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    Episodio 40 - Indulgencias - Entrevista Everardo y Alexandra Luévano

    in Christianity

    Hoy en nuestra entrevista semanal, tenemos a un matrimonio joven, a Everardo y Alexandra Luévano, de la parroquia de Todos los Santos de Manassas, VA.  Escuchémos cómo a través de su ejemplo y conversión, podemos nosotros vivir mejor nuestra fe católica. 


    Y en la reflexión semanal, Antonio hará algunos comentarios sobre las indulgencias, y cómo nosotros podemos ayudar a las almas del Purgatorio.  Pasemos la voz.  

  • 02:05

    Shelley Kirkbride Healed of Terminal Cancer, a Creative Miracle

    in Spirituality

    Hear Shelley Kirkbride share her testimony of a journey of faith from a diagnoses of terminal cancer to a creative miracle.  If you know someone who needs a creative miracle or healing from terminal illness, end stage cancer, incurable disease, debilitating injury, birth defects, degeneration, mental illness or any hopeless condition ... please invite them to listen.  We will pray for callers who are sick.  Call 917-388-4683

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    Interview with Holistic Health Coach - Alexandra Roach

    in Self Help

    Alexandra Roach is a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner (AADP), Integrative Health Coach, and Author of "Healing the Military Soul," which was published in 2014. During the past decade, she works not only with personal clients but also active duty military members and veterans who are ready to approach their healing process through integrative measures. Currently, Alexandra is embarking with her family on the "Journey of a Lifetime," which brings them for one year across North America. You can follow their trip journal and connect with her: https://www.facebook.com/roachlifetimeadventure Alexandra is also a registered Yoga and Tai Chi Instructor, Personal Trainer, Meditation teacher, and Reiki Master. She devotes herself to creating awareness around these topics and the 'love of her life' - nutritious food. WWOOFing along the way, Alexandra is now learning more about the source of organic food, farming, and sustainable agriculture & living. Find out more about Alexandra's work & travels on her website: www.alexandraroach.com

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    Hal Wiggins on Rachel Alexandra and her legacy

    in Sports

    Before Rachel Alexandra went on to defeat males in the Preakness, Haskell, and Woodward Stakes as a three-year-old filly in 2009, Hal Wiggins had trained her to record-setting Kentucky Oaks glory for her breeder Dolphus Morrison. Wiggins is now retired from racing and living in Texas away from the racetrack but still takes a keen interest in Rachel Alexandra and her offspring who both won races this summer at Saratoga Race Course with Rachel's Valentina doing something not even Rachel Alexandra did: Win a Grade 1 race as a two-year-old!

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    Shelley Buffitt And Warren Reville Join Our Show On ITNS Radio!!!

    in Music

    Shelley Buffitt drops in to talk about her music and what's going on in her world now!  Also joining us will be Warren Reville, owner of Reveal Music, accomplished musician, songwriter and producer.

    "ITNS Radio" In The Neon Spotlight, the show “By Musicians For Musicians”, bringing you the best Songwriters, Artists and Music Professionals from all over the world! This is the place for great music, interviews by professionals in the music field and a whole lot more!!! Come into the Neon Lights, ITNS Radio!!! DISCLAIMER: Receiving airplay on ITNS Radio is free. All the artist's that we feature or play their music have rights to the music submitted to us. We have various promotions that include our newsletter, website, and social media sites; check them out at www.samwatkinscountry.com.

  • Webbweaver Books Proudly Presents: Author Alexandra M. Griesinger

    in Books


    Greenwood: This Is Only The Beginning Of War Lexi Connors Book 1~

      We all have a destiny. We aren’t born with our destiny, but it is found when our fate comes knocking on the door. My fate came to me as my curiosity found the darkest and deadliest secret in my town called ‘Greenwood’. My discovery thrust me into a world where I immediately became a target to a group of people I knew nothing about nor did I understand why they wanted me dead. I am now faced watching my town slowly tearing itself apart as innocent people are dying all because of me. I also must face the truth that my family and friends are also suffering, because of the secret I found. I know must embrace my destiny in order save the town and I must become something that I don’t want to become, but I have to. My name is Lexi Connors and this is how I found my destiny.


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    Turn the Page with Kayla Greenwell: Focus on Alexandra Naughton & Bud Smith

    in Writing

    TURN THE PAGE Host Kayla Greenwell interviews the literati and oddball creative-types with a focus on DIY and grassroots initiatives. This week, Kayla will interview Alexandra Naughton and Bud Smith.

