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  • 01:01

    Did ya Turn it Over or Did ya Just Get Lucky

    in Self Help

    Most of his ups and down in life were in sobriety.  He got sober at 17 and is still that way 28+ years later.  For people that think young people haven’t done enough personal damage to need to get sober (these are the “I spilled more than you drank”, types) or for those that think young people have to relapse at least six times to “get it”, listen up.  Chris S. has a story of hope and recovery that professionals, parents and young people need to hear.  Join us this Sunday night to hear Chris S.

  • 01:24

    Let's Talk About Rehab

    in Lifestyle

    Please join us for a frank and lively discussion about going to rehab to treat alcoholism.
    Co-Hosts Amanda, Ellie and Lisa will discuss rehab in general:  do I need to go? what are some symptoms of alcohol withdrawal? what is the difference between inpatient and out patient rehab? what is the difference between a detox and a rehab?  how do I know if my insurance covers it?  how do I get in to a rehab?
    We will also be talking with four women who will share their experiences with rehab, detox, interventions, and other alcohol education programs.
    We will be taking live callers for this show, and encourage you to call in with any questions or comments!