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    "Why Sail?" Talk with a USCG Captain on Sailing Benefits

    in Health

    In a 40 minute show, promoting Green Boating, Linda Cullum, author of "Learn to Sail! with Multimedia!" http://LearnToSail.Net, interviews USCG Captain and sailing instructor Susan Smith, http://LearnToSailOnline.com, on the subject "Why Sail?"
      Topics covered are health benefits, inexpensive ways to learn, types of boats, adventures and much more!

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    Destiny Survival Radio

    in Family

    Destiny Survival Radio with John Wesley Smith. We hear a lot about bug out bags, but what about the vehicle youll use for bugging out? And what will you do for shelter? John talks about these considerations with Scott B. Williams, author of Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters. View Scotts site at http://www.BugOutSurvival.com


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    I AM Conditioned to Go Through ft.Timothy Smith Sr.

    in Hip Hop Music

    Timothy Smith Sr. has its book sselling @ Branes & Noble he states its a book that is very inspiring, come check us out as I interview Him with his first book I AM conditioned to Go Through

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    Women Who Made History

    in Women

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith - publishers of WayBackWhenMagazine.com, and guest co-host Michael Ely, for Big Blend Radio's 'Way Back When' show focusing on Women's History Around the World!

    Featured Guests:
    - Glynn Burrows - Historian, Norfolk Tours, UK
    - Adam Roberts - VP Born Free USA
    - Debra Brenegan - Author 'Shame The Devil'
    - Johnny Mastro & Mama's Boys Blues Band
    - Lance Laber - DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun, Tucson AZ
    - R. Michael Wilson - Old West History Author& Expert
    - Norman E. Hill  - History Buff, Author & Writer
    - Susan B. Butler - Author, 'Women Count: A Guide to Changing the World'
    - MaryAine Curtis - Women's Transformation Coach

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    Revelation on Ogden Krautism

    in The Bible

    Revelation on Ogden Krautism
    Ogden Kraut shown to be an Elias for The One Mighty and Strong. His mission, saith the Lord, was to detect and preserve true doctrine so it would not be destroyed in the revisionism going on due to the influx of liberalism, known in the Scriptures as "the precepts of men". This apostasy from within from an internal clique of apostates masquerading themselves as sheep, but who are in reality wolves in sheep's clothing. Things were further complicated by the fact that Ogden became deceived concerning the doctrine of The One Mighty and Strong as taught by Bishop Koyle, who taught that the One Mighty and Strong should be a resurrected personage, even Joseph Smith. "Revelation on Ogden Krautism" read giving from the Lord a severe rebuke to the fundamentalists who have also been duped into believing this false doctrine. Mr. Hale shown to be a ringleader of the apostate clique aforementioned.

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    SubRosa Magick - LIVE Tarot Readings by Rev. Alicia at 7pm EST - Call-in Number 619 393-2916

    in Spirituality

    Time to get a tarot reading/spiritual consultation to help focus your goals, career, and your life. Join us for LIVE tarot readings and spiritual consultations every Sunday night with Rev. Alicia Lyon Folberth. She is available for phone and in person consultations privately. Rev. Alicia is a gifted reader. She has always had the second sight, as well as other spiritual gifts, and employs these during her readings. Her customers tell her that her readings are highly accurate, and the manner in which she reads is caring, honest and straightforward. She was a long time reader before she first began reading for the public fourteen years ago, and has been a spiritual adviser to many. She enjoys reading and she has found it to be one of her callings in helping others on the path. She has appeared on Television, Radio, and has been interviewed numerous times by newspapers, magazines, and on podcasts. Her writing has been published in two books to date; Cakes and Ale for the Pagan Soul edited by Patricia Telesco, and Voices of Survivors edited by Namid, both are available on Amazon.com. Her advice tarot column “It’s in the cards” has been featured in Finer Things Magazine and on PaganPages.org. She is in the process of writing and illustrating her own first book, which is a series of guided meditations and journeys. She is available for house cleansings & blessings, and handfastings & rites of passage, in addition to tarot & rune readings and Reiki. http://www.witchvox.com/vn/vn_detail/dt_cl.html?a=usct&id=8373 Web: http://www.SubRosaMagick.com Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SubRosaMagick Podcast: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/subrosamagick Please also see her fine art, illustration, and design at http://flybynightstudio.blogspot.com/ and on facebook athttp://www.facebook.com/FlyByNightStudio

