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    divorce of Alex Jones on March 2015

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    http://Alex Jones keeps audience in dark about alleged adultery leading to divorce with... fitzinfo.wordpress.com

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    Q and A With C.I.A. Alex Cardinale September 19, 2015

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    Have you ever wanted to ask the Coco Crazy Italian American AKA CIA Alex Cardinale a question? Or questions? But did not know how! Well, ladies and gentleman NOW you can! The American Variety Network and In Your  Face Talk Show is proud to introduce to you a new series called Q and A with C.I.A. Alex Cardinale, where you can ask me anything you want pg 13 or rated r!! This Q and A series will air once a month and will be your only chance to ask off topic and insane questions, so don't miss out. CALLERS ARE ENCOURAGED!!!!  1 347-989-8142 ask any questions!

    As well as answering your questions, Alex will let loose on whatever his crazy mind comes up with in this all adlib show! NO SCRIPTS, NO PRODUCED GARBAGE, JUST A YETI MIC, HEADSETS, and your questions and his lips yacking.

    Segments for the show:


    Alex will discuss some crazy people and crazy Happening in  the world today.


    The segment of the show where Alex gives shout-outs to some awesome people.

    WTF MOMENTS.....

    Alex will discuss things that pissed him off this month.




    1.) GRAB YOUR PHONE AND DIAL 347-989-8142 DIAL 1

    2.) IF YOU CAN'T CALL IN, EMAIL americanvarietynetwork@comcast.net

    3.) SEND A TWEET ON TWITTER WITH @Americannetwork1

    ASK AWAY!!!





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    Alex Black

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    Writing Under the Influence spotlights published indie writers and their work. This week we welcome Alex Black, author of Other Lives, a horror story that will have u hooked from the first to the last word. We'll talk about his scary mind and his writing process. His books are available at his site, www.alexblackbooks1.com. 

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    Author Alex Matsuo On Paranormal Filler

    in Paranormal

    Is San Diego's renowned Tenth Avenue Theater home to an unlikely cast of ghosts—and if so, what has kept the spirits of the dead bound to this venue of entertainment and illusion? From reports of a child's tragic death on the premises to a suicide stemming from overwhelming guilt, there is grief, turmoil, and unfinished business lingering within these walls.

    Alex Matsuo, an actress by day and a ghost hunter by night, was granted unlimited access to the haunted property where she has performed as an actor and staged professional readings of her plays. Investigating the popular and thriving theater she has always considered home, Alex must unravel the turbulent history of the building in order to find out why the ghosts of the Tenth never want to leave.

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    ENVISION THIS: Make love intentionally and energize not only your spiritual connection and your relationship, but the world!

    With a focus on merging spirituality and sexuality, relationship and intimacy experts Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex, Ph.D. are mentoring couples around the globe. They are best selling authors, speakers, and hosts of the Mission Date Night podcast. Passionate about the secret intelligence of relationships and transcendent lovemaking, Rob and Janelle are obliterating long-standing relationships myths.

    Rob and Janelle teach, “Sex is far more than just a physical act to get a release or to make babies. Spirituality is not religion either. When you merge YOUR sexuality with YOUR spirituality you will open a gateway to planes of existence you may never have dreamed of. When you merge your sexuality and your spirituality with your partners the possibilities can be exponential. Deepen your intimate connection, heighten your creativity, experience emotional healing, and increase your manifestation abilities a hundred-fold.”

    Moreover, they profess that a great relationship is your Number 1 business booster.  By obliterating long-standing compartmentalization of our sexual, spiritual, relational, and work lives, Drs. Rob and Janelle Alex take  a holistic perspective to a whole new level.

    Website: www.MissionDateNight.com 

    Contacts: MissionDateNight33@gmail.com   janellealexphd@gmail.com


    Please consider donating to our Envision This mission to connect listeners to visionaries of a more resilient, equitable, and Earth-friendly future at www.envisionthismedia.com.

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    The Butcher's Block Party Live with James Lee: Alex Hodi and Vinny Magalhaes

    in MMA

    It's James' birthday, and we're talking Brazilian Jiu-jitsu tonight. First up on the ACSLIVE podcast network is Detroit Jiu Jitsu's World Champion Alex Hodi. After we speak with him, we welccome UFC veteran Vinny Magalhaes to the Every Victory Earned virtual studios. It's a birthday block party tonight, so call in and wish James a happy day by dialing (347) 857-1024. Brought to you by the Genco Boot Shop of Jackson, MI, Cannonland, Nutsack Foods, and Patino Diet. 

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    AIPOV: Talking Tier 1 with Alex Mason

    in Wrestling

    July 10th Tier 1 Wrestling debuted with A New Hope and was an amazing show. Now on October 2nd they return with Rumble In The Concrete Jungle. On this special Labor Day edition of AIPOV I welcome Alex Mason to the show. At A New Hope Alex came to the rescue of Jesse Brooks after she was attacked by Ashley America and JGeorge. Now at Rumble In The Concrete Jungle the stakes are high in an intergender match featuring Mason and Brooks taking on America and George.On this show we will talk that match and all things Tier 1. If you want to call in and talk to Alex the number to call is 323-870-4022. Listen in and as always support independent wrestling.


    Tier 1 is holding a special on there social media sites with $15 front row seats and $10 general admission. If you want to get a seat to the show at a discounted rate Paypal Tier1Wrestling@gmail.com.

