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    Understanding The Akashic Records

    in Spirituality

    Join your host Clairvoyant Psychic & Spiritual Teacher Bernadette Dickinson for an in depth discussion on Understanding The Akashic Records. The Akashic Records is the energetic database of your entire soul history including your Divine Soul Blueprint, your Divine Gifts and choices you've made throughout many lifetimes. Once you have an understanding of your true spiritual nature, you can align to the energy that allows you to manifest a life full of joy, abundance and love.

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    Hidden Wisdom Radio is an oasis of spiritual teachings that will help you in love, work, family and all aspects of daily living. Featuring topics on awakening your spiritual power and creating a fulfilling human experience while pursuing your best physical, intellectual and spiritual self.

    For a private consultation visit Bernadette's website www.bernadettedickinson.com

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    Akashic Records

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    The Council of Elders, channeled by Krow Fischer are known to some as the 'Record Keepers'. Who better to ask about these records. What are Akashic Records? How do they work, can they be changed, and how do we access them. Listen to this short, but enlightening broadcast with Red and the Council of Elders. For more teachings from The Council, visit us at www.hereonearth.ca and check out our CD/MP3 page with over 70 topics of interest to seekers of truth.

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    Past Lives, Akashic Records, Animal Souls, Universal Magic, Jeni Cousins

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    Past Lives, Animal Souls, Akashic Records, Harnessing Infinite Magic in the Universe!  Harness the amazing power of healing through the Akashic Records, connect with animal souls and find inspiration through Divine magic in the Universe. Today on Intuitive Transformation Radio, Intuitive Matthew Engel will chat with Jeni Cousins!

    Jeni Cousins is an internationally known clairvoyant, esoteric and spiritual teacher, medium, reader of past life akashic records readings, animal communicator, and intuitive life coach. She has a background as an actress for film & TV and she's the host & producer of "Soul Work" on Shaw TV which broadcasts live every Wednesday at 6:30pm in Calgary, Canada. All episodes are on You-Tube search under: Jeni Cousins For more info, visit: www.soulworkwithjeni.com

    Matthew Engel is an internationally known psychic-channel, executive coach, hypnotherapist, past life regression therapist, spiritual teacher and Host of Intuitive Transformation Radio. He has supported thousands of people in activating their inner light for nearly two decades. For more info and to sign up for his free newsletter, please visit: www.matthewwwwengel.com

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    A Global Clearing and Activation for Money Magnetism in the Akashic Records!

    in Spirituality

    Let's face it, there is alot going on right now in the world. Multiple tragedies and what feels like a tremendous amount of pressure to make changes

    not just in our personal lives, but in the world at large. 

    When we start to take on the weight of the world, one of the first things to wane is the flow of money into our lives. Why? Because we are bracing our energy, 

    get distracted and often overcome with fear and doubt. 

    In this show we are going to open the Akashic Records and do a group healing for Money Magnetism.

    We will:

    - Discuss what money magnetism actually is and the various hidden factors that can effect yours

    - Discuss what is happening and how it could be affecting you without you even knowing it

    - How to take care of your energy so that you can continue to find your flow

    Then we will do a guided healing and activation to release any burdens that are not yours, to increase your personal connection to your own God within and to activate your energy so money, healing and a sense of optimism are free to come through regardless of all that is going on around you. 

    I will be taking a few calls as well, so be sure to call in early!

    347 215 9485

    Ready for a full one-on-one reading in your Akashic Records to receive an Abundance and Prosperity Healing in your  Akashic Records? Go to the readings Tab on our site at www.theahaway.com to learn about the readings, and to register. Be sure to click the register now button for the current rates which are reflected at check out! 

