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    Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund

    in Education


    Rev. Maria Dancing Heart Hoaglund is an international author, transformational healer, end-of-life & grief counselor, minister, and coach who can help shift your life quickly in the direction you'd like to go. She will help you relax and heal through the "combo" energy work that she's passionate about. As a result of Maria's work, many clients have discovered more health, wealth, peace, and happiness in their lives! Maria also can help you move deeper spiritually, facing your fear of death, grief, and the afterlife. Rev. Maria serves as a great help to open people up to face their mortality; she has the knack of helping people remove the sting from death and instead to see the beauty and sacredness in it.


    Maria has also developed Japanese-style Soul Baskets/Bundles that make wonderful gifts for those facing change in their lives. They include some of the 30+ body-mind-spirit healing methods that she shares in "The Last Adventure of Life" -- such as music, essential oils, and health & alkalizing tips -- that she has found to help people move into deeper relaxation and health. Relaxation is key to change of all kinds; and you, too, will find more relaxation and courage with the help of Maria special touch.

    For additional information on Maria go to www.changewithcourage.com

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    The Miracle of Baking Soda

    in Health

    This natural miracle is essential for every living person. Find out how it can help you.

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    Alkalizing The Body

    in Health

    In this episode I will once again re visit my BH Sales Sacred Clay Mineral Water. I also will talk about 6 distinct ways to alkalize the body.

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    Dr. Imani Ma'at Interviews Brian Stevens 23 Years Dialysis Patient

    in Health

    We have wonderful discussions with individuals and program providers.  We focus primarily on programs that teach about important health issues and other topics that build self-esteem. Our theme this month is people who have Amazing Stories of Survival.  This week Dr. Imani inteviews Brian Stevens who tells his story of life before and after Dialysis of 23 years and how he refused to accept dialysis as his fate for life! Please join us this and every Wednesday 10:00PM EST, 9:00PM CST, 8:00PM MST, and 7:00PM PST.  Shows generaly run for an hour and a half. Our call in number is 646-915-9853.  Press #1 if you wish to speak with the host and join the discussion...We encourage everyone to call and join the discussion or ask questions of our guests.


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    An hour of health and wealth

    in Health

    This episode focuses on Obesity and how Obesity affects health of family and causes other diseases.
    During this show, you can to talk to Dr Roland about physical or mental health challenges that you or a family member may be experiencing. 
    We look forward to meeting you on our show and encourage you to share this show with your friends and your social networks.

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    No To Fluoride, Yes To Alkalizing Minerals

    in Self Help

    Fluoride is a poison that should not be in our water supply. It is important to purify water with special filtration or reverse osmosis to remove the fluoride. Then re-mineralize the water to make it more alkaline.

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    Kick Cancer In The Can™ Weekly Quick Tip #1

    in Health

    Cancer Cells Can't Win When You Start Your Day Off Right! A healthy green breakfast smoothie gives you a HUGE fighting chance!
    Packed with naturally alkalizing, live, healing whole foods that are loaded with essential cell rebuilding, and cancer killing, nutrients.
    Get your health back on track today by clicking here to go to our facebook page, share the love by LIKING the page, and download the recipe for the best immune-balancing smoothie recipe on the planet! 
    And if you're looking for the most compassionate care and most insightful cancer-conquering strategies and ideas available, make sure you visit: Kick Cancer In The Can (and get a free starter kit while you're there!). For more info about how we can help you, hit the Coaching Packages Tab at the top of the page. Can't wait to transform your cancer journey from struggle and challenges to ease and grace - and massive healing!
    Much Love
    Dr Marilyn Joyce, Tha Vitality Doctor™

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    Luminous Living-Alkalizing your body

    in Lifestyle

    Cristin Stolfo, Life and Wellness Coach of Illuminated Coaching (www.illuminatedcoaching.com)interviews Mickey Reynolds about the importance of alkalizing your body. www.abundantH2o.com

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    “Keep Weight Down By Alkalizing Your Body"

    in Health

    My guest this week is Nandi Moore, a Holistic Health and Life Coach and a Culinary Artist Who Specializes In Helping People Incorporate Gourmet, Alkalizing, Vegan, and Raw Food Options Into Their Existing Diet...

    She is a full-time Mom Who Conceived, Carried, Delivered At Home, And Is Raising Her Son Naturally On An Alkaline, Vegan, And Raw Food Lifestyle...with unbelievable results!

    Together with her husband Jason, through their businesses, InevitableHealth.com and DineAlkaline.com, they focus on helping people get rid of their digestion, elimination, and weight problems fast and easy with no drugs, no surgery, and no extremes...which, they say, leads to amazing and unexpected side benefits like accelerated healing from most major imbalances.

    Tune in to hear more about their amazing programs!

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    pH Miracle Living with Dr. Young

    in Health

    Over the past twenty years, Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young have aided the healing of thousands of people with their revolutionary alkaline diet and lifestyle. This alkalizing diet and scientific approach—known as The New Biology®
    Whether you're wanting to improve your diabetes or cancer situation, lose weight, or just want more energy, there is a wealth of knowledge here for your benefit.

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    Your Health, Your Choice: Wonders of Hydrogen Peroxide

    in Religion

    Join Sandy Bloomfield, writer and researcher, as she shares on a popular but frequently misunderstood topic: your health. Sandy will have guests on to address important aspects of health weekly from 8-9 CST. NCI Believers don't always know who to believe when it comes to the latest studies and information available on staying disease-free, but come to the table and let's sort through the facts and myths together!

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