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    Maximum Mental Health with Aleks George Srbinoski

    in Self Help

    No matter who you are and what you do, chances are that you struggle to just "be well."  Whether it's trying to find that "deep" happiness or fulfillment, getting motivated, maintaining a healthy weight, getting enough sleep, or managing stress, "life" itself has its challenges.

    That's why I am so delighted to be joined by Aleks George Srbinoski, to learn about how we can learn about his "principles for healthy living" through his newest book, Maximum Mental Health: Overcome Depression, Anxiety, and other Mental Health Illnesses with 20 Principles for Happier Living.

    Aleks is a #1 Bestselling author, speaker and multidisciplinary psychologist focusing on mental health, success, happiness and entrepreneurship.  One thing that I really like about his work is that it's easy to understand with very actionable items.  No matter who you are, you'll greatly benefit from his books and his work.

    Listen in to find out how you can overcome life's difficulties and struggles and find happier living and more well being for yourself!

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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    We Carry the Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison: Conscious Evolution with Barbara Marx Hubbard.  Do you know how unique you are as a member of “Generation One,” part of the first group on earth to face global crisis and choose to consciously evolve as a species? What an honor and a responsibility for us all! Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of Conscious Evolution, will share how our current crisis and our response represent the birth of our next stage of evolution. Her book and philosophy are specifically for those of you who want to transform and grow, to fulfill your creative potential and save humanity and the planet in the process! As co-creators of this evolution, we are birthing a new universal humanity. We are facing radical newness and Hubbard will show us how we are to move forward…together.

    Ask Dr. Love with Dr. Jamie Turndorf: 5 Steps to Eliminating Depression and Anxiety with Bestselling Author Dr. Aleks George. And are you still feeling depressed or anxious?
    If you said, yes, you could be a victim of the "dirty multi-billion dollar secret" that pharmaceutical companies don't want you to know. Tune in to find out why drugs don't cure depression and anxiety...and discover why drugs can actually make you depressed and anxious. If you're ready for a non-pharma approach to healing your mood, tune in to this week's show with Dr. Aleks George who is going to share proven, drug-free ways to eliminate your depression and anxiety for good!

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    Tha Davedog Experiment Ep #1 - Aleks WithaK "Take 2"

    in Comedy

    Tha Davedog is out on his own with Tha Davedog Experiment. The kickoff episode features local comedian, promoter and all aroud great guy Aleks WithaK. We discuss comedy, life and careers. We recorded this at a local Taco Cabana. Join us for the fun and laughs. Enjoy!

    You can find Aleks on, 

    Twitter - @alekswithak

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/alekswithak1

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    Tha Davedog Experiment Ep #1 with Guest Aleks WithaK

    in Entertainment

    I'm joined by local comedian, promoter and all around great guy, Aleks WithaK. We discuss comedy, family, life and careers.

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    EXCLUSIVE: Interview with Brian Shannon, Author/Founder of AlphaTrends.net

    in Finance


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    Understand Market Structure Infographic

    Brian Shannon is one of the foremost experts, both honest and accurate on the stock market. He is the founder of Alpha Trends and author of Technical Analysis (Using Multiple Timeframes).  The book is awesome and provides insight and discipline for all types of traders.

    Brian and I shared the importance of watching price action, volume, and how to spot changes in trend to preserve and earn more money.


    Brian Shannon, full-time trader, educator and author of the highly regarded book Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes, is the founder of Alphatrends.  His expertise has been achieved over a 20-year period as he has navigated the difficult path that relatively few traders follow to success.  Early on, as a broker with Lehman Brothers and other major investment firms, Brian gained valuable insight into market dynamics and the human factors that drive them.  Brian became an expert technical analyst, and his eye for value and timing combined with confident discipline have propelled him over the years to be the #1 ranked expert on Twitter in the categories of Investing and Day Trading with over 45,000 followers. Brian is also well known for his technical analysis videos, which are the #1 most subscribed financial videos on YouTube. He is a sought after speaker and contributing author, as well as an investor, senior contributor and advisor of Stocktwits.com.

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    The Michael Dresser Show

    in Books

    Thank you for joining us on The Michael Dresser Show! Today we welcome these guests to our show:

    Lauren Rosenfeld, MA, MED: Co-Author of "Breathing Room: Open Your Heart by Decluttering Your Home," http://www.lrosenfeld.com

    Sophia L. Burrell: Author of "7 Traits for Victory: Life Changing Lessons for Personal Growth," http://www.sophiaburrell.com

    Pamela Crissey, C.H.: Co-Author of "Common Sense in Uncommon Times: Survival in a Changing World," http://www.commonsenseuncommontimes.com

    Aleks Srbinoski: Author of "Destiny Defining Decisions: 11 Best-Selling Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Greatest Success Secrets," http://www.DestinyDD.com

    Jay Roberts, M.D.: Author of "Break the Chains: Transforming Shame into Forgiveness," http://www.willforgive.com

    Chris Berlow: Co-Author of "You Have Infinite Power: Ultimate Success Through Energy, Passion, Purpose & the Principles of Taekwondo," http://www.empoweredmastery,com

    Thank you for joining us today on The Michael Dresser Show!