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    Linda Howe - Discover Your Soul's Path Through The Akashic Records

    in Self Help

    In her new book published by Hay House —DISCOVER YOUR SOUL'S PATH THROUGH THE AKASHIC RECORDS: TAKING YOUR LIFE FROM ORDINARY TO EXTRAORDINARY—Akashic Records expert Linda Howe takes readers into the Records as a means of spiritual enlightenment and personal growth. Howe, a world’s leading expert in the Akashic Records (aka energetic history of the Soul), shares insights into the Akasha in an accessible, fresh way. 

    Not since Edgar Cayce, has there been such a renewed interest in the Akashic Records. However, as an authority on the topic Linda empowers people, through her books and workshops, to personally tap into the eternal wisdom of their Soul for practical application in their daily lives .  

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    Morgana Starr: Psychic Powers, Akashic Records, Reiki Healing, & More

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    On the January 6, 2016 of "Nature Of Reality Radio" I welcome Morgana Starr, a psychic medium and angel communicator who was raised in the wilds of Africa by missionary parents. This along with looking for healing from Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue syndrome, has led Morgana to spirituality and her work with Angels. She is a Native American Pipe Carrier, Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Record and Past Life Reader. She is nationally known for her work directly with Archangel Anael, channeling her in books, blogs and group sessions, where she speaks in angelic tongue.

    Morgana's website: http://morganastarr.com

  • Higher Consciousness: What are the Akashic Records?

    in Self Help

    Higher Consciousness is a program that focuses on the physical as well as metaphysical, cultural, political and spiritual dimensions.All shows are archived; the shows are available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.Link:www.blogtalkradio.com/blogtalkradiooyindeenterprises 

    Join us as we discuss the Akashic Records, their purpose, and ythe ways to access them.

    Tonight's Topic

    What are the Akashic Records?

    Time:  7:00-9:00 pm

    Date:  Monday, September 21, 2015

    Guest:  Professor Jamela Franklin, Host


    Akashic Records

    by Evelyn

    What Are Akashic Records?

    The Akashic Records refer to a database of every word, thought or action that is stored energetically and encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. They are said to contain the information of every Soul or BEing in the cosmos. The Records are continually updated, with each new thought, word or action that every Soul or entity makes. The Akashic Records therefore contain the energetic prints about the origination and journey of every Soul through its lifetimes. They connect each of us to one another.

    Radio Host's Information

    Professor Jamela Franklin, Ed.M., M.A.


      (770)  882-7347

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    Bonnie Albers On Air : With Queen Z Akashic Records Specialist

    in Spirituality

    Hi Everyone , Please Join Me Bonnie Albers and Queen Z Susan Rich today bringing you ALL Things Metaphysical ????Let's Sparkle ????

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    Call in for past life reading from Akashic records reader, Dr. Marilou McIntyre

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Marilou McIntyre is an author, past life connector, and fear buster. She helps those suffering from irrational fears to mend the past so they can overcome their fears and live happy, healthy, successful lives. Her books, Fast Road to Happiness: Journey into Now, Life is Forever-Get Used to It, and The Forever Principles: Listening to an Angel Voice in My Head, assist you on the spiritual path and provide roadmaps to enjoy your life forever. To schedule a past life exploration or learn more about her books go to MarilouMcIntyre.com.

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    Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records with Linda Howe

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Linda Howe, for tonight's show, "Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records." Linda is an award-winning author and the leading expert in the field of Akashic Studies. She was the first person to make access to the Records available to anyone with a desire to learn, through her Pathway Prayer Process©. Linda is thrilled to be sharing her latest work, Discover Your Soul’s Path Through the Akashic Records: Taking Your Life from Ordinary to ExtraOrdinary, published in February 2015 by Hay House. Her first two books were How to Read the Akashic Records (Sounds True, 2009) and Healing Through the Akashic Records (Sounds True, 2011). Working in the Records since 1994 and teaching since 1996, she founded the Linda Howe Center for Akashic Studies in Chicago in 2001, teaching thousands of people globally. Linda’s joy is focusing on the Akashic Records as a spiritual resource for personal empowerment. To learn more please visit www.AkashicStudies.com.

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