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    No Fear Of Landing w/ Guest - Peter Kelly

    in Self Help

    #TNT 031: He's not the average run of the mill singer/songwriter. His music has proven to be beyond the superficial.  And as a vocalist whose soulful, confessional lyrics breathes a certain relatable life to its listeners...Graduating with a degree in 'Music Performance" from the prestigious Berklee College of Music, seperating from his band HEMENWAY & releasing his first Solo EP "Forever Again" in 2012 which received rave reviews on stations around the world of which one of the songs "Maybe" was featured in Victor Bruno's Short Film "Thanks Dad" and was a finalist at the 2012 Trophest Film Festival. He has maintained live presence performing at major gigs incuding a performance of his song "Oz" at the United Nations Correspondence Awards at Cipriani in New York.. and despite the life altering experience of having his song played in front of an audience of over 10,000 at New York's, "Bryant Park"....he continues to nurture his vision to FLY globally with his music without the posible 'Fear of Landing...".-  A first release off of his soon-to-be-released album coming out this October from "Dont Leave Me Alone" album, has gone on to be featured in a new feature film #50Fathers... So Join The Expressionist - Alex Okoroji LIVE this Talk Wednesday, 16 September 2015 @ 9pm GMT | 10pm (WAT) | 11pm (CAT) | 1pm (PST) | 4pm (EST) {Please check your local time zone} with guest - American Vocalist, Songwriter & Guitarist - PETER KELLY as we talk about his journey, experience and his desire to keep flying non-stop.

    Its Interactive, so feel free to CALL IN +1 (215) 383- 3766 to Join The Conversation or via Skype for FREE

    I Love You For Listening....

  • The Guts Of An Engaging Blognalist w/ Guest - Stella Dimoko Korkus

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    #TNT 030: She's been known for her controversial reporting & dare devil GUTS to reveal some of the most juicy tales and the most INTIMATE happenings around Celebrities, the Entertainment Industry & Public Figures even as a former gossip columnist in one of the biggest tabloid magazines in West Africa. And earned many haters for having stepped on their toes...as well as an array of fans and blog readers, who admire her for her boldness, especially since she's never AFRAID to tell it, like she sees it. Now some have claimed, her tell-it-all  journalistic flair contributed to ruining a lot of relationships and marriages. Others argue that this Engaging Journalist is simply doing her job, in a way many fear to thread...and the world needs some hard TRUTH reporting to strike a balance in the universe. Well, I want to know what you really think....So Join The Expressionist - Alex Okoroji, LIVE today this FRIDAY RADIO SPECIAL today Friday, 11 September 2015 @ 9pm (GMT) | 10pm (WAT) | 11pm (CAT) | 1pm (PST) | 4pm (EST) {Please check your local timezone} w/ guest, The Undisputed Nigerian Queen of Gossip; Entertainment Journalist, Blogger & Gossip Columnist - STELLA DIMOKO KORKUS as she strips herself about what it really takes to be an engaging blognalist and more...

    It's Interactive, So feel free to CALL IN #Live +1 (215) 383 - 3766 to ask questions, comment or join the conversation. Also call in via Skype for FREE, tweet @AlexOkoroji with contributions or use the LIVE Chat Room. 


    I Love You For Listening...

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    Stacey Honowitz , Alex Sanchez & Joseph Scott Morgan on Baby Doe & More on KJR!

    in Legal

    Call into The Show 3437-857-2950 Follow Twitter @Mr.KingJordanRad

    In This  Show CNN Legal Analyst Alex Sanchez Joseph ScoTT Morgan& DA Stacey Honowitz discuss The Baby Doe Situation, Joseph has been Following it from the get go Plus Jared Fogle is seeking medical treatment following charges that he had sex with minors, according to recently filed court documents.Fogle's attorneys filed a motion on Thursday requesting that the court keep all information related to his treatments private, including the name and location of the doctor he's planning to see. Fox59 first reported on the motion.  Facebook.com/KingJordanRadio 

  • The Role Of Women In Misandry w/ Guest - Jyoti Tiwari

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    In the media recently, there's been a lot of talk about the lengths women will go to in order to SILENCE men from talking about their own issues. And it is somewhat termed “Ironic misandry,” as some will say, a Feminist Approved Misandry, is one of such tactic. This “ironic misandry” is really just loathing in a phoney disguise....almost like a little girl telling blatant lies, but then claiming immunity from sanction because circumtance have forced her to. Misandry is HATRED by definition, but when the bigotry is called out for what it is, out comes the word “ironic” to dress it up as respectable. And it's mostly coming from women. Especially women who supposedly seek equal rights for other women. To be equal means you can't be greater or less than. So while “Misandry”—literally is the hatred of men—an accusation that’s been flung at feminists since the dawn of the women’s movement: Some claim that by empowering women, feminists are really OPPRESSING men....Or are they? Join The Expressionist - ALEX OKOROJI  LIVE this Friday Radio Specia...l today Friday, 4 September 2015 with guest Indian Men's Right Activist, Writer & Research Analyst @ Confidare - JYOTI TIWARI as we discuss "The Role Of Women in Misandry.

    It's Interactive, so feel free to Call In +1 (215) 383- 3766 to contribute or via Skype for FREE or you can tweet @AlexOkoroji or Joint the Live Chat Room to Join the Conversation. 


    I Love You For Listening - Xoxo