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    Mamie King-Chalmers - Civil Rights Activist - Her Place In History STOLEN

    in History

    News, Views & Alerts w/Yaa Kindred Spirit - Featuring Lasuria - 917) 889-9174 Mamie King- Chalmers Civil Rights Activist, whose famous iconic photos gained National attention & sparked the Civil Rights Movement.  She has never recieved TRUE Recognition for her important role in our History.  A Minister & famous author Carolyn Maull Mckinstey claimed her images/experiences as her own. Mckinstry went on the Oprah Winfrey show Nov 22,1999,  after she was personally contacted by Chalmers to cease her lies/deceptions.  Mckinstry continued appearing on talkshows, documentaries & gave speeches claiming to be the lady in the photos.  Detroit News published an article May 2, 2013.  Birmingham News publish their article May 3,2013 & a follow up article August 30, 2013 where Mckinstry issued a statement on her website CarolynMckinstry.com backing off her claim to photos & admitting that she was contacted by Chalmers. It was only due to vast media coverage that she issued a statement.  For years Chalmers tried to right a wrong that was done to her by Mckinstry.  Chalmers book "STOLEN PRIDE" - 'The Life and Times of Civil Rights Activist Mamie King-Chalmers' will be released Feb 1 also a Reparations Fund has been set up to aide Mrs Chalmers in her latter years, she lost her hearing in her right ear from the water hose blast.  She only wants her rightful place in History... Join Yaa, Lasuria (her daughter) & Jakzun As They Help A Civil-Rights Hero Reclaim Her STOLEN LEGACY... www.truenubia.com

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    Social or Anti- Social Networking?

    in Social Networking

    Are social networks today really social? Or are they more Anti-Social?

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    MXMGBTR - 2/19 "True Life Experiences"#KidsofBirmingham1963 Mamie King-Chalmers

    in Education

    A show dedicated to "True Life Experiences." In Celebration & Honor of "Black History Month." The Life & Legacy of Civil Rights Activist Mrs. #MamieKing-Chalmers, and featuring her daughter, Author L. Kandance Allman!

    "Mrs. Mamie King-Chalmers ( Mamie King) was born on June 19,1941, she grew up in Birmingham (French Town), Alabama.  In the early 1960's one of the most racially volatile times in American History.  Birmingham was nicknamed Bombingham.  During this era Mamie was in the forefront leading the way.  She was always in the forefront of the marches and demonstrations against the unfair treatment of people of color.  Also the extremely racists Jim Crow Laws." 

    "#AuthorL.KandanceAllman daughter of Civil Rights Activist #MamieKing-Chalmers. Author of "Her Stolen Pride" The Life and Times of Civil Rights Activist Mamie-King Chalmers. As a Civil Rights Activist ....Her Dream is to become a Community Service Coordinator that will provide lodging, food, and clothing programs to the Homeless and Young Mothers."

    Raw & Uncut!

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    Randomness with Jeff

    in Social Networking

    Just dropping in to chat for a bit. It has been awhile! 

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    4 Moms with Black Sons: Learn from 1 Mom… Mamie Till?

    in Motivation

    Friends, their sons -- Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Eric Garner -- have become symbols of a raging national conversation about police brutality and racial injustice.  Lesley McSpadden, Sybrina Fulton, Samaria Rice, and Gwen Carr have no doubt their sons would still be alive if they were white.  But what can these 4 Moms and this world learn from one of the most brutal murders of black son in America’s history – Emmitt Till.  What can we learn from Mamie Till? ...which is our question of the day.

    Please join our host Eric J Powell on onCUE! Radio Sunday night @6pm CST (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/oncue).


    To listen to last week show about “Eric Garner: Breaking the Chokehold?” -- http://tobtr.com/s/7168007

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    Living Life On Purpose ~ Transforming Grief w/ Brenda Pearce & Dr. Mamie Smith

    in Books

    Join Life Purpose Expert and Career Coach, Suzanne Strisower as she hosts this unique conscious living lifestyle show, interviewing people about their making a difference on the planet. 

