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    Author Commentary - Character: Rodney McKay

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    Rodney McKay - Character Discussion
    Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
    Link to my Stargate stories: http://keiramarcos.com/fan-fiction-index/stargate-atlantis-fan-fiction/

    Questions for the show came from: http://keiramarcos.livejournal.com/325975.html

    Fics Talked about

    Ordinary Life by Astolat & Speranza

    Entangled Particles by Zinnith

    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2010)) by Sardonic Smiley

    Xanthe's BDSM Universe

    A Farm in Iowa 'Verse by Sheafrotherdon

    Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose by synecdochic

    Crusade in Jeans by Mystic

    Two Jack/McKay Tarlan Fics:
    One Way Ticket & Hold Your Breath

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    No More Delays! The Grindhouse Airs This Saturday @6pm!

    in Politics Conservative

    Please accept our apologies for Wednesday's preempted broadcast but just as ASM's upcoming "Electro" (Jamie Fox) once sang "Blame it (on the alcohol)," in our case-"Blame it on Blogtalk!"  Well, hopefully today's Grindhouse will air without a hitch.  Pull up a chair this Saturday at 6pm and listen to The Comic Shoppe portion of Afronerd Radio's Grindhouse!  Your Podcast Avengers will unpack the following topics: recent media outlets have reported that Fox has its Fantastic Four actors for the reboot (and the internet revolts) ; finally...the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is released; virtual reality glasses for PS4 may soon become, well.....a reality; our thoughts about the recent release of the Robocop reboot: more on Man of Steel 2 really being a JLA movie (Cyborg and John Stewart claims) and lastly more Gotham TV news!  Call live at 646-915-9620.

    And then batting second at 7pm is Afronerd Radio! Listen to Dburt and Captain Kirk dogmatize on the following current event topics: In the wake of the Michael Dunn mistrial/verdict, the team ponders how much does "hot talk" exhibited by teens play a role in these tragedies and can they be avoided? ; and how similar (or dissimilar) is the Dunn case to a recent Arkansas murder involving a Black adult killing a teen of color over a prank; Dburt calls Sirius-XM (again) as well as pulling audio from other shows; the emergence of 12 Years a Slave's Lupita Nyongo and lastly, Dburt is actually envious Mr. Aaron Norton's impressive (and newsworthy) video game collection.

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    Zuri Speaks: with guest Ajamu Bandele of the (ASM)

    in Culture

    Join Queen T as she welcomes Ajamu Bandele, "The Director of International Affairs" of the (ASM) African Socialist Movement.
    Ajamu Bandele
    Face Book Info:
    Contact inforamtion:

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    host Ramisous, Bro. Tommy Joshua, Bro. Chernoh M Bah

    in Self Help

    Unity of African Worldwide featuring freedom fighter and revolutionary journalist Bro Chernoh Bah Chairman of the West African based African Socialist Movement (ASM) Bro Bah will be updating the African community on his upcoming visit to Philadelphia June 17-20th.

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    K12NN, MOMocrats, & MomsLA: Testing, Testing, 1-2-3

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    Today's show features a round-table discussion with Donna Schwartz Mills of MOMocrats, and Yvonne Condes and Sarah Auerswald of MomsLA (a 100+ blogger network based in Los Angeles), led by Cynthia Liu of K12 News Network.
    It's STAR testing week still for many of us in California. What does this mean for the Common Core Standards we've heard about, and the changes in tests we can expect to see in the next few years?
    Confused about the implementation of these new standards and tests? You're not the only one -- lawmakers in the California state legislature are also wrestling with unanswered questions surrounding implementation: who'll pay for professional development of teachers? How will every classroom be able to administer computer-based tests? Will low initial scores in NY and KY force more CA schools into Program Improvement?
    * Key takeaways: CA spends $50 million to administer STAR tests & $11 million on CAHSEE, the required high school test. * Costs of implementing CCS professional development and new testing could be around $1 billion, yet no money's been allocated for this. Asm. Joan Buchanan: has said $ for PD is about 50c per child in CA. Hardly adequate!
    So, whose district is ready for CCS, either on the learning side, or on the testing side?

