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    Differences When Prepping a Female Client with Alberto Nunez

    in Fitness

    IFPA pro and 3DMJ coach Alberto Nunez is a guest on the show where we will be discussing what differs when prepping a female client compared to a male. Topics we'll be touching on include their diet, routines, cardio, supplementation, specializing bodyparts, and much more! We'll also break down the differences between bikini, figure, and bodybuilding competitors..specifically the major differences among the three groups when it comes to peak week. 

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    Conversation with Alberto Romero

    in Current Events

    Adam Yellow Bird and don Patricio in conversation with Alberto Romero Yaqui Elder.

    Alberto Adam and Patricio speaking about the Elders Gatherings that have preceded the upcoming Eagle, Quetzal, Condor Gathering. The remind us that we all belong to the sacred earth, the sacred sky, the sacred oceans, the inner and outer worlds. They touch on how Love is spirit in all worlds. We need your help! Check us out at our website. www.eaglequetzalcondor.com 

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    Bert Martinez joined by Francis Jackson, Scott Gorcester and Vanessa Nunez

    in Business

    Francis Jackson attorney who specializes in disability law for those seeking veterans disability benefits and social security disability benefits.  A founding partner of Jackson & MacNichol, he has been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC and FOX network affiliates around the country.  He most recently appeared as a guest of Ben Glass on the “Consumer Advocate” show discussing benefits for veterans and social security disability benefits and how his practice allows him to make a difference in the lives of people facing disabilities.  He has also been quoted in USA Today and is listed in Cambridge Who’s Who.  Mr. Jackson was  honored by the National Academy of Best Selling Authors with a "Quilly" award in September, 2012, for his contribution as a joint author to the Amazon best selling book, "Protect and Defend" where he wrote about protecting one's rights to veterans disability compensation

    Scott Gorcester an IT visionary and entrepreneur. He is a seasoned businessman, skilled IT architect, technician and trainer. He and his team designed and built the technology stacks in use by VirtualQube today. His former company, Moose Logic, received numerous accolades including three consecutive years on the list of “Fast Growing Companies in Washington State”. Mr. Gorcester’s company was the #1 reseller of Citrix Software in 1st quarter 1999, finishing the year trailing only Dell and CDW

    Vanessa Nunez top producing agent in Austin, Texas, She quickly made her mark right out of the gate in her real estate career with her passion, her drive and her ever optimistic outlook. She aims to inspire people in her life leading by example

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    Alberto Nunez reviews the INBA/PNBA Natural Olympia!

    in Fitness

    Good friend Alberto Nunez returns to the show to review the 2012 PNBA Natural Olympia as he saw it live!
    Topics include: -how he felt about the placings -how the show compares to the IFPA Yorton Cup -why was Kiyoshi Moody able to take the 1st?
    -Did the judges have competitors hold poses long enough?
    -How close were the placings?
    -How big of a turnout was there in the audience? -Philip Ricardo Jr. and Kiyoshi Moody's progress over the years -Justin Firgaira -Where Russel Harleston Jr stands among the best  -Is the Drug testing reliable?
    Mike Neumann has Alberto review Olympia after the show

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    in Wrestling

    Today on The Boochcast, Booch talks about his appearance on The Don Geronimo Show, The Global Force Wrestling Roster, Scott Hall Removed From GFW Roster Due To WWE?,  Major Update On Lucha Underground’s Future, Rumored TV Deals, Mysterio & Alberto, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch Says She’s Close To Signing Deal, Has One Small Hang-UpAdam Pearce Starts At The WWE Performance Center As A Trainer Update On Scott Hall Being Thrown Out Of Wrestling Event, DDP Comments,Update On Steve Austin/WWE, Next Three Guests For Austin’s WWE Network Podcast Revealed  


    Booch talks to his Chad Sheppard about joining NWA Atlanta, their love for Sting, His gospel singing group The Jonesmen, their time together on The Regular Guys, How the new morning show has changed and Chad recaps this past Saturday's NWA Atlanta Show. 

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    It's A Good Day For Lacrosse™ with JoJo War Drummer (9)

    in Health

    It's A Good Day For Lacrosse™ with JoJo War Drummer (9)!! Segment- International Lacrosse Flavor™ Guest Mexico Lacrosse President Jose Nunez!!! Mexico has a HUGE tournament coming up! But wait that's not it...Jose and his staff are working hard to get Mexico AND South Amercia Tourney's on a blazing trail and Casey Powell World Lacrosse Foundation, LB3, and JoJo War Drummer are all about it!!!

