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    test Alexis

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    test Alexis

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    Alexis test 02

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    Alexis Hifi Fi Test

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    Alexis Hifi Fi Test

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    Catching up with Alexis and Justice

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    Alexis, mom to Justice diagnosed October of 2008, her husband and father live with type 2 diabetes, and her grandmother live with type 1.5. She began volunteering with JDRF a year after her sons' diagnosis and has held many volunteer positions. She is currently the JDRF Mentor chair and helps match up newly diagnosed families with trained JDRF mentors. She is very passionate about advocacy and awareness.

    Justice is 11years-old; he was diagnosed a few days after turning 6 with a sudden onset type 1. He has been a JDRF youth ambassador for six years and is passionate about awareness.  

    Blog: JusticesMisbehavingPancreas.blogspot.com   JDRF: Jdrflv.org






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    I Have A Dream - with M. Alexis Scott-Publisher of Atlanta Daily World​.

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    I Have A Dream - Beverly Black Johnson, CEO of TRIBE Family Channel interviews  M. Alexis Scott-Publisher of Atlanta Daily World?. 
    M. Alexis Scott is publisher of the Atlanta Daily World, a newspaper founded by her grandfather in 1928. She has responsibility for the overall editorial content and general management of the paper, which targets the African American community in metro Atlanta. In 1932, the Atlanta Daily World, founded by W.A. Scott, II, became the nation’s first black-owned daily newspaper in the 20th century. The paper publishes once a week now, can be accessed daily over the Internet at www.atlantadailyworld.com. The newspaper became a part of the Real Times Media family in March 2012, joining five other historic African American newspapers including the Chicago Defender, the Michigan Chronicle, The Michigan FrontPage, the New Pittsburgh Courier, and the Tri-State Defender in Memphis, Tenn. Ms. Scott joined the Atlanta Daily World in 1997, following a 22-year career with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Cox Enterprises, Inc., where she worked her way up from reporter to vice president/community affairs at the Journal-Constitution and then director of diversity at Cox.

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    Gospel Recording Artists:Byron Cage Alexis Spight Endo Advocate Michelle Johnson

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    Exciting show this Thursday, March 13th|6:00pm EST. Dropping by The Certain Ones is Stellar Award Gospel Recording Artist, Byron Cage. 

    Gospel Recording Artist, Alexis Spight is back! She's back to share her new album with us.

    Endometriosis Adovocate, Michelle N. Johnson joins us to share her upcoming 4th Annual Endometriosis Awareness event, please take a moment and head over to her www.fightingfiercely4u.eventbrite.com.

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    New Music Inferno w/ Al Madrigal(Andy from About A Boy on NBC)!!!

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    Al Madrigal - Comedian,Actor & Podcaster...Plays Andy- Will's Best Friend (Will is played by David Walton)- on NBC's hit comedy About A Boy...New episode Tonight @ 9:30pm est/8:30pm cst called "About A Christmas Carol"...Hosts a weekly podcast called "Minivan Men" w/ Maz Jobrani...Check out more info,tour dates & more @ www.almadrigal.com

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    Alexis Logan: 5 Skills A Visionary Woman Needs to Create Success on Her Terms

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    Alexis Logan  - Women's Leadership Catalyst

    Alexis Logan helps women visionary leaders and change-makers embrace who they really are. The founder of Embodied Authority, she's helped some of the most successful thought leaders and coaches permanently increase their self-worth and body confidence to become the hottest leaders in their industries, while creating a personal life that rocks!

    Trained as a forensic social worker, Alexis gets to the root of things quickly so her clients handle the real issue standing in the way of their success.  She'll share her simple strategies to uplevel your mindset, embody your truth strength, and become the leader you were born to be.




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    Glass Jar Smoke Break vol. 5 featuring T. Vickz, Alexis Lee & Already Hated

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    The 5th installment of Ideal Radios Glass Jar Smoke Break! This week is  T. Vickz, Alexis Lee, Already Hated & very special guest Sexi Strawberry. 

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    Author, Alexis Madrigal, Powering The Dream

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    Today, everywhere you go, you hear people talking about “going green”, “being eco-friendly” and doing their part for the environment. When Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth hit theaters, people were up in arms. Schools, newspapers and celebrities raced to demonstrate that they were going to take action. Ironically, the whole concept of being good to the environment, harness solar power and trying to “live off the grid” has actually been around for centuries.
    In Powering The Dream: The History and Promise of Green Technology, Alexis Madrigal reflects on a century and a half of American innovations in energy. He explores both the astonishing and the failed attempts to create new technology and presents them as learning opportunities for reshaping how we think about energy today.
    In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer will speak to author, Alexis Madrigal. Stay tuned!

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    The Lion: Alexis Petrin

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    Alexis Petrin here:). Simply ... Channel to the SUB-conscious. Previously, I would have listed all qualifications, achievements, and other such descriptives. I will not, as the past few years have been dedicated to deconstructing the web of limitation I placed upon the very essence of my BE-ing, Launching INto the Realm of the Unknown it has become clear, that IN truth, we are an EVER-flowing stream of consciousness which cannot be tempered or tamed.

    In this NOW moment of time I live to study (re-member), teach, connect, write, create space for expansion, wisdom, wonder, and freely share experiential knowledge with all. In the spirit of transparency I find it necessary to say this state of being was not always as such.


    Early on, I shut down all conscious connection to spirit, I purposefully forgot WHO I was and WHY I was here. Over the years I allowed a fear based state to swallow me in a wide variety of ways, some more subtle than others. It masked itself as addiction, low self-esteem, grandiosity, anxiety, and inability to commit to anything truly fulfilling and worthwhile.


    This seemingly inescapable existence came to a screeeeeching halt in 2010. I was JOLTED by a call from my soul! RE-awakening to our spiritual nature was quite a shock. In a brief moment the world I had created was turned upside down. The veil of darkness lifted and the light that is and was burned so bright it became impossible to turn away.


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