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    The Wrestling Lounge Proudly Welcomes Country Music Singer Katie Belle Akin

    in Television

    THE WRESTLING LOUNGE Proudly welciomes Country Music Singer Katie Belle Akin to the show. Tune in to hear Katie's Brand New Single Georgia Moon. Have a question call 773-897-6289 press 1 to be in hosts view.

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    Women Trailblazers: Robin Akin, Retired Brigadier General

    in Women

    Tune into our special Veteran's Day episode honoring our women in the military!  Hear the powerful interview by Retired Brigadier General Robin Babb Akin of the U.S. Army. She's a trailblazer from being a Master Parachutist to serving in multiple senior leadership positions in Operations Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Unified Response in Haiti. Hear her personal story of joining the military after losing her father, a Vietnam veteran, to rising in the ranks in the U.S. Army without many women mentors to retiring to her new career in philanthropy serving women veterans. She will share her personal tips and calling of all Americans to support our Veteran's as they transition back from war.  

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    Stovetop Politics: Border Skirmishes and the Akin Interview

    in Politics Conservative

    Current global political crises all have one thing in common: border problems. Whether it's the United States/Mexican border (or, as Nancy Pelosi calls it, the unnatural community divider), the Russia/Ukraine border, or the Israeli borders (or, if you're a Palestinian sympathizer, the fact that Israel exists to have borders at all).
    At 8:35 we will be talking with former Congressman Todd Akin about media bias, establishment mentality, and the dangerous line we walk when we allow elected officials to be crucified for "offensive statements."
    What happens to Elizabeth Warren if Hillary burns out too quickly? 
    John Kerry's dumb tweet of the week.

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    Critique of Joel McDurmon's Family and Dominion in the New Creation|Isaiah 65:17

    in Religion

    Today, we will examine and article post by Joel McDurmon, and his dominion theology on the new heavens and earth of Isaiah 65:17-25. Joel's dominionist views are closely akin to premillennial dispensationanlist views of the kingdom of God. He sees physical longevity, physical security in physical houses, abundance of natural food, no fear of invaders or war, no more wild beasts but a eutopian peace and harmony.

    He surmises this is the new garden we are to dress and keep, that our children wil not face calamity and he claims all of this for those who are the "offspring" of the Lord. Does he follow through on his literalism. Will the Lord Jesus Christ be physically fathering all these babies he sees in his new heaven and earth paradigm? He can't jumpt to spiritual birth after claiming all of this is physical can he?

    He argues that will be a "multi-generational family"? How is that possible if the Lord begets all of them? Why do they even need to be multi-generational?

    These are only a few of the problems of McDurmon's view. We'll highlight more of them in the broadcast. Join us today.

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    Republican Response to Todd Akin

    in Politics

    In Part 1, we get some poll tracking data from Florida showing President Obama and Mitt Romney tied up after Paul Ryan joined the Republican ticket. Then we talk to Rae Chornenky, President of the National Federation of Republican Women, about their response to Todd Akin's comments as well as Rudy Keller, Reporter at the Columbia Daily Tribune, about the state of Akin's race for the U.S. Senate.

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    Turbulent Times 4/10/15 episode 12

    in Current Events

    There have been some very significant current events in the past week that North and I will be discussing in the first hour.

    Then in the last hour we are presenting our report and commentary on the documentary THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD about Adolf Hitler and his presence in the first two world wars. 

    Mainstream history overseen by Jewish academics the world over has purposely obscured Hitler so that the world would hopefully never realize that he was the only person in living memory who had a pro-active agenda to end the threat of Jewish world domination.

    It's akin to the lies about the official version of 9/11; well, the official version of just who Adolf Hitler was and what he represented to the benefit of humanity has also been a ginormous perpetual lie of such tremendous magnitude so elaborately orchestrated by the tribe that it was believed their treacherous planning and obfuscation of their involvement would ensure that the world would never become aware of the actual truth.

    Thankfully, in those days there still was honest journalism and honor among men, which is the reason mankind is extremely fortunate that ethical interpretation of the actual historical events remains available for the opportunity to learn the truth about the turbulent years of the first and second world wars. 

    Take the time to watch the video then tune in to the show or better yet call in to share your opinion.  We would love to hear from you.


    The guest call in number is (347) 857-2203.

    More to come and stay frosty,





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    The Fourth Reich

    in Politics

    Darrell Castle continues his discussion of Mr. V. S. Naipaul’s interview in The Guardian, in which he argues that the Islamic State is akin to Nazi 

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    Will and Thunder Welcomes Tattermask

    in Rock Music

    Sired by classic rock and modern metal ancestors, Tattermask of Charlotte, NC, commingles melodic relics of Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Boston, and Whitesnake with modern riffage akin to Disturbed, Alter Bridge, Evanescence, and Sevendust to forge a fresh sound in the mire of mainstream active rock. Driven by dual lead guitarists Josh Wright and Travis Dry; powered by tight, expressive rhythms from Adam Blackmon on drums and Harley Quinn on bass; and garnished with vocals from Amanda Caines that go from Pat Benatar to Adele to Evanescence at the drop of a hat, sonic variety is the ultimate goal of Tattermask's catalogue of original tunes.

    The band has just released their latest EP, Carpe Noctem, and they'll be on the show to tell us a little about it, as well as their upcoming gig on the Hottest Chicks in Hard Rock Tour, opening for bands such as The Agonist and Flyleaf; so be sure to tune in!

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    Free Will of ego vs One Will of Truth, Is it a fight or a marriage?

    in Spirituality

    The whole knowledge concerning free will and our willingness inclinations is a topic that gets very little valid introspection of it TRUE nature of power. 

    It gets bandied about by opinions and beliefs like a wild ping pong ball across the table of life behaviors and our manifesting mind's eye. It seems to hold a very high ante in the game of life. 

    Is this good enough understanding to serve your spiritual, emotional and creating life abilities with the dignity becoming of a Divine co-creator? Just how potent is this thing called 'will'? Can a spirit's will be broken? 

    Can a will be educated or is it a pawn of our mind? Is its destiny more akin to being a king or queen on our playing field?

    If resistance is our byword to our exercise of will, and rebellion is our cry for freedom, do we bless or harm our greater good in being? 

    If it is a marriage, what is our will bonded to and why? Free from what? The considerations are many. Have you sorted this out to your entire satisfaction in a manner engendering  your wholism, or is your willingness keeping you fragmented and misguided?

    Join us, Sharon Quinn and Will Gable