    Plus JoJo's Hidden Trick Question


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    The Dr. Pat Show-Talk Radio to Thrive By!

    in Spirituality

    We Carry the Light with Host Dr. Susan Allison: One Spirit Medicine with Dr. Alberto Villoldo. Have you ever wanted to grow a new body, one that mends rapidly, ages gracefully, and keeps you connected to Spirit, to the earth, and to a renewed sense of purpose? Alberto Villoldo, as a medical anthropologist trained in the shamanic tradition, promises that you can feel better in a few days, begin to clear your mind and brain in a week, and in six weeks, you will be on your way to "growing a new body!" In his new book One Spirit Medicine, and on today's show, Dr. Villoldo teaches you how to detoxify your brain and gut with superfoods and supplements, shares how to turn off the "death clocks" in your cells, and learn how to work with the luminous energy field to restore your health and vitality. To really heal, Villoldo tells us that we must return to the wisdom of the shamans and traditional healers from thousands of years ago; we must return to "One Spirit Medicine."

    The Mary Jane Mack Show with Holistic Intuitive Mary Jane Mack

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    Shocking & Provocative Interview with Alberto R. Gonzales On US Civil Liberties

    in Current Events

    Alberto R. Gonzales (born August 4, 1955) was the 80th United States Attorney General, appointed in February 2005 by President George W. Bush, becoming the highest-ranking Hispanic in executive government to date.[1] He was the first Hispanic to serve as White House Counsel, and earlier he had been Bush's General Counsel during his governorship of Texas. Gonzales had also served as Secretary of State of Texas and then as a Texas Supreme Court Justice.

    Gonzales's tenure as U.S. Attorney General was marked by controversy regarding warrantless surveillance and the legal authorization of so-called "Enhanced interrogation techniques", generally acknowledged as constituting torture. Following bipartisan calls for his removal, Gonzales resigned from the office "in the best interests of the department", on August 27, 2007, effective September 17, 2007.[2] Democrats were particularly opposed to Gonzales for his role in the firings of several U.S. Attorneys which they believed had caused his office to become improperly politicized.[3]


    Michael B Kelley joined Business Insider as an intern in February 2012. He became the Front Page Editor in February 2014 and Senior News Editor in October 2014.

    Michael earned a BA in philosophy from Northwestern University and a master's degree in journalism from Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern.

    During college he studied Buddhism for four months in India, and worked as a high school sports reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times.

    Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/author/michael-b-kelley#ixzz3PfijBSqU

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    Written Conversation with Elizabeth Nunez

    in Books

    Written speaks with Elizabeth Nunez about her Memoir Not For Everyday Use

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    Our Lady Of Charity & Una Dictadura con Rascacielos

    in History

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend as well as Cuban Indepence day this week May 20th from Conversa Cuba Companioni- trilingual talk radio: topics are Our Lady of Charity. A wonderful historical article by Maria Ruiz de Lourdes Scaperlanda via the Knights of Columbus www.kofc.0rg from Sept 2007. 

    Of this article my dearlydeparted cousin and eternal co host of this show John O' Donnell Rosales wrote me on the margins "Bobby, this article permitted me to go to the Knights meeting and talk of La Virgen and the terrors of Castro. There wasn't a dry eye in the house after I finished speaking, it was great and now 120 men (todos americanos) have a real view of the horrors of Castro. It was great."

    And in Spanish an article by Carlos Alberto Montaner "A Dictatorship with Skyscrapers" with analysis about the recent reunion between Cuban Tyrant Raul Castro and Pope Francis in Rome.

    Tambien - en Espanol - Una Dictadura con Rascaciolos un articulo por Carlos Alberto Montaner con analisis sobre la reciente reunion del Tirano Cubano Raul Castro con el Papa Francis en Roma. Via el blog de Montaner  

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    Episodio 15 - Nuestra Primera Semana Con La Virgen

    in Christianity

    Hoy tendremos la segunda parte de la entrevista con el Padre Alberto Bueno, y Antonio continuará hablándonos sobre el mes de mayo, algo así como una revisión de nuestra primera semana con la Virgen. Para escuchar vayan a éste link http://tobtr.com/s/7596887 o llamen al 347-857-3183.  Importante marcar el 1 si desean hablar. Les esperamos. íPasen la voz!  También pueden escuchar desde nuestra página de Facebook en www.facebook.com/escueladeliderazgosantamaria


    7:30 PM - Rosario

    8:00 PM - Reflexión de Antonio Pérez-Alcalá

    8:20 PM - 2nd Parte - Entrevista con el Padre Alberto Bueno

    8:35 PM - Llamadas