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    The Ruts are 'PUNKS' FORGOTTEN HEROES' according to the Telegraph reviewing a sold-our show of the band at the Brixton Academy with Henry Rollins doing vocals. The show blew everyone away and reminded us why The Ruts are not only legendary but for a reason not just for the use  of the word! There was an even more compassionate element in the mix: When Fox was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the show became the band's tribute to him and resulted in Henry Rollins coming over to the UK and lending his vocals as Front Man. They are a Mainstay Punk band. Their stance against racism and their firm opposition to Political B.S. and Corruption in Capitalism are memorialzed in some fine music! The questions we are asking Segs will be revealed: Band Status, touring and new albums.....we need to know it all! I have plenty of Seg's music to enjoy this afternoon.

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    RYAN ROCKS IT! with COLEMAN R. BRICE, singer-songwriter-recording Artist

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    Ryan Rocks It! with friend Colie Brice Monday, November 23 RD at 5:30 PM.  I have known this awesome and multi talented Man for many years now.  I first heard Colie perform with Jason Lusardi aka Jay Walker, bass player.  Colie and Jay played together for many years in Colie's band "Folie Brice New Age Blues Experience".  I like this qote of Colie's,  "Experiences Compose the Symphony of Life", so true.   Colie has recorded over 30 something albums, some on mjajor labels with big budgets, others recorded at home DY style on indie labels.  Recording highlights range from three elaborately produced albums with Phantom's Opera which at on etime featured Michael Romeo (Symphony X) and later Karl Cochran of Ace Frehley (KISS) and Joe Lynn Turner's (Rainbow, Deep Purple, Yngwie Malmsteen).  Colie will tell you that he was stubbornly persistent in pursuing a big time music carer, but after tripping out at a Grateful Dead Show, he started pursuing a more personal creative direction he called the "LUNA MUSE" principle and started branding his own kind of music he loosely called New Age Blues.  To that end, in 1997, Colie's Solo debut New Age Blues was accepted in teh 40 TH Annyual Gramy Nomination  Entry List in several cataegories including Top Instrumental for "17G (Tribute to Jerry."  

    As a stage musician, Colie has performed at diverse venues ranging from The Stone Pony in Asbury Park, to the Roxy Theater in Hollywood, California and many points inbetween.  Colie shared the bill with an scletic variety of notable acts such as Dick Dale, Layonne Homes ( Jon Bon Jovi Solo Band), Juggling Suns, Tony Levin, Dick Manitoba, Marshall Tucker, Skid Row, Jill Sobule and Southside and the Asbury Jukes among many others.  

    Please go to my fb page for mor information on Colie Brice.  


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    Features and Conversations Presents Walter "POP" Matthews IV

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    Join Features and Conversation as I Softly Spoken interview Walter "POP" Matthews IV. Mr Matthews is A producer and artist. He is the CEO of P.O.P productions since 2010. He has produced albums for many artist including Spoken Word artist. Check out his website http://www.popproductionz.com/ 

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    Gerald Alston

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    Gerald Alston is a solo artist and original lead single of R&B/Soul group The Manhattans. He carried his sophisticated brand of Soul into his solo recordings beginning. He has recorded five studio albums as solo artist beginning with his self titled album. His most recent album, "Sings Sam Cooke" was released in 2008. Visit both his official website www.gerald-alston.com While underrated by both the R&B and Pop mainstream, he scored several hit albums and singles because of his fanbase. Alston continues to perform and record music. 

    Gerald also has a new Gospel cd entitled  True Gospel featuring 4 Times Grammy/Stellar Award Winner Regina Belle and the smooth sound of, Will Downing.

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    Johnnie Walker began her career as a country music radio personality. She later segued to Black radio holding numerous positions, and in 1989 she joined Def Jam Recordings as a regional marketing rep. Within one year Walker was promoted to National Director of Promotion. The Sr. National Director position soon followed and positioned Walker to be instrumental in launching the careers of Redman, Method Man, Onyx, Montell Jordan, Ashanti, Sisqo and Foxy Brown!

    Making the move to New York City in 1997, Walker was named Vice President of Promotion for Def Jam. A year later, after restructuring the company’s promotions department and its field staff, Walker was named Sr. Vice President. During her tenure, her team successfully marketed Def Comedy Jam, Phat Farm clothing, Russell Simmons' co-produced movies, "The Nutty Professor,” Jackie Chan’s “Rush Hour 1 and 2” plus several #1 Gold and Platinum albums from Jay-Z, Sisqo, Kelly Price, Ashanti, Ja Rule, DMX, LL Cool J, Musiq, Dru Hill and others.

