why aren't these political leaders nationwide ignoring this SERIOUS problem? Why are the National Guards that consist of our family members and dear friends being used against us when we demand these senseless murders to cease? It seems like these police officers are mainly targeting "black men" although we know men of other races and nationalities [especially the Hispanic men] are being singled out & targeted. Zimmerman completely disobeied the instructions of the dispatch policer officer to NOT follow Trayvon, but he ignore the order causing an unnecessary comfortation with Trayvon. Zimmerman ASSUMED he would be able to over power Trayvon because he's much larger; however, when Trayvon was whooping Zimmerman's butt. Zimmerman shoot & kills Trayvon in cold blood. Our tax dollars are being wasted by putting Zimmerman in protective custody. We shouldn't be funding the protection of a malicious killer. If Zimmerman truly felt his life was in danger at the moment & time he and Trayvon were in a physical fight, then Zimmerman shouldn't have NEVER EVER followed Trayvon. Zimmerman's disobedience to the law put him in that situation NOT Trayvon.

    Michael Brown was INTENTIONALLY targeted because he is a young black man. Therefore, these bullies in police uniforms decided to confront him harassing him although he wasn't violating ANY laws at the time they approached him. Now, this young man is dead due to murderers in police uniforms.

    Eric Gardner has a lengthy criminal history according the news reports and many police officers purposely target "black men" particularly who have such record to try to justify their reasonings for harassing & killing them. 





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    All About Friends

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    Friends, how many of us have them?

    Everything you need to know about the most important relationships in your life, friendships.

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