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    Alimony Reform in Florida: Trendsetter for Country?

    in Legal

    Attorney Jonathan Simon, a Florida Super Lawyer Rising Star in Family Law, is interviewed by Kirk C. Stange on Family Law Talk With Stange Law Firm, PC 12/17/13 at 5 PM on Alimony Reform in Florida: Trendsetter for the Country?

    You can contact Jonathan Simon, Esq. at 407-377-6399 or at The Orlando Family Law Firm in Florida.  With offices in St. Louis, St. Charles, Jefferson County (Arnold), Franklin County (Union) in Missouri and St. Clair County (Belleville) and Madison County (Edwardsville) in Illinois, you can contact Stange Law Firm and their St. Louis Spousal Support Lawyers online or by calling 314-963-4700. 

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    Urban Therapy with Sun #96 Deadbeat Moms? Mom Paying Child Support and Alimony?

    in Health

    It's true and it happens a lot more than people recognize but there are thousands of women in this country that do not have custody of their children and who are ordered to pay child support and sometimes alimony. It's not just men who pay child support and interestingly enough it's not just men who are classified as deadbeat dads. There are plenty of deadbeat moms out there and in terms of percentages of those who pay child support, there are more deadbeat moms than dads. Many women run behind in child support by thousands of dollars and make excuses for it similar to the way we are used to hearing about men doing. Many women serve jail sentences for non payment and many try to escape justice for ducking child support payments as well. Many of these stories are swept under the rug or are under reported.

    This show is not designed to demonize women for acting the same way as some men are known to do. There is no doubt that the most important thing is for children to be placed in the care of of the most capable, responsible, loving situation whether it's the mom or the dad. This show will be an information show to shed light on a very real situation that affects the lives of our children and families. We need to recognize the family must go on but the way that the family is financed is not always one way or one sided.

    Things that will be covered on this show:

    Circumstances that grant custody with fathers instead of mothers.

    How the courts view mothers that relinquish custody to fathers.

    Circumstances that grant alimony to husbands instead of wives.

    The emergence of full time single father households.

    How women paying child support deal with custody as well as child support payments.

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    All About the New Maintenance Law for 2015

    in Legal

    This podcast addresses the changes to the Illinois law effective January 1, 2015 regarding maintenance (formerly known as alimony) for Illinois divorce and legal separation cases. Attorney Amil Alkass explains the differences between maintenance and child support, as well as how the court determines and calculates maintenance.

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    Alimony Reform

    in Politics Conservative

    Our first guest is Estelle Shanley-Duff, a California journalist whose husband has advanced Alzheimer's and is still forced to pay his ex-wife $3,000 a month until she dies. Estelle supports a new law just passed in Masschussets  making the alimony process more flexible.
    Other guests TBA 
    Host Andre Traversa
    Co-host Jim Lagnese

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    Relationships and Finances........That other "F" Word

    in Romance

    There’s nothing like a man’s authentic love for his woman. But is love enough to pay the bills?! Similar to love & sex, finances play a major part in relationships. Whether you’re in the romance stage or the commitment stage of a relationship, money has probably came up at some point in time. Finances are one of the top things that break up relationships and marriages. Because financial issues can stem way before you say “I Do”, should a man be financially stable before considering a relationship? How important do you think money is in a relationship? If a man is considered broke, can his relationship survive? Many men may claim that it’ll be nice if their woman treated them on dates. You know, pick up the tab sometimes. Or whomever asks, should be the one to pay. Should a woman hold her man down, if so, for how long? Are the rules different if you’re just dating vs if you’re married? Would you breakup with your spouse if they fell on financial trouble? Ultimately, does love prevail in the end? So many endless questions! Find out what After Hourz has to say about money and relationships! We want to hear from you! Listen! Call in! Share!

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    Q&A: Open Relationships, Personality, Alimony, and More

    in Self Help

    Philosopher Dr. Diana Hsieh answered questions on the ethics of open relationships, innate personality, conceiving again to save a child, the justice of alimony payments, and more in this episode of Philosophy in Action Radio. 

    Question 1: Can open relationships be moral? 

    Question 2: Can personality be innate? 

    Question 3: Is it wrong for parents to have another baby to save the life of their sick child? 

    Question 4: Should alimony payments upon divorce be abolished? 

    To download or feed a high-quality version of this episode, plus show notes and other details, visit its archive page. 

    For more from Dr. Diana Hsieh on the application of rational principles to the challenges of real life, visit PhilosophyInAction.com.

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    FL Tackles Alimony, Fed Phones Boondoggle, & NRA Shirt Redux

    in Current Events

    We have a full platter today on The Spencer Hughes Show.
    Florida is considering ending life long alimony. Will alimony for life become a thing of the past? How long should alimony payments last?
    Reagan may have started the Free Federal Phone program a lifetime ago, but it's really gotten out of control today. Should taxpayers be buying CELL PHONES for those who can't afford them??
    And remember the kid we talked about who was charged after an argument over his NRA/rifle T-shirt? Well...he's been defiant. He's worn the shirt AGAIN. 
    These are other stories...opinions...breaking news...on today's Spencer Hughes Show!
    Call me at (424) 675-8269.

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    Attorney Jeffery Leving Tells How To Be A Good Divorced Dad

    in Women

    After a divorce, many fathers become absent in the lives of their children. There are many reasons why, and Attorney Jeffery Leving explains it in his book "How to Be a Good Divorced Dad." The important thing for parents to remember is that the well being of the children are more important than anything. Yet, the anger over a marital breakup often causes adults to use children as weapons in the war of vengeance. There are ways men and women can work together to insure that children receive the benefits of a mother and a father even if the two are no longer together. Attorney Leving, also author of "Father's Rights" , explains how men can overcome common obstacles and remain active in the lives of their children

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    Alimony for Life!

    in Romance

    Did you know in many States a Man or Woman who makes the most money could end up paying Alimony for the rest of their Life? We will be talking to Dick Lindsay Chairman of Alliance for Freedom from Alimonya a Reform Organization to Repeal this Law on Thursday July 26, @ 8pm EST be sure to tell a friend and Tune in this is a Show you don't want to miss. To advertise on this or any of The Love Zone USA.com Shows email sales@masterpiececorp.com

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    in Entertainment

    Tonight we will be examining both sides of the table, as we discuss the topic (Dead Beat Dads) with special co host Rasheeda Saleem & Tiffany Spencer and of course Tru & Gee.

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    Does The Higher The Price A Wedding & Ring Equals Divorce?

    in Women

    We will discuss  this study about the more money you spend on your wedding and the engagement ring; the more likely you will divorce. Are you divorced? How much did you spend on your wedding?  Do you agree with this study? Why do you think people feel the need to spend lots of money on a wedding and a ring? Why do people even still feel the need to get married? Are they not aware that half of all marriages end in divorce? Plus we will discuss other relationship related topics. As usual, the show will be a hot button topic!


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