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    Kuntry Locos Presents: Flexxin and Winnin'

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    Kuntry Locos have the unique mix of hip hop with hispanic roots.  The group is a collective of artists, from all over the southeast region. For the last few years the group has been touring and performing in different Latin venues, producing all Spanish mixtapes and albums, and opening for big Latin acts like Akwid, Chingo Bling, Lil Rob, Mc Magic, and Diablo to name a few.  Recently, Kuntry Locos have decided to take a different approach to their music career. They found that the Latin community and Alabama as a whole were not big on hip hop.  They found it difficult to market to their own people, even if it was all in Spanish. After working tirelessly to get their music heard, they made a very difficult but good decision. For the last year and a half they've continued to stick by the hip hop market with all new English tracks on their  new project "High-Level Authenticity Mixtape".  With new videos that give movie-like visuals to the mixtape, the group has gained lots of love and support from a growing fan base.  

     "Our roots will never change. Our goal is to be recognized as hip hop artist. We just happened to be Latinos." - J.Kilo

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    Episode 226: RBX is the F'n Murderer

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    From the Chronic to Doggy Style to 2001 and too many other projects to name including his solo albums, RBX is most definitley a legend in West Coast Hiphop

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    Live with award winning trombone player BUFF DILLARD

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    An interview with trombone player Buff Dillard, we will be discussing about his jouney, his inspirations, family, his travels and playing with other bands. On his albums and tours

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    "Give Thanks" with Musician Elijah Ray

    in Spirituality

    Awake 2 Oneness Radio with guest musician +Elijah- (aka Elijah Ray) Live on Friday November 13, 2015 at 7:00 PM EST. A prodigious composer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, recording artist and spiritual teacher, Elijah Ray is known for his pioneering heart and transformational music that crosses a wide scope of genres...from funky, danceable tunes and soul-moving ballads, to sound healing and emotionally evocative soundtracks.
    From a young age, +Elijah- (aka Elijah Ray) knew it was his destiny to bring more light into this world through music. And so it is that +Elijah- and the Band of Light's music is a balm for the soul, the sound of sunshine, insanely positive and uplifting... What's not to love? The Band of Light sound goes straight for the JOY button and presses it really hard.

    The Band of Light is Elijah Ray, and a rotating cast of Band Members from around the world....including YOU! If you are living and breathing, growing and flowing...you're totally in the Band!

    His shining presence, gritty soul, and message of love invite the listener into an experience of what it is to be an awakening human.  His spiritual messages of authenticity and the power of community have transformed audiences internationally, and many are calling his music the "soundtrack of the awakening."

    Both mystical and raw, Elijah’s charisma and musical prowess draws his audience into life’s nectar--spiritual, sexy, sweaty, gritty, and ecstatic. Elijah has single handedly crafted a full band sound on most of his "Band of Light" albums.

    To learn more about Elijah and the Band of Light and to hear his transformational music, visit: https://elijahandthebandoflight.bandcamp.com/

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    Metal Hammer of Doom: Limp Bizkit - Greatest Hitz

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    It's the show Mark Radulic has been waiting all year to do.  Since Limp Bizkit has failed to produce Stampede of the Disco Elephants, we will instead review one of their Greatest Hits albums!  Robert Cooper will analyze just what doing it all for the Nookie means while Jesse Starcher runs around the RIB studio breaking stuff.  Move in, now move out, Hands up, now hands down Back up, back up Tell me what ya gonna do now...check out the latest from the Metal Hammer of Doom!

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    Hip-hop artist King Hannibal (Boe-Cabulary)on Hot16realtalk

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    Hot16realtalk is proud to present King Hannibal.
    Hailing from the East New York section of Brooklyn meet Boe-Cabulary.One Half of the underground veteran duo BOE and Villa. The artist/song writer became addicted to hip-hop as a teen. With such influences as Kool G Rap, Rakim, EPMD and many of the pioneers who paved the way for them. The duo released an album in Japan titled "1019 Ex-Prez" receiving good reviews in Japan's "Front magazine". The duo then released an EP which featured there street single "Life Is Too Short"With Puzz Pachino under Alleyway ent. (the video is a NY underground classic). Boe-Cabulary also appeared on Erick Sermons Album "Erick Onasis" track titled “Van Gundy” and Funk Master Flex album "Flip Squad Allstars" track titled "Seriously” with Canibus. The duo received good reviews in the feb.99 issue of the source saying they were a force to be reckoned with. Since then they put out numerous street albums and recorded a number of songs with artist and producers such as Midi Mafia, Deemi, Marc G (Levert), Nef-U (cali), Mario Winnans, Jack Knight, D.R Period, Monifa,Papoose, Akeneli, Sean Wallace, Spinderella and Wyclef to name a few. Building a catalogue of hits both, as a duo and solo artists.
    Now Boe is back with his solo self titled album Boe-Cabulary coming this fall hosted by new yorks own Suge white.Determined to bring his lyrical skills to the mainstream audience worldwide.get ready there''s a different breed of mc on the way,and his name is Boe-cabulary..It's not just radio its radio revolution.