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    Bigfoot, and Aliens, and Ghosts, Oh WhY?!

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    Can AnY ONE Research group Possibly be Up to Investigating all Three? And WhY? And HoW? And Who. It's October, if Not already, why Not start Now?

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    Introduction: Aliens

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    This segment will be a chance to introduce the show and give you, the listener a chance to figure just what I will talk about in the future. Aliens, UFOs, ancient history, and much more. So if you have always wondered what might be out there or if you are already a believer, this show will be just what you want to hear. get sent through time to see where we might have actually came from.

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    Barry Taff Author of 'Aliens Above, Ghosts Below' On Paranormal Geeks Radio

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    Dr. Barry E. Taff, who holds a doctorate in psychophysiology with a minor in biomedical engineering, is a world-renowned parapsychologist who worked out of UCLA’s former Parapsychology Laboratory from 1969 through 1978 as a research associate.  During his four-decade career, Dr. Taff has investigated more than 4,500 cases of ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists and conducted extensive studies in telepathy and precognition, eventually developing the initial protocols and methodologies for what was later termed “remote viewing”.  He also, was himself, investigated as a psychic subject, the results of which were published in Behavioral Neuropsychiatry, “A Laboratory Investigation of Telepathy: The Study of A Psychic”, Vol. 6, Nos. 1-12, April-December 1974-January-March, 1975.

    Parapsychologist Dr. Barry E. Taff describes a bold new world where the paranormal becomes "normal"! In his exciting new book, Aliens Above, Ghost Below, he goes into depth on how parapsychology will lead the way into mankind's future. From ghost and poltergeists to aliens and spacecraft, Dr. Taff covers it all!

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    Ghosts and Aliens 2: Digging Deep (Special Repeat)

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    Unfortunately, Jaime is recovering from a sore throat.  Rather than subject you to the tortured sounds of her trying to talk, we offer for your listening pleasure one of our favorite episodes.  Ghosts and Aliens 2: Digging Deep first aired on February 23, 2013.


    Join Jaime and Scott as they discuss live their views on the connections and similarities that exist between ghost and alien phenomena.  Explore the cultural conditioning that has shaped human perception of paranormal experiences.  Here your hosts discuss some of the different scientific theories that have been used to explain supernatural occurances.  Delve into the possibility that these events are not separate phenomena, but rather a singular paranormal experience.  But wait... how do you explain visitations from the deceased?  And could all paranormal phenomena be related?  What do you think?

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    MIDWEEK PARANORMAL - Ghosts or Aliens? What have you seen?

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    NLPI MIDWEEK PARANORMAL - Ghosts or Aliens? What have you seen?

    Presented by Mickey Gocool Founder of NLPI & Julia Julia, Founder of Paranation.

    Midweek look at the latest in Paranormal Gossip from around the globe. This week Steve Brooker, Paranormal investigator from NLPI joins us and talks about his experience from 30 + years ago.

    Are there similiarities between The Highgate vampire? Mothman and Steves sighting in Laleham Middesex, UK?

    Skype in to join the topics. 


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    Ghosts of World War 2.

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    In this Jay's Dark Zone, we talk about the history of ghosts, in world war 2.

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    Ghosts in the Valley

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    Our first spooky ghosts stories episodes. No science, no politics, no skeptisism and no atheism tonight (well, maybe just a tad)

    Just a few stories of ghosts and gobelins

    And a classic reading of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven by James Earl Jones


    This episode was pre-recorded

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    Aliens, UFO's and Strange Encounters

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    In this episode we talk about Aliens, UFO's and spooky encounters.

    Visit the chat room at http://prismparanormal.net/boneyard.html

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      The Topic of today's show falls outside the norm of what The American Patriot reports on, but with the things I have personally experianced in my own life and the many other accounts of ghosts and yes even the demonic, I felt the need to touch upon this topic, but before you think of me and the countless other who have been through these events in our own lives I am asking you to search your own mind and ask yourself this question, has there ever been something that happened in your own life that you could not explain away, something that you may have hidden away out of fear that people would think you were crazy?    

      Throughout History mankind has feared things it was not able to explain, things that go bump in the night, the feeling of you being watched and even seeing someone seemingly attacked by demonic forces or even demonic possession itself, Well I know this show may fall outside the normal issues that we address here on the American Patriot, but I really feel this is a topic that we need to touch on, as we live in a violant time in this moment in our nation's History and I feel that unseen forces are at work in events that are impacting the nation and the world as well, forces that can not be overlooked any longer.

      What those unseen forces are remains unanswered, some call them Angels or Fallen Angels (demons), but make no mistake the events that have shaped our nation is something more then mear chance and on today's show I would like to get your thoughts and share things that you may have happen to you, a friend or family member, something that goes far beyond the normal daily events......The number to call in to speak to The American Patriot is 516-590-0146


  • Live with Belle Salisbury Round Table Discussion: Are There Aliens Among Us?

    in Spirituality

    Join Belle tonight as she welcomes special guests Christina Nelson, Lisa and Patrick Shalosky, Mandy Peterson, Nick Fox and Solana to her round table to discuss the topic of Aliens. Do you believe in Aliens? Do you feel that Aliens walk among us?

    Some believe that our very DNA is changing which accompanies the great shift we have been experiencing. Does this change come from Alien interaction?

    Listen in and Join us in our conversation in our chat room and share your views.

    You can learn more about Belle or schedule a session by visiting her website at www.bellesalisbury.com.
    Follow Belle on Facebook at www.facebook.com/BelleSalisburyPsychicMedium.

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    Aliens Ufo's & Beyond

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    Meet The Host

    Christina George is a Practicing Psychic and Paranormal Investigator that Researches everything Paranormal including UFOs, Abductees, Star Children, Bigfoot, Chupacabras and Cryptozoology just to name a few. Christina is the founder of P.P.R.S. ~ Psychic Paranormal Research Society and the host of Paranormal Connections.Radio Show.. Christina’s whole life has been full of Paranormal experiences and she has been able to see and communicate with spirits since she was very young. While she was very young the spirits were her friends, but as time went on things started to change. She started being tormented by spirits, haunted dolls, being attacked by dark spirits, and she even started having multiple UFO sightings.

    When Christina got to her late teens she was able to find a way to suppress her abilities and shut them down until she was involved in a car accident. During surgery for her injuries she experienced a Near Death Experience that changed her life. She also found that she had new abilities like being very intuitive...empathic...and having premonitions and visions.

    She has been a guest on countless Radio Shows and now uses her Radio Show “Paranormal Connection” as well as Speaking Engagements at Conferences and Events to share her cases, experiences and

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