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    Practical Love Magic Valentines Day Show

    in Spirituality

    Another great "Month of Dorothy Morrison" Episode!
    During our month of Love, Dorothy, Jacki and Storm will be heating up Keep it Magic Radio with talk of practical love magic and last minute tips to heat up your valentines night.
    On February 14th, join this power team as we dig through Dorothy’s book, Enchantments of Love, for ways  to heat up your live life.  It’s not always about a big ritual or a new mojo bag to create love in your life, it’s the little magical things that help fill your life with love.
    Check out Dorothy Morrison and her books, products and witchy wickedness at : http://wickedwitchstudios.com/
    Find Storm Cestavani at: www.psychicfriendsnow.com and on facebook at astrogossip. 
    Find Jacki Smith at our KIM Radio Sponsor:  http://www.coventrycreations.com
    Like Us On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/keepinitmagic
    Follow Us On Twitter:  @KeepItMagic
    Show Website: http://www.keepitmagic.com

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    Quality of Life

    in Health

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith - publishers of QualityofLifeMagazine.com, and world traveler and author Henry Biernacki 'The Global Henry' for Big Blend Radio's show specializing in family, health, style, spirit & self empowerment.
    Featured Guests:
    - Wayne Connell - Founder & President of Invisible Disabilities Association
    - Wendy Pittman - Creative Director of My Bougie Baby
    - Claire Bidwell Smith - Author of The Rules of Inheritance
    - Dr. James W. Anderson - Author of 'THE SIMPLE DIET: A Doctor’s Science-Based Plan'
    - Carolyn Pinkard 'The Briggs Garden Girl' - Briggs Plant Propagators

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    Juneau & Xena's Salon - Xander Smith is back!

    in Music

    This week we welcome back Xander Smith, leader of the band Run Run Run. We had a chance several weeks ago to listen to some of this alt rock band's music. Now we will hear tales from the road as Run Run Run tours across the U.S., fueled in part by generous donations to their Kickstarter campaign. What is life really like for a touring band? Tune in to find out. I'm sure we'll get to turn listeners on to some more of the band's songs.
    We will also invite a very special guest to review Adam Lambert's concert at Sainte Agathe en Feux and share first-hand stories about the experience!

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    To Torah or Not To Torah

    in Judaism

    The Messianic Lifestyles Magazine producers are invited to Join Mark David Smith as he brings up subjects causing us to examine our lifestye as a Torah-based community.

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    Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

    in Lifestyle

    Join Author L.A. Say and co-host Steve Berlack as they kickoff national women's history month with this emotional topic.  They invite Caprice Smith from Sharper Minds Consultants weighs in on this subject.  You don't want to miss this.

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    Erotic Sensual Sheets - Interview with Poet Honest Abe

    in Poetry

    Michelle Alford aka Poetic Energy owner of the Poetic Energy Network Station {PENS} and Poetic Energy Media, Inc. presents to you an erotic and sensual Open Mic segment - Erotic Sensual Sheets Strong Island Zone hosted by Cindy Smith Jordan aka Strong Island  Abraham Benjamin, of Crown Heights Brooklyn,NY, is a writer/poet,  the author of his first book of poetry, "Unlocked thoughts of a  Prophet's Temple:”(January 2012) 5 Years removed from being on the scene,  released his debut indie EP album, "Brooklyn's Lost Son" (July 2011)  His 1st form of expression, songwriting & music.