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    SC EP:156 1924 Albert Ostman Encounter

    in Science

    Bob Garrett will be joining me for this show.

    Albert Ostman (died 1975) was a Canadian prospector who reported that he was abducted by a Sasquatch and held captive for six days. He stated that the event took place near Toba Inlet, British Columbia in 1924. On August 20, 1957, police magistrate A.M. Naismith wrote an affidavit which states "...I found Mr. Ostman to be a man of sixty-four years of age; in full possession of his mental faculties. Of pleasant manner and with a good sense of humor. I questioned Mr. Ostman thoroughly in reference to the story given by Mr. Green. I cross-examined him and used every means to endeavor to find a flaw in either his personality or his story, but could find neither..."Albert Ostman also signed a Solemn Declaration indicating that his account of the Sasquatch story was true under oath and by virtue of the Canadian Evidence Act.

    If you have had an encounter email me wes@sasquatchchronicles.com


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    Ask Albert J Thiel Part 2 -Nano Reef Hour

    in Environment

    Ask Albert J Thiel Part 2 -Nano Reef Hour will be a continuation of last weeks discussion on Natures Talk Show Nano Reef Hour.Albert Thiel author of countless books and articles and a pioneer of the saltwater industry will be answering YOUR questions on The Nano Reef Hour. We encourage our listeners to take advantage of the opportunity to call and ask Albert your Nano Reef questions.

    On Sunday November 22nd  at 8pm est,7pm cst and 5pm pst. We look forward to you joining us. If you would like to join the conversation visit our chat room on our web page or call in to our studio number 

    1 -949-534-0637.

    Thank You,


  • Homer Hickam debuts newest book "Carrying Albert Home"

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons presents the incomparable Homer Hickam, author of October Sky. Homer debuts his latest book "Carrying Albert Home." 


    A little background before we begin: Elsie has been kidnapped by a handsome whiskey-smuggling driver of North Carolina’s infamous Thunder Road. Homer has escaped the driver’s brothers and, with Albert and the rooster, speeds off to rescue Elsie. But when the Buick breaks down deep into the night, Homer has no choice but to go on foot down an empty and very dark dirt road. Carrying Albert and the rooster, he at last collapses on the front porch of a farmhouse until sunrise. And then…

    This show is presented by Hurdles Jewelry. Visit www.hurdlesjewelry.com for world class, customized jewelry. 


    in Military

    On tonight's episode of "Free Beard @ Reload Radio," I will be chatting with some amazing Atlanta veterans who are also leaders in the film industry! First, I will chat with Tim Everett, a veteran of the US Army, and the writer and director of several popular films!

    Next, enjoy a chat with US Navy and OIF/OEF Veteran Tessie Wilmot, writer and producer of "Indomitable," an intriguing film about women veterans and their very real struggles and victories.

    Finally, I get to speak with US Army Veteran Richard Tavernaro, who is filming a hugely popular comedy/horror film in Atlanta, "Slaw."
    This will air live from 6-8PM tonight!


  • Hebrews 10 With Albert 2015 1004

    in Christianity

    Even when people say they do not believe in Christ, they believe not to believe.  This is known as the Sin of unbelief.  Imagine you made a way for everyone to live for ever because you truly loved them.  Now imagine that way was that your one and only Son had to be tortured, beaten, bruised, stabbed, and nailed to a cross.  Now imagine this was unto death.  Now imagine many of those that you did this for rejected Him, the only way to eternal life.  What else is there?  This is what Albert and Saint Rick discuss on tonights show.  Tell all your friends and have them join the Rising of the Saints and the revolution of Jesus.

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    Albert Cummings, Chris O'Leary, Chris Barnes & Couch Kid Music With Todd Wolfe

    in Music

    Albert Cummings comes out of New England and began playing the banjo prior to picking up the guitar. What put these instruments into his hands, what was it like to come to Memphis for the 1999 IBC after only performing for two years and the history of his music and recordings will be some of the things I will discuss with Albert as we listen to music from Someone Like You.

    Chris O’Leary fronted the Barnburners, the band led by the great Levon Helm.  The last album, Live At Blues Now, was nominated for a Blues Blast Magazine Award for Best Live Album. His fourth album, Gonna Die Tryin’ has been released and I’ll discuss the road he has traveled and which occurrence, the album dropping or his son Jackson being born made him more nervous.

    What can you say about Chris Barnes?  The man can act, he can write, he owns two successful clubs and he also owns Hokum Blues.  What is Hokum Blues?  It is “a humorous song which uses extended analogies or euphemistic terms to make sexual innuendos.” I get to finally sit with Chris and talk about his career and the new album, 90 Proof Truth.

