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    Sex Advice for Getting Wild, Rough, and Kinky with Nikki Ransom-Alfred

    in Romance

    In this episode of GaptoothDiva Radio, we discuss hot, satisfying, and earth shattering sex with Expert and Author Nikki Ransom- Alfred of “30 Sex Positions & Tips for Getting Wild, Rough, and Kinky”. TUNE IN  as we dive deep into a conversation that is sure to enlighten you (if not motivate you). Nikki says that sex can make everything better and that we have no reason to be ashamed about it. We agree and can’t wait for her to dish on the best sexual positions, how wives are “booty suppliers”, and how kinky sex can help in providing better mental health. We are all for being better people. So if sex is the answer, let’s discuss it here! Tune in for this penetrating dialogue.

    Visit Nikki at www.NikkiRansom.com

    To book Nikki for classes, seminars, or interviews, please contact Booking@NikkiRansom.com

    Follow the Sex Expert online:

    Twitter: www.Twitter.com/TheKinkyWife

    Instagram: www.Instagram.com/TheKinkyWife

    Also featuring new music by today’s hottest independent artists.

    Tweet us @GaptoothDiva during the show. Contact us to submit music or inquire about artist at Teamgaptoothdiva@gmail.com

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    Religion Means Alive: Sunday Broadcast Imam Yusef Salaam & Imam Alfred Mohammed

    in Religion

        Today on Religion Means Alive Imam Yusef Salaam will discuss the Baltimore Riots and the legal side of the the Protesting Riots and Police engagement with the people of Baltimore. This is also an open fourm broadcast as well so you can dial 1 in order to ask a question on your phone during the speech. Also after Imam Yusefg Salaam is finshed Imam Alfred Mohammed will speak on ferguson in his annual Sunday Address once again you can call into 805-727-7013.

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    Religion Means Alive: REPLAY

    in Religion

    Discussing Entertainment, Economics, Music, Life, and of course Religion as well as many other topics and its relation to African Americans past and present. Religion Means Alive is headed by Imam Alfred Mohammed and many other speakers. The cornerstone of Religion Means Alive is its annual Sunday address given every Sunday at 3:00 EST. Tune into Religion Means Alive on weekdays as well at 7:00 EST. Call into 805-727-7013 or dial 1.

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    SFTL | Ep35 | WWE PPV "Extreme Rules" review

    in Entertainment

    join host Kevin Hale and featured guest Bill Saunders as they preview WWE PPV "Extreme Rules"


    Alfred Konuwa | Bleacher Report Featured Columnist | @ThisIsNasty
    Matthew Grant | The Face of Weekly Wrestling Podcast | @m4tthewgrant @WeeklyWPodcast

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    Religion Means Alive: Open Forum

    in Religion

       Today on Religion Means Alive we want to hear what you have to say by creating an open forum on the show. During the Open Forum we will discuss a wide variety of topics ranging from Politics, Science, and Business and of course Religion. Throughout the broadcast Imam Alfred Mohammed along with another guest will mediate the Open Forum in order to ensure that the listeners as well as the people asking the question can properly get there question to Imam Alfred Mohammed. You can call into this Open Forum by dialing 805-727-7013 you can also press 1 to ask a question. We want to hear what you have to say so ask away.

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    Apostle Afred Dakurah

    in Christianity

    Apostle Alfred Dakurah sharing his testimony and the word of God to reach all of God's people with a entime word for today's time and again people. We wlcome hime to Jesus in the Morning Radio Talk Show. Romans 10:14 How then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed? and how shall they believe in him of whom they have not heard? and how shall they hear without a preacher? God must send the man of God with his word for the people of God and those with an ear to hear will hear and obey his word.Apostle Alfred Dakurah of Obuasi, Ghana powerful man of God and speaker. Young Apostle, called by and   ordained, and anointed by God. He is a minister who has devoted his life into Apostolic signs and wonders, Holy Ghost fire works and the unlimited demonstration of the power of God. Psalm 102:13 and 17 You will arise and have mercy on Zion;For the time to favor her,Yes the set time,has come.He shall regard the prayer of the destitute, And shall not despise their prayer.

