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    Creation Energies channeled by Brenda Hoffman

    in Spirituality

    Summary of the October 11, 2014 Creation Energies show - Brenda's free, channeled, 15-minute show at www.BlogTalkRadio.com/brenda-hoffman: The new mantra for many of you who have exited your cocoon is 'change is not fearful'. Most likely, you've been focussing on either emotional or physical issues during this transition. Now you're starting to focus on the opposite to learn that change is no longer fearful - just a new normal. Soon change will be preceived as joyful, but for now you're learning change just is.

    You Mark Your Transitions is the title of this week's Brenda's Blog - her free, channeled blog for www.LifeTapestryCreations.com.

    Overview of this week's Creation Energies: Many experienced AHAs the past few days. Perhaps you received an answer to a question via your dreams, a song, book or others. Likely, you also shifted from emotional to physical or vise versa with little difficulty or recognizing that you did so. The biggest shift is global - your Ebola concerns. Just days ago, you were concerned with war. That concern has shifted to healing and saving lives. Something that religion, culture, race, gender, sexual preference or economics has not achieved. Such is your heart awakening.  And so it is Ebola has become a global concern of the heart.

    Brenda's Blog and her Creation Energies show contain different channeled information.

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    Consistency - The Key to Money Making Success

    in Women

    Author and host of Women Enjoying Success Radio Sharon Michaels shares the importance of working your business consistently. Sharon tells her coaching clients, "You can work your business full time or part time, but you can't work your business sometime and expect to make consistent money." You'll want to listen with pen and paper so you can make notes and jot down a few "ahas." It's all about Women Enjoying Success!

    You can purchase your copy of Sharon's Paperback and Kindle book, 21 Days to Living Your Dreams  available on Amazon.com.

    Read Sharon's blog - http://WomenWhoWantToSuccessfullyWorkForThemselves.com


    Note: As the author and an affiliate of Amazon.com I will receive a commission when you purchase my books.


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    Tom Fabbri Over 50 and on the summit

    in Business

    The second portion of the interview with Tom Fabbri will focus on some the amazing physical acheivements. As of 7.31.13 Tom ahas summited 5 of the highest peaks peaks on each continent around the world. Each one presented a different situation and a different challenge, physical mental or both.
    visit the website for more information www.tomfabbri.com
    To book Tom for your next event contact
    Brian Cohen DTM 631-255-3581 Briansos@optonline.net www.briansos.com

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    Source of WEalth - Attack Lack of Insight w/ Dr. J. Fletcher

    in Business

    Dr. Janice Fletcher - Dr. Fletcher transitions us to conscious learning, by awakening potential genius and creating optimal learning for all through her book, Wisdom from the Inner Teacher; Turning Aha!s into OWL Moments (Optimal Wisdom Learning)  joins us as we "Attack the Lack of Insight!" 
    So often in life, we struggle because we do not recognize opportunity until it passes; or we fall victim to unforeseen obstacles. BUT what if you KNEW how to handle EVERY challenge that came your way? If you KNEW opportunity was coming and how to prepare for it? If you KNEW “ALL” of the answers before the test? 
    Tonight’s guest, Dr. Janice Fletcher, says that instead of feeling our way in the dark, we can learn how to “feel, hear, and KNOW when we see truth!”  Join us on the Source of Wealth at 10 pm EST as we give the “Lack of Insight” a “Knuckle Sandwich!” 1-347-989-8958

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    The Women's Transformation Show - Tambra Harck

    in Women

    Tambra Harck   http://yourdailyyum.com/success   is a spiritual teacher, speaker, best-selling author and master healer, who guides humanitarian visionaries, leaders and agents of transformation to live more joyously and with great love as they activate and facilitate their missions in the world. 
    For more than 20 years Tambra has been guiding clients and audiences to empower themselves through access to their innate wisdom, creative expression and soul desire. Her warm and insightful nature makes her a powerful speaker, often creating unexpected ahas and expanded possibility.
    Connect to who you really are, and watch your life bloom. This show helps you create your life on purpose. You have within you everything you need to create an abundant, happy, stable, richly rewarding life. Starting now.

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    Ruining my SO-SO relationship

    in Spirituality

    Those of us who stay single for any length of time, might possibly have hidden agendas connected to our state of disconnection.
    If you have the habit of disconnection as I did, you might relate to what was going on when I managed to stay disconnected, even in the midst of a relationship. 
    Yes, even when the man asked me to marry him.
    Even more true, was that the man was showing me all the things about myself that I LONGED TO IGNORE.
    Tune in when I disclose my state of self-deception and blissful ignorance, cloaked in a pretence of desire for intimacy. Yikes!!
    I have a knack for turning troubles into great big "AHAs!', and I'll be sharing my unusual perspective with you, so you can do the same for yourself.

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    I realized I was WRONG about basically everything

    in Spirituality

    Do you want to find upbeat, powerful stories and inspiring quotes that can help you solve even mucky problems and relieve your exhausting stress?  Then this radio show is for you!
    I have a knack for turning troubles into great big "AHAs!', and I'll be sharing my unusual perspective with you, so you can do the same for yourself.
    I love hearing the UNVARNISHED truth about things, so I won't be hiding my mistakes or pretending to be better than I am. I want to help you turn your own emotional distress into great, inspiring insights.
    I'll be featuring unique and true inspiring stories about how to make things better for YOU--how to love a job you used to hate, how to energize your relationships, how to be a better parent and partner. 
    Please join me weekly for tips and strategies than can change your life, step by powerful step.  Join with me to Get Inspired!

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    How Self-Sabotage Destroys Success

    in Women

    Sharon Michaels is the author of numerous books and articles on the subject of personal and professional development and knows first hand how devastating self-sabotaging habits and behaviors can be to success. Sharon will share how to's for recognizing those self-limiting behaviors that may be destroying your ability to succeed and thrive the way you know you can. You'll want to have pen and paper handy to make notes and jot down some "ahas." It is all about Women Enjoying Success!
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    Passioneer®: Vanda Mikoloski, Founder of Enlighten Up! Spir

    in Goals

    Vanda Mikoloski re-ignited her old comedy career at age 45. She put whatever would fit into her Honda Civic and drove to Los Angeles after meeting the director of the movie "The Secret" She takes all the wisdom and nonsense from her spiritual journey as she endeavors to walk her talk in a funny way, to bring her show "Enlighten Up! -Ahas and Hahas" to audiences all over the world. We invite you to call or link in and participate in questions/discussion.
    Happy Passioneering®!