    On Couch Kid New Music, Todd Wolfe joins me along with his new album, Long Road Back. What has Todd’s year been like since he Sat on The Couch in August of 2014? How many miles has Todd traveled in that time? Why did he select the 2 covers on the album?  We’ll talk about these things and more while listening to songs from the new album.

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    The Millennium Kingdom And Resurrection Michael Miano -VS- Carl Albert

    in Culture

    Google Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

    Carl Albert of Israel Doctrine Entertainment & Pastor Michael Miano of The Power of Preterism Network will participate in Debate:
    Sunday, October 18at 5:00pm - 7:00pm On "The Millennium and Resurrection of Revelation Chapter 20."

    Introductions done by the Moderator

    AFFIRMATIVE: Each of us will have 15 minutes each to affirm our views of Revelation chapter 20 -The Millennium and the Resurrection of the Dead (This is a time for you to explain your position not attack the other view)

    REBUTTAL: We will then have 10 minutes each to offer a rebuttal to each others views. 

    CROSS EXAMINATION: We will be allowed to ask 5 direct questions each, allowing for 3 minute responses. 

    CLOSING STATEMENTS: We have 7 minutes each.

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    Albert Pike and the Hermetic Tradition in Masonry

    in Radio

    On Thursday December 6th, 2012 the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon, will present a discussion on the Masonic scholar and author Albert Pike, his legacy and his unique contributions to American Masonry and the Western Esoteric Tradition. Pike was and still is a very controversial figure. He was also a paradox: opposed to slavery, he still served as a general in the Confederate army. He was an advocate of Native American rights and led a regiment of Confederate Indians against the Yankees whom they hated. He was the father of Scottish Rite Masonry in America, rewriting and organizing a jumble of continental Masonic degrees into a coherent system that has become the largest Masonic jurisdiction in the world. He was an occultist much influenced by Eliphas Levi, and a proponent of the Hermetic Tradition which he showcased in his favorite Scottish Rite degree Knight of the Sun (the former 28th degree), which he devoted more text to than any other degree in his classic "Morals and Dogma of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite." Even back in the 19th century he was a lightning rod for anti-masons, being the alleged Luciferian Master of the mysterious lady sex magician "Diana Vaughan" in the great French "Palladian Hoax". So if you want to get the inside story on this giant of American Masonry and his efforts to preserve the ancient mysteries behind Freemasonry, tune in and we'll shed some Light on the subject.

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    It’s About Time with Paul Morris, EHP

    in Self Help


    Is time our friend or does it work against us?  The most important aspect in most negotiations is time, hopefully it is on our side.  Times Arrow" moves only in one direction: forward.  Why does time exist in the universe?  And where does it not exist?

     Albert Einstein said: "Time is what prevents everything from happening at once." Einstein of course was right.  But what does that mean exactly?  And why is losing tract of time so important in our lives.  Tune in to find out.

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    Corrections Counseling - Assessment and Treatment of Juvenile Offenders

    in Training

    Brought to you by The American Public Safety Training Institute (TAPSTI) www.tapsti.org, this 2 hour session will review juvenile correctional counseling and rehabilitation within the prison system. From 1991 through to 2003, the number of juveniles housed in residential programs increased by 27 percent such that there were 96,000 juveniles across the country who were housed in residential programs (Snyder & Sickmund, 2006). Many of these had mental health issues including major depression, anxiety disorders, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, conduct disorder, or obsessive-compulsive disorder. The juvenile justice system in this country is faced with the same challenges as our adult correctional system in serving youth who may have one or more mental health disorders.  Using Albert Robert's work entitled "Correctional Counseling and Treatment" we will take a look at the assessment, classification, and treatment of juvenile offenders, risks of reoffending, and family inteventions.  

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    Cafecito Break - The Pursuit of Beauty & Truth

    in Spirituality

    Welcome to our virtual living space with your hosts Rosangel Perez and Ruthie Guten.  Our topic today is "The Pursuit of Beauty & Truth"

    In the midst of chaotic and dark times that we are all experiencing, how can we nourish ourselve and each other with beauty and truth? What small and simple things can we do to help us feel better and happier each day.  

    Grab a cup of coffee and join us for an empowering conversation. 

    The pursuit of truth and beauty is a sphere of activity in which we are permitted to remain children all our lives.

    Albert Einstein

    learn more | cafecitobreak.com