    My Guest from 12-1pm PST: Brenda Pearce

    Brenda Pearce is a nurse, author of  Inner Circle Chronicles and broadcaster who experienced an excruciating and painful loss, she learned tools to help her cope and transform her life beyond her wildest dreams. www.EFactorLive.com

    My Guest from 1-2pm PST: Dr. Mamie Smith

    Dr. Mamie Smith is an inspirational speaker and author of  The Unfolding of a Rose and her recent release Medicine: A Daily Dose of Spirituality. She is also a business woman and teacher on overcoming the grief from loss of a loved one.  www.SmithMamie.com

    Contact Suzanne:

    For information about sponsorships, to be interviewed on the show contact Host, Suzanne Strisower

    Visit her websites: http://www.yournextstepcoach.com to learn more about her books and coaching. Get her FREE Guidebook from Awaken To Your Life Purpose

  • Linda Clark: When Angels Sing?

    in Motivation

    Friends, Linda Clark was born to sing!  This remarkable mezzo soprano with a phenomenal voice range was born in Detroit, Michigan, raised in Alabama, and currently resides in Virginia.  She joins us to us to share the true reason for the season, to sing her latest songs, and to answer our question of the day …what happens When Angels Sing?  Please join our host Eric J Powell on onCUE! Radio Sunday night @6pm CST (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/oncue).

    More on Linda… She worked and performed with and opened and sang backup include Al Jarreau, Maurette Brown-Clark, Cherie Marie,  Israel Houghton, and Vicki Winans --  http://www.lindaclarkmusic.com/. 


    To listen to last week show about “4 Moms with Black Sons: Learn from 1 Mom… Mamie Till?” --  http://tobtr.com/s/7189061

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    Host: Eric Powell, Founder of CUE Leadership Institute – http://cueleadership.com/

    Series: Transformational Leadership: Dreams


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    Talking with Verndaddy

    in Religion

    I am going to be talking with a long time friend and Snapvine Veteran, Verndaddy who gives his testimony of what he has witnessed the power of God do. You don't want to miss this amazing testimony that Vern has already shared with me. I hope you join us in listening. 
    *I won't be taking any calls because I want Vern to have enough time to tell this amazing story*

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    Open Topic! Hit Us Up! ft. Alabamie Mamie

    in Lifestyle

    Open topic in the late night. Hit us up to chat about anything. 

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    Stolen Identity Equals Personal Grand Theft

    in Current Events

    Special Guest  Lasuria Allman

    Francis X. Donnelly, in the Detroit News, tells the story of Detroiter Mamie Chalmers, who claims -- with significant evidence to back her up -- that she was one of the people blasted by a fire hose during a 1963 demonstration in Birmingham, Ala. The image became an iconic photo and did much to convey to the world the police brutality during the civil rights movement in the south.

    Now the Detroit News has published a story saying that one of Birmingham’s most prominent civil rights activists, Carolyn McKinstry, 65, has for years been claiming to be the girl in a famous Life magazine photograph of demonstrators being blasted by water from a fire hose, while Mamie Chalmers, 71, the actual person in the photograph, lives in Detroit.

    Get out of debt now ! http://www.newdebtelimination.com

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    Diabetes Late Nite Inspired by Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam with Full Force

    in Health

    Are you angry at diabetes for changing your life?

    Mr. Divabetic and the Diabetes Late Nite team focus on 'anger issues' related to diabetes self-care management. It is normal for people with diabetes to experience anger,but it can also frequently contribute to diabetes burnout.

    Many people with diabetes have learned to see their anger as a sign that they need to take action so can you! Talking with someone can help. Anger can be a force for action, change, and growth. The better you understand your anger, the better you will be able to use it for good self-care.

    Lisa Lisa and her band Cult Jam are one of the first freestyle music groups to emerge from New York City in the 1980s. Cult Jam consisted of guitarist/bassist Alex "Spanador" Moseley, and drummer and keyboardist Mike Hughes. They were assembled and produced by Full Force.

    Diabetes Late Nite guests include the Charlie's Angels of Outreach (Dr. Beverly Adler PhD, CDE) Poet Lorraine Brooks, Mama Rose Marie and Special Guest: Mamie Jackson.  Hosted by Mr. Divabetic. Our musical inspiration will be Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force. We will be playing their greatest hits courtesy of SONY MUSIC. Prizes provided by Cabot Cheese, Nu Naturals, Spry Publishing and Dr. Greenfield's Foot Creams.

    Divabetic's Diabetes Late Nite podcast is a fast-paced, full-filled hour of diabetes education and wellness advice that encourages listeners to "laugh a little, learn a lot."