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    Inner Voice Intuitive welcomes Alex Blumentals Dreamverse

    in Spirituality

    My name is Aleks Blumentals and my practice is in working with management groups, organizations and communities as a business consultant and social entrepreneur. For over 30 years now I have observed the deeper behaviors that come from emotional factors and their connection to dreams. Energy, resistance, stress, enthusiasm, trauma, innovation, etc. always emerge from the groups subconscious forces and respond very well when the softer and murkier aspects of our existence are made full part of life. Our culture comes from dreams. We may say metaphorically "I have a dream" - but if we look closely, we can detect how the patterns of all of our ideas and sense of purpose are prefigured in dream activity. I have seen this over and over in my work with groups and teams, and even whole towns.In Dreamverse™ we invite everyone to learn and explore together the social dimensions of dreaming. Our own experience with nearly 10 years of data indicates that dreams do weave information into new patterns of meaning. Dream patterns help to break new ground beyond existing classifications and categories of knowledge and perception.

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    Alex Paunovic joins us for a LIVE interview!

    in Entertainment

    Alex Paunovic of "The Brute", Battlestar Galactica and Stargate SG-1 joins us live!

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    Stargate Vancouver Last Ride Thru The Gate

    in Entertainment

    We are pleased to bring you this program about the wonderful Creation Entertainment's 2012 Stargate Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia April 27-29 2012.
    Known as SGVan, and billed as the "Last Ride Through The Gate", Patricia Stewart-Bertrand (ArcticGoddess1) shared SGVan details and news of a new MGM Studios Cheyanne Mountain virtual application announced at the convention raising hopes for more Stargate in the future..
    Our podcast featured Holly Wilson and Lori Glumac who helped conduct the program live at an after convention fan event attended by several Stargate celebrities including Aleks Paunovic, Peter Flemming, and Frank Cassini. 
    The convention gala was held at Earl's Restaurant in Burnaby hosted by Gateworld.and attended by Patricia for WormholeRiders News Agency. as well as many devoted fans of the MGM Stargate Franchise. Enjoy!

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    How to have an authentic life and leave a legacy

    in Business

    Coaching Psychologist Aleks Srbinoski features an interview with Dr Tony Alessandra, author of 27 books and hall-of-fame keynote speaker.
    Discover In This Interview:
    The power of authenticity in business and life A simple technique to help you create an inspiring and lasting legacy Why he rejects many classic ‘rules’ of public speaking The smart way to go find and excel in your natural passions How the one simple change he made in himself transformed his entire speaking career. AND MUCH MORE…
    Coaching Psychologist and Show Host
    Aleks Srbinoski Also Reveals…
    Pursuing Passions Exercise: Use this simple 3 step process to uncover your passions and find ways to enjoy more of them in your daily life. Revealed: The 5 key questions to ask to know which of your passions you are most likely to pursue IN THE NEWS: Aleks and co-host James look at the controversies around ‘tiger mothers’ and what true success and happiness is. For more information visit http://HappinessEdge.com
    Fun Show Segemnts will include:
    An Incredible Fantasy Gift that just may be too good to be true Several lighthearted surprise segments Self-Development Challenge of the Week. All this and more on this week's show!

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    Executive Coaching & effective feedback in any context

    in Business

    Coaching Psychologist Aleks Srbinoski features an interview with Dr Marshall Goldsmith, one of Forbes 5 most respected executive coaches and multi-million selling author of Mojo and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There – a Wall Street Journal #1 business book and winner of business book of the year.
    Discover In This Interview: His extremely simple and powerful coaching philosophy. How to use the input of others to bring out the best in your clients and yourself Why he rejects many very high paying client offers Ways to inspire others to seek and enjoy career enhancing 360 degree feedback processes Why positive, simple, focused and fast strategies are the key to coaching high level people. AND MUCH MORE… Coaching Psychologist and Show Host
    Aleks Srbinoski Also Reveals… The Positive Appraisal Process: Use this simple step-by-step technique to become an effective and inspirational feedback provider who people will want to seek advice and coaching from. Revealed: How to prepare yourself in a way that inspires the best performances in others. IN THE NEWS: Aleks and co-host James look at the controversies around claims that internet use is re-wiring our brains. If so, is it for better or for worse? For more information visit http://HappinessEdge.com
    Fun Show Segemnts will include:
    An Incredible Fantasy Gift that just may be too good to be true Several lighthearted surprise segments Self-Development Challenge of the Week. All this and more on this week's show!