    Alexandra Naughton is a writer in Oakland, California. Her first collection of poetry, I Will Always Be Your Whore [love songs for Billy Corgan], was published by Punk Hostage Press in January, 2014. She is the author of You Could Never Objecticy Me More Than I've Already Objectified Myself (Punk Hostage Press) and My Posey Taste Like (Bottlecap Press). Alexandra is the creator of BE ABOUT IT. BE ABOUT IT started as a literary/art zine in 2010. After four great years of zine publishing, ebooks, chapbooks, and a reading series based out of the East Bay were added to the mix. Visit her website at www.theTsaritsasez.com/

    Bud Smith is the author of F 250, Tollbooth, Everything Neon, and Or Something Like That. He is the founding editor/publisher of Unknown Press. Bud is also part of the UNO KUDO collective that puts out a yeary anthology, an art meets lit explosion containing beautiful works from both award winning and amateur artists. Profits from the sales of Uno Kudo go to Pen International. Bud Smith lives in New York City, and works heavy construction in New Jersey, building and maintaining power plants and refineries.

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    Show #88 - Live the Life of your Dreams with Coach Alexandra Villarroel Abrego!!

    in Motivation


    ALEXANDRA VILLARROEL ABREGO is an author, international speaker, columnist, certified life coach and relationship and personal development expert. She is also the CEO of A.V.A Enterprises, a coaching, consulting and production company that has the mission to teach and inspire women to unleash their true potential, gain confidence in themselves, and find a balance between their personal and professional life so that they may finally live the life of their dreams. 

    ALEXANDRATV is a weekly YouTube show full of #motivation, #inspiration, #advice and #strategies to live your best life, created and hosted by Alexandra Villarroel Abrego. The show is broadcasted in English, Spanish and French and watched by men and women in over 134 countries and counting. 



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    Shelley Segal: Strange Feeling

    in Education

    SUPPORT OUR SPONSOR:  http://www.naturebox.com/thinkingatheist

    Beat Magazine calls Shelley's voice an "enchanting, knowing croon...with brilliant pop melodies."  Raised in a traditional Jewish culture, Shelley Segal ultimately found herself an atheist with a new zest for life and a message of encouragement for others to do the same.  Her music can often be heard at freethought conventions, and her new album, "Strange Feeling" just released.

    Shelley Segal joins Seth Andrews for some conversation.  And...she's bringing her guitar.  

    Shelley Segal's website:  http://www.shelleysegal.com

    Patreon supporters can watch the video version of this broadcast.  Thanks for your support.  http://www.patreon.com/sethandrews


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    IAW Welcomes Alexandra of Xanthippa's Chamber Pot

    in Politics Conservative

    Alexandra is a Counter Jihadist from Canada and is applauded for her efforts to recognize FREE SPEECH in Canada. She discusses her endeavours regarding this important issue, and how it was received in Ottawa, Ontario.


    Welcome to Infidels Are Watching, with Fellow Hosts Kel Fritzi, Tim Burton, where we strive to educate about a threat…called Political Islam. We ARE the Freedom Loving Infidels.

    We don't offer honourifics to the mohammedans here. They are simply known as The Scourge.

    We give you the tools to do the homework, and further educate others in the hope that there will be a united Global Understanding in that Islam continues to be the greatest threat facing Western Democracies today.


    Also ask to join our IAW Facebook Page @ Infidels Are Watching


    "Mass islamity ~ Stop the Insanity”



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    AstroEnergy Astrology November 25, 2015 - Astrology of the Holidays

    in Spirituality

    Astrologer Shelley Overton discusses the astrological weather, and planetary influences on us during Thanksgiving, Christmastime and New Year's holiday. Shelley takes questions about astrology and answers callers' questions about their lives. Listen in or call with your questions!

     Shelley takes calls. 347-994-3365

    Shelley Overton has been studying astrology for 30+ years, and a professional astrologer for 20. Shelley can help you find your birth triggers, the best times to initiate projects and when you will have an easier time relating, and finding love. Shelley helps you through the tough times, and encourages you through the bad. Her sincere, intuitive reading style will give you the tools to be prepared, while her insightful way of explaining astrology will help you to learn and understand difficult concepts.

    Contact Shelley at shelley@astrologerangel.co