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    Shay Hodge of the Saskatchewan Roughriders returns to #ConversationsLIVE

    in Motivation

    Host Cyrus Webb welcomes back Shay Hodge to #ConversationsLIVE to discuss how his hard work, dedication and faith have guided him on and off the football field and how starting 2016 with the Saskatchewan Roughriders is only the beginning of an amazing year.

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    Hodge podge Monday

    in Current Events

    Are you going through political overdose and now having football withdrawal???? Did Gloria Steinem put her foot in it.  Is the Hillary Clinton unliked numbers coming home to roost.? Are we witnessing the leftwing melt down??? Sexiism in Politics and Bernie is Burning his way to Victory!!!!

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    Milling About with Douglas Hodge

    in Entertainment

    Broadway star Douglas Hodge makes his directing debut on the great white way with Old Times starring Clive Owen, Eve Best, and Kelly Reilly. Douglas joins host Robin Milling, taking time out of his hectic schedule for tea and a chat.

    Douglas tells Robin how impressed he was with Clive Owen and company who brought their own memories of loved ones into Harold Pinter's play about jealousy and obsession. He says he would love to make the piece into a film if only he could get the rights to it; taking the cast onto the big screen and opening it up onto the streets of London.

    Never settling on one thing, Douglas is shooting Penny Dreadful as Inspector Bartholomew Rusk, in Ireland through March; busy 'chasing Josh Hartnett across the desert!' In between he's off to France to work on a French film. And musically he's keen on performing a couple of gigs, writing a new commissioned musical, as well as anticipating his own musical 'Meantime' in London.

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    "America: A Three Ring Circus" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up In "Merica"

    in Politics

    We live in a country that used to be revered, and respected. The United States used to be what other Countries strived for. Education, fighting for moral reasons, and being the land of opportunity were traits we used to be at the top with and stood behind with pride. Anymore it seems the only thing we are in the lead of is incarcerating our citizens for things like standing up for the Constitution, practicing their form of religion, speaking their mind, and for loving who they love…because it offends someone. Our children have become barely educated, disrespectful and lazy. Why? Because our government has dumbed down the educational system, and in many ways have made it impossible to discipline our children without it being seen as some form of abuse. Instead, we are given these circuses of entertainment called Presidential Debates. They have even destroyed the integrity of the Super Bowl and even worse yet, for a lot of people, the quality of commercials that were played during the Super Bowl. Tune into A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica Tuesday night and get Isa and Common Cal’s thoughts and insights on this and much more. Listen live Tuesday nights 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio Network.

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    Hodge Podge Friday

    in Current Events

    I doesnt matter what you want to say, We'll listen. So like Kool and the Gang, Get down on it!!!!!

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    "A Match Made in Hell" on "A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In 'Merica"

    in Politics

    Comedy + Telling the Truth = Reclaiming Our Nation
    Who says late night show hosts are the only ones that can use comedy to make you aware and tell you the truth about what truly is going on in our nation? We all know that mainstream media sure doesn’t.
    A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica hosts, and long time friends, Isa & Common Cal do the same thing, just a little more in-depth.
    Tonight’s episode topics include:
    • Trump and Palin a match made in hell
    Oh, who am I kidding in trying to outline a show? They never seem to follow it anyway.
    Just tune into A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica every Tuesday night, 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and Coffee Party USA Radio Network.
    Join in the conversation, share your thoughts and always ask a lot of questions.