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    Religion Means Alive: Ismail Qadar

    in Religion


       Today on Religion Means Alive Imam Ismail will discuss all of the events happening around the world as well as domestically in the United States. Imam Ismail will then relate these events happening around the world and relate them to Religion. Imam Alfred Mohammed will also add his own thoughts with Imam Ismail. Call into the show by dialing into 805-727-7013 and to ask a question dial 1.

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    Not So Mad Science #HaroldMuhammad 323.927.2913

    in Science

    Hosted By: Harold Muhammad

    Harold, an eclectic and voracious reader, began his venture in the world of the written word as a child of 2 years.  Scraps of paper, candy wrappers, dictionary's right through the entire encyclopedia Britannica. Yet Harold was driven to books of the sciences. Physics, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, he met them all with great wonder and fascination. He delved into each discipline as if his very life depended upon understanding its depth.

    It was not until the words of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad that the essence and understanding of the sciences began to have true purpose and meaning. He said, "all there is to know is written in a book, read".

    Harold began his collegiate pursuit at Hampton Institute; he then forayed to Fairleigh Dickenson University. At FDU the practice of the Social Sciences, public activism, and public speaking became a trusted part of mental fabric.

    Harold is the husband to Celestine Muhammad, and the father of 10 extraordinary children, and 8 grandchildren. Harold has the benefit of having the most exceptional and wondrous teachers to whom he owes all that he has learned, will learn and knows to this very day, The Most  Hon. Elijah Muhammad, the Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan, his Father Alfred Eatman, and his Grandfather  the Late Captain, Harold D. Hook. 

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    Gotham Talk Podcast Show #21 - THE ANVIL OR THE HAMMER Ep. 21 Season 1

    in Television

    The Ogre breaks down Barbara’s emotions, while Gordon and Bullock go to great lengths to track him down. Meanwhile, Penguin leads a massacre, beginning an epic war, while Bruce learns the truth about Wayne Enterprises and Nygma deals with his recent actions in the all-new “The Anvil or the Hammer” episode of GOTHAM airing Monday, April 27 (8:00-9:00 ET/PT) on FOX.

    Cast: Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donal Logue as Harvey Bullock, Jada Pinkett Smith as Fish Mooney, Sean Pertwee as Alfred, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin, Erin Richards as Barbara Kean, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle/the future Catwoman, Zabryna Guevara as Captain Sarah Essen, Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma/the future Riddler, Victoria Cartagena as Renee Montoya, Andrew Stewart Jones as Crispus Allen, John Doman as Carmine Falcone

    Guest Cast: Morena Baccarin as Dr. Leslie Thompkins, Milo Ventimiglia as Jason Lennon, Drew Powell as Butch Gilzean, David Zayas as Don Maroni, Chelsea Spack as Kristin Kringle, Clark Carmichael as Connor, Caroline Lagerfelt as Mrs. Kean, Richard Poe as Mr. Kean, Michael Potts as Sid Bunderslaw, Barbara Rosenblat as Lidia, Chris Chalk as Lucius Fox, James Andrew O’Connor as Tommy Bones, Tonya Glanz as Sally, April Yvette Thompson as Lucy

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    NMEmindz Radio: Psy-ops, The Pre-lude to Global population Control pt1

    in Education

    join us tonight as we discuss the Psychological operation presently going on in Baltimore, Md and throughout the united states of america.We wil discuss Jade Helm 15,Rex 84 the king alfred plan, martial law,operation Garden Plot, DOD1033 and Global population control. NMEmndz Radio with your host Professor Griff and ZaZa Ali tuesday night at 8pm est/5pm pst on www.blogtalkradio.com/mindzmatter, call in number 347.633.9644. peace

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