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    COMIC NATION LIVE - Episode 40

    in Entertainment

    Comic Nation Live turns 40 on this epic huge episode where the crew talk about the comics that came out on  12/19/12 plus an a week early review of the final issue of ASM "The Amazing Spider-Man #700"

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    Why We Don't Recycle More Aluminum & Rare Earth Elements

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    Everyone is familiar with “reuse, renew and recycle” or some variation thereof. Be that as it may, we are still constantly manufacturing gadgets that use rare earth elements and other products which require aluminum. Recycling seems to be the best solution to cut down cost and environmental impact. It takes twice the amount of time, energy and money to mine new materials than to recycle the old. However, we aren’t cutting back and have a long way to go before we can become truly sustainable. Is this because the demand is too high and we have an abundant supply? What can be done to conserve the resources we have from a global perspective?    In this segment of The Clean Energy View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Dr. Subodh Das about the global aluminum industry and rare earth elements. Dr. Das is well recognized and respected expert and consultant to the global aluminum industry specializing in the areas of industry trends, technology, recycling, manufacturing, carbon management and new product & process developments. Dr. Das is the CEO of Phinix, LLC, Fluid Management Systems, Inc. and Underground Recovery, LLC . Dr. Das has over 35 yrs of global aluminum experience in manufacturing and tech areas covering wide disciplines including executive, project, operational, financial and technical management as well as being an accomplished scientist, engineer and inventor. Subodh has served on the boards of The Aluminum Association, Secat  and the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society . The American Society of Metals elected him as ASM Fellow in 2002. The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society also awarded Subodh its prestigious Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Das (with John Green) also received the best paper award from the Journal of Metals for his paper titled “Aluminum Industry and Climate Change-Assessment and Responses “.   

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    African Socialist Mvmnt's Ajamu Bandele Ep. 65

    in Education

    History of the ASM
          Who is Chernoh Alpha M. Bah, an overview
    Guest speaker’s (Ajamu Bandele) role in the ASM
    History of Sierra Leone/overview of politics
    Why ASM is contending for political power
    Current status of the electoral process in Sierra Leone, status of the people, and status of the ASM
    What the African Unity in the 21st Century Tour is and why it is extended to the U.S.
    The necessity to support socialist struggles/parties on the ground in Africa.
    Tour information concluded, all details.
    How the people can get involved in support and organizing.
    Plug tour info between each break.

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    Thoughts about the Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit

    in Software

    Join us as Dr. Durrell Rittenberg discusses the upcoming 48th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference & Exhibit in Atlanta, GA -- July 29th - August 1.

    Tecplot has been involved with the AIAA for over a decade and, as always, we're looking forward to a stellar list of presentations and exhibitors. More than 50 companies will be presenting their wares and services and the show is expecting over 1,300 visitors.

    If you're there, look for us hanging out with our friends at the Pointwise booth.

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    UFC 144, Glenn Robinson, Caros Fodor, Ronda Rousey and more

    in Sports

    Rob and Travis talk about all of the major fights and break down who really won the main event. Hear how Mark Hunt's improbable career isn't as surprising as some may think. Should Pettis get the next title shot? The guys take sides on the issue and debate who is next in line.

    Glenn Robinson is the head of ASM, one of the sport's biggest management companies. He is the man behind the Blackzillians. What does Glenn think of his clothing company Jaco's future? Why did he choose sides with Rashad when he and Jon Jones had a falling out. Also Glenn is very open and honest when he discusses the recent rumor regarding his signing of Alistair Overeem and if he paid him $500,000 to sign with ASM.

    Caros Fodor is coming off of a 18 second KO win at his last Strikeforce outing and now he has a chance to be in the mix with his fight against Healy this weekend. Hear how he is training hard to overcome what may be Healy's biggest advantage. Also hear what he thinks about teammates Tim Boetsch and Mighty Mouse Johnson.

    Drew Brokenshire is a name you may not know now, but you will soon. With the most prolific amateur career in Washington State history, Demetrious Johnson's #1 sparring partner has recently turned pro. Find out what secrets he has learned training with one of the world's best flyweights.

    The final Ask Ronda is upon us. Listen to what Ronda thinks of the final weeks of prep before her title shot against Meisha Tate.

    Finally, what would an MMA week be without Erik Fontanez getting thrown out of somewhere. Hear what happened this time and listen to the guys give some quick picks for UFC on FX 2.

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    WE Do NOT CONSENT, Dr. Jerry Brown!!

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    -AB 499: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/asm/ab_0451-0500/ab_499_bill_20110902_enrolled.pdf
    -BILL NUMBER: SB 946: http://www.leginfo.ca.gov/pub/11-12/bill/sen/sb_0901-0950/sb_946_bill_20110909_amended_asm_v95.html
    -Gov. signs bill letting minors seek HPV vaccinations without parental consent: http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/oct/09/brown-signs-bill-minors-seek-preventive-std-treatm/
    Non toxic bioremediation.

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