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    "Real Journalists Come to Talk" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

    in Politics

    Isa and Common Cal have their first guests of the New Year. Back by popular demand is Mnar Muhawesh, “Don’t get me started on Fox News”, of Mint Press News sharing exciting information about what the future holds in store for Mint Press News in 2016.  Also joining in on the conversation is Miko Peled talking about his new book.
    It is lining up to be an interesting and thought provoking show. Now follow along folks, Tuesday night’s episode of A Muslim & A Catholic will feature a very diverse cast, A Muslim, An Irish Catholic, A Jew, and a Palestinian. Being true journalists, Isa and Common Cal are willing to give you and tell you the truth about an issue from all points of view, unlike mainstream Media that will lie or just not even report a story, like the ISIS attack on Indonesia. That is right, it happened, yet mainstream media doesn’t want you to know, why?
    Listen live to A Muslim & A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, Tuesday nights 8:00pm EST/5:00pm PST on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and on Coffee Party USA Radio Network

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    "The State of the Union" on "A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up in 'Merica"

    in Politics

    Common Cal and Isa discuss, maybe even rant, current events taking place in ‘Merica and around the world. Tonight’s episode of A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica update the standoff in Oregon between the militia and the federal government. Is there an awakening of the people occurring? The shooting of a Philly police officer, supposedly in the name of Islam. Obama being voted the biggest gun runner ever. Why is it that they are asking that guns be taking away from we the people, yet those screaming the loudest for this to happen, have armed security teams and want them to remain as such? Human Slaves sue their traffickers. Refugees not welcome in Germany. Israel being sued for war crimes. The cost of war, both monetarily and in lives. Just like E.F. Hutton when Isa and Common Cal talk, (that is when Isa allows him to get in a word edgewise) you need and should listen. Listen Live at 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST to A Muslim and A Catholic Wake Up In ‘Merica, broadcast Tuesday nights on wakeupinmerica.com, jrevradio.com and the Coffee Party USA Radio Network. Listen Via: Computer: http://wakeupinmerica.com/live-show-2/ Mobile: http://wakeupinmerica.com/live-show/

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    On Air With David Duane w/ Special Guest: Tank & August Rigo

    in Music

    While making his seventh full-length album, SLP2 [R&B Money/Atlantic Records], Tank posed a crucial question. “What does cutting edge R&B sound like in 2016?” he asks. He answered that question by crafting the long-awaited sequel to his influential 2007 opus, Sex, Love & Pain. That album not only provided a blueprint for the likes of Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and more, but it also debuted at #2 on the Billboard Top 200 and earned a Grammy Award nomination for “Best R&B Album,” while its #1 single “Please Don’t Go” became nominated for “Best R&B Male Vocal Performance.” Following 2014’s Stronger, Tank once again captured a creative spirit that resembled the process behind his seminal third body of work.As far as sequels go, Tank knew he had to go even bigger to make SLP2 the blockbuster audiences desired. In addition to cameos from Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men and Yo Gotti, he assembled a new West Coast anthem in the form of the Tank produced “Birthday” with a little help from Chris Brown, Problem, and Siya. He also teamed up with TGT collaborator and producer Brandon “BAM” Hodge to “help set the musical tone,” of this new project.

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    Author Theresa Hodge on "Conversations Of A Sistah"

    in Radio

    Join Host Tracy L. Bell, live at 6:30 PM EST on "Conversations Of A Sistah" as she sits down with Auhor Theresa Hodge, who just released a multicultural best seller, "Noelle’s Rock" A BWWM Holiday Romance.

    Theresa Hodge is an Alabama native - loving mother, wife, sister, aunt and friend who loves to read almost as much as she loves to write fictional stories. She has found writing to be therapeutic, especially during the loss of her oldest sister from breast cancer, which birthed her first book series, Ask Me Again. If Theresa can bring a smile to your face and encourage someone else along her journey, she considers it a blessing beyond measure.

    Her first multicultural romance novel, was released on October 15, 2015.

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    07/15 Prowrestling.net Podcast - Nick "Magnus" Aldis Interview

    in Sports

    Global Force Wrestling's Nick "Magnus" Aldis joins Jason Powell to discuss why he left TNA, teaming with Samoa Joe and Doug Williams, working the July 24 GFW television tapings in Las Vegas, and much more (30:00)...

    Follow Nick "Magnus" Aldis online at Twitter.com/magnusofficial

    For more on the GFW television tapings and the upcoming tournament, visit GlobalForceWrestling.com

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