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    Ancient Aliens / Close Encounters

    in History

    Clarence Mitchell an Admin for the group "Ancient Aliens" on Facebook will be talking about the Ancient Alien theory,and Close Encounters,,Where do they come from?? What is thier agenda?? Are they good or are they bad?? If you think you have some answers to any of these questions,or if you have more questions that need answers,Please call in at this number>>(347) 989-1008..We would like to hear from you..

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    Ancient Aliens / Close Encounters

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    Clarence Mitchell an Admin for the group "Ancient Aliens" on Facebook,will be talking about the Ancient Alien Theory,Close Encounters,Ufo sightings and much more..If you would like to call in and talk about these subjects ,and or any other related subject Please do at this number>>>>(347) 989-1008..We would love to hear from you..

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    Introduction: Aliens

    in Paranormal

    This segment will be a chance to introduce the show and give you, the listener a chance to figure just what I will talk about in the future. Aliens, UFOs, ancient history, and much more. So if you have always wondered what might be out there or if you are already a believer, this show will be just what you want to hear. get sent through time to see where we might have actually came from.

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    Aliens, UFO's and Strange Encounters

    in Entertainment

    In this episode we talk about Aliens, UFO's and spooky encounters.

    Visit the chat room at http://prismparanormal.net/boneyard.html

  • aliens and demons

    in Paranormal

    are modern aliens actually demons of days past..we will discuss the link between the ancient stories of demonic interaction and the stories of modern alien abduction and the relation between the two.arte they evil or are they here to help?

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    Ancient Aliens Expert Rev. Michael J.S. Carter

    in Spirituality

    A regular guest on The History Channel's Ancient Aliens program, Rev. Michael J. S. Carter returns to the show to discuss the evolution of human consciousness, exploring insights from his latest book A New World If You Can Take It: God, Extraterrestrials, and the Evolution of Human Consciousness.

    Rev. Carter, M.Div., is an active Unitarian Universalist minister and anti-racism trainer who received presidential recognition. He is the author of the best-selling Alien Scriptures: Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible.  He has investigated evidence of ET encounters in multiple sacred texts, has appeared on many radio and television programs worldwide, and has written articles on UFOs and Religion for publications such as UFO Magazine, Alien Encounters and the MUFON UFO Journal. 

    A long-time UFO experiencer, Rev. Carter lectures extensively on the topic of UFOs and Religion.  He has also appeared on Steven Spielberg's production of Abduction Diaries, the Real 4400.  Whitley Strieber, the author of the popular book Communion, described Rev. Carter's book as "the best book ever written on the subject". Rev. Carter offers private spiritual counseling, especially helpful for experiencers since he is an open-hearted minister and an experiencer himself.

    Rev. Carter's web site:  MichaelJSCarter.com

    Frontier Beyond Fear music copyrighted by Grammy award winner Larry Seyer, www.larryseyer.com, included in this podcast with his permission.

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    aliens ufo's and beyond

    in Radio

    Meet The Host

    Christina George is a Practicing Psychic and Paranormal Investigator that Researches everything Paranormal including UFOs, Abductees, Star Children, Bigfoot, Chupacabras and Cryptozoology just to name a few. Christina is the founder of P.P.R.S. ~ Psychic Paranormal Research Society and the host of Paranormal Connections.Radio Show.. Christina’s whole life has been full of Paranormal experiences and she has been able to see and communicate with spirits since she was very young. While she was very young the spirits were her friends, but as time went on things started to change. She started being tormented by spirits, haunted dolls, being attacked by dark spirits, and she even started having multiple UFO sightings.

    When Christina got to her late teens she was able to find a way to suppress her abilities and shut them down until she was involved in a car accident. During surgery for her injuries she experienced a Near Death Experience that changed her life. She also found that she had new abilities like being very intuitive...empathic...and having premonitions and visions. Christina later decided that the best way to utilize her old and new found abilities was to help others who are scared and dealing with Paranormal Activity, as well as mentoring children and teens with abilities.

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    Did God create Aliens? Are Ancient Astronauts Theories Correct?

    in Christianity

    In this episode of Hope Talk, Carl Kerby, Founder of Reasons For Hope, shares with us some of what he found while working on one of his most recent talks. Aliens have always facinated many of us and the question then is:

    Are they real? If so did God create them? How does this impact the reliability of the bible?

    These questions and more today on HOPE TALK RADIO!

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    Alien Contact Org. TJ Morris &Tommy Hawksblood Atlantis & Aliens

    in Spirituality

    Theresa J Morris, is joined by Tommy Hawksblood, Thomas Becker aka Amad Painter, Bill M Tracer share Discussions on Contact, Aliens, Hybridization, Atlantis memories. Also divinatory, esoteric, occult(unknown), Tarot, consciousness, inner and outer knowing of Atlantis and Aliens.

    Much has not been written about the divining of the esoteric occult tarot and cartomancy but rather passed down through the ages of time from one practicing mystic, oracle, psychic, sage, seer, shaman, medicine man or woman or necromancer.


    There have been many stories on the origin and those who follow the ancient mystery schools believe the power of knowing from our ancestors of the Akashic Records and sharing the healing of the vibrational waves and particles is a part of who we are now as a collective consciousness.

    Tarot cards for divinatory and esoteric/occult purposes.

    Tarot reading is belief in using cards to gain insight into the past, current and future situations by posing a question to the cards, i.e. cartomancy.

    Some people who are tarot readers believe they are guided by a spiritual force, while others such as spiritual guides believe the cards help them tap into a collective unconscious or their own creative, brainstorming subconscious.

    The divinatory meanings of the cards commonly used today are derived mostly from cartomancer Jean-Baptiste Alliette  also known as Etteilla and Mlle Marie-Anne Adelaide Lenormand (1776-1843).

    The belief in the divinatory meaning of the cards is closely associated with a belief in their occult, divine, and mystical properties: a belief constructed in the 18th century by prominent Protestant clerics and freemasons.

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    Church of Reality 69: Religion and Aliens

    in News

    Who are we? Where did we really come from? Join us for an interesting discussion on the subject of aliens and religion. 

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    Jan. 12, 2015, 10pm (PST) - Aliens and Demons with Corker Johnston

    in Paranormal

    Authors Corker and Tatiana Johnston will join Spaced Out Radio to discuss their theories regarding the connection between demons and aliens.  In their latest book, Case 263 - Aliens & Demons, based on a true story, the Johnstons will tell us how their research is definitely other worldly, and there is a connection between those benevolent creatures from other planets and their evil friends from other worlds.

    Amazon Review calls the book "One of the best true haunting stories that they've read. period!" 


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