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    Travel Today -- Airline Safety Special

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    This week, Travel Today with Peter Greenberg is a special edition on aviation safety and security from the studios of United Stations in New York. Joining us for this special program is airline pilot Patrick Smith, author of Cockpit Confidential with some surprising accident statistics. Veteran Journalist Joe Sharkey tells the remarkable story of his survival of a fatal midair collision over Brazil. All of this and more on this week's special Travel Today with Peter Greenberg on airline safety.

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    5 Million and nothing to Fees are coming to fund Racine

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    In Racine A city we are told by our Mayor has no money we are seeing more and larger fees why this will be the new norn

    Talk a bit about CVS and does Racine City Hall need a plumber?

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    MONTROSE VICTIM AWARDED MORE MONEY, GJ AIRPORT LEGAL FEES, SS DISABILITY FUND OUT OF $ NEXT YEAR, Man stabs police car with butcher knife to 'send a message'...
    Hypersonic guided missile may reshape balance of power in Pacific...
    Chinese warships spotted off Alaskan coast...
    Iran Commander: We're Getting Prepared to Overthrow Israel...
    Clinton Aide expected to plead the Fifth before House panel

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    To: Owners of property in the Downtown Community Benefit District

    From: Carmen Sabatino, Mayor of Modesto 2000-2004

     I am seeking a second term as Mayor of Modesto and I want you to know that I will be seeking the repeal of the assessment fees the present Council has agreed to have imposed on you. The money is going to a group of private individuals who have formed a nonprofit to run their NEW CITY.

    Sixty-one per cent of voting owners voted against the district, and yet this assessment district was formed. The City and County provided 14.5% of the yes vote.

    To put it bluntly, owners were “scammed” with the process that left little doubt of the election outcome.

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    "the daily complaint"

    Every weekday we answer client complaints on The Daily Complaint to provide direction and resources for both the person complaining as well as other consumers experiencing similar issues whether it be mortgage fraud, loan servicing escrow issues, loan modification runarounds or denials, short sale refusals, deed in lieu negotiations and credit card debt collector abuses and fraud violations.

    I routinely look for posts to answer in hopes that it will not only bring optimism to those homeowners and borrowers in distress but also some basic information to assist in fighting the banks that are "too big to fail" like Bank of America and Citi but yet don't appreciate the bailout that we provided in their time of need.  The debt collectors like Ocwen and Nationstar are simply just piranhas but they can be beat at their own game too just like the big banks can be defeated.  

    We are committed to answering consumer complaints and addressing everyday credit and debt issues on The Daily Complaint and I thank you for your continued support!

    We hope you enjoy the Show...


    Dana Shafman

    Managing Member

    END Consulting

    Phone (888) 234-7006 Ext 101

    Fax (888) 234-7096


    Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's END!


  • eBay is giving us more FREE listings

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    eBay annouced a new fee struction today : 

    Today's #eBay Announcement - Fee's change

    1.       For sellers without an eBay Stores subscription:
    a.  50 zero insertion fee listings for auction-style, or fixed price listings, in nearly all categories
    b.      Offer to try a Basic eBay Stores subscription for one month—FREE.
    2.       For sellers with an eBay Store subscription:
    a.       Basic-level store subscribers will get an increased allotment from 150 to 200 zero insertion fee Fixed Price listings per month
    b.      And—for all eBay Stores subscribers—the monthly allotment of 100 additional zero insertion fee auction-style listings will be extended to apply to listings in both Collectibles and Fashion categories
    Learn more at EBAY

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    EAL Radio Episode 235

    in Travel

    Things you don't see in airport terminals anymore. If you can think back to the 50s, 60s, 70s and maybe into the 1980s you wouls see an entirely different terminal than the ones we use today.  Go back with us as we discuss these differences.  And, do we really miss some of them?  I do, and let me tell you why.  Please join us with your memories of airpoort terminals during the propeller age and coming into the jet age.  See you at the Gate as Flight 235 departs at 7:00 pm ET sharpe.

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    The Mobile Concept Network introducing Easy Speed Pay - Host Peter Mingils

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    The Mobile Concept Network introducing Easy Speed Pay!

    We are using our Phase3 website which is very simple to use. Go take a look at: http://www.networkleads.com/esp  is a page 

    we built with our Phase3 Product line. Want to see how it works? http://www.building-fortunes.com/esp

    Building Fortunes Radio network with Peter Mingils introduces......

    Easy Speed Pay product from The Mobile Concepts Network company. 

    The prelaunch of Easy Speed Pay....  (ESP)

    The new way to send and receive money.  

    "Lets ESP IT"

    "Can I ESP IT"

    No Fees, No Discounts, No Chargebacks.

    Networkleads - PM Marketing is also helping to promote Easy Speed Pay. With  one of our own products "Phase3 website".

    Contact us for a demonstration:

    Peter Mingils
    (386) 445-3585

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    California Charles Marshall Returns for Talk on Rescission and Foreclosure

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    Charles Marshall returns tonight to delve deeper into the non-judicial cancellation of loans (TILA Rescission). We are getting reports of seminars across the country devoting a large part of their presentation to rescission. The Banks know they are in trouble --- rescission levels the playing field and will force the disclosure of the identity of the true creditors. The answer is likely to be they are unknown because investor money was (a) never delivered to the trusts that issued the certificates that investors thought they bought and (b) investors money was never segregated into separate accounts, never subject to the control of the trustee or its trustee, and was all mixed together from thousands of trusts. There is most likely no way to determine whose money was used to fund any loan. 

    Rescission could clear the path to solutions for homeowners and Federal, State and Local governments deprived of revenue by entities that existed only on paper to obscure the real transactions and avoid taxes, fees and costs.

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    EAL Radio Episode 234

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    Questions you've always wanted to ask/know but were too afraid to ask.  We'll ask the experts about things we see around airplanes, terminals, and in the air.  Join in with your questions and share answers with questions asked.  We'll see you at the Gate when Fliight 334 departs at 7:00 pm EST, September 28th.  Be on board. 

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    Should Parents Pay Fines When Children Misbehave In School?

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    As adults, we learn that mistakes cost money - whether it's late fees for forgetting to pay a bill on time or traffic ticket fees for failing to stop at a stop light. When children misbehave in school, the price is often suspension - meaning they have to stay home from school. Is that really punishment for a child, or is it a vacation day?  Many teachers feel that failure to train a child to behave properly is an infraction committed by parents for which they should be fined. Is that fair? Or will that encourage parents to take more responsibility for their child's behavior? How much should a parent be fined when a child repeatedly disrupts the class while the teacher is teaching? How much for bullying other students? How much for when a child starts a fight? If fines are not paid, should the parent have to do community service at the school in order to work off the debt?  Should the parent have to attend a parenting class after receiving a certain number of fines? Based on your ideas, we will present this as a proposal to school boards as an alternative to suspension, which takes a child out of school, prevents learning, and does not correct the behavioral problem caused by a lack of parenting skills.