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    Taneshia Nash Laird Joins Nixon SquarD for a Brief Conversation

    in Business News

    Taneshia Nash Laird is a seasoned professional with over 20 years experience in strategic communications and 15 years experience in community revitalization in the private and public sectors.

    In November 2014, Taneshia was appointed a Regional Director with the U.S. Women's Chamber of Commerce. She is also the CEO of Legacy Business Advisors, a consultancy which provides social entrepreneurs and government agencies with strategic communications, business development and economic development strategies.

    Taneshia is the co-owner of My Image Studios (also known as MIST Harlem), the $21 million, 20,000 square foot entertainment center in New York City. The published co-author of the critically acclaimed book “Still I Rise: A Graphic History of African-Americans,” Taneshia is a committed community leader with a passion for art, history and the environment.

    Taneshia serves as a trustee with the Art Pride of New Jersey Foundation and the Advocates for New Jersey History; a Senior Fellow in the Eastern Regional Network of the Environmental Leadership Program; a member of Felician College's Business Advisory Council; and an appointee to the board of the New Jersey Urban Enterprise Zone Authority. 

    Widowed in 2013, Taneshia is raising her two young daughters in Princeton, NJ. Her primary business offices are in Trenton, NJ, where she served as the city director of economic development and later the executive director of the Trenton Downtown Association.

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    An Interview with Priscilla "Lady A" Warren - Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 7:00 PM

    in Women

    Join us tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. for an interview with Priscilla "Lady A" Warren.  Sharan Nixon your host will ask the questions you all want to know.  Find out if there will be a next book; what it takes to become a life coach; and her life journey onto doctrine-hood. 

    Lady A will be the first interview on Nixon SquarD after returning from a brief hiatus from the BlogTalkRadio universe.

    Until tomorrow.

    Keep Dreamin'

    Sharan Nixon - Host, Nixon SquarD

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    Guess Who's Back On The Air

    in Entertainment

    WELCOME to The Unconventional Dialogue

    You used to know and love it as Nixon Squar'd, but with new branding and a new vision "The Unconventional Dialogue" was born.

    Sharan Nixon is the host of the Unconventional Dialogue and is happy to be back on the air with her new show.  This show will interview individuals of all walks of life, discuss popular topics, and introduce a new way to support businesses and connect the community through airwaves.  So stay tuned, put your feet up, grab a Sprite or your favorite mocha and enjoy the show.

    If you would like to be interviewed on our show send a message of interest to info@thefashionumbrella.org.

    MOTTO:  The Unconventional Dialogue, where nothing is silenced, but everything is discussed.

    We encourage you to follow our page on Blogtalk Radio and on Facebook.

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    A Visit To Emerald City- Dreams Coming True- Annette McCoy and Agnes Vivarelli

    in Spirituality

    Would U like to visit Emerald City like Dorothy did in the Woizard of Oz?
    What are your dreams?
    Would U like your dreams to come true?

    Do U believe in miracles?

    What are U manifesting?

    AGNES VIVARELLI has written two books that tell fascinating true accounts
    of people's manifestations
    AGNES shares HOW TO MANIFEST using
    the Law of Atrraction with ANNETTE MCCOY

    Find out more from AGNES now!!!!!

    Join us in the chatroom or ring in on 347 202 0232


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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS--Is presidential candidate Jeb Bush imitating presidential candidate(1952-1956y) Adali Stevenson?

    Both Candidates had worn shoes which were publicized?

    Both Candidates had male relatives who were vice presidents and President

    Political Analyst G. Terry Madona claims that "Jeb Bush will be the Republican Presidential Candidate"


    Historical Background

    Presidential Primary facts about "wining in New Hampshire"
    ***Since 1956 only six presidential candidates  won in New Hampshire's Primary.  These six also won the Presidency--Ike 1952-JFK 1960-Nixon 1968-Carter 1976-Reagan 1980-G.H.W. Bush 1988---Obama and Hillary both won in 2008--Obama became the controversial nominee and controversial president

    ***1968 Minnesota's US Senator Eugene McCarthy won the Democratic Primary in New Hampshire but Minnesota's former Senator and Johnson's VP won the Democratic Nomination but lost the election to Richard Nixon 

    POLITICAL ANIMAL/THE POLITICAL ANIMAL--Also on Amicusveritas Youtube/

    SENIOR CITIZENS---"Ask and you will receive!"  ACE Hardware store give a 10 percent discount every daily to senior citizens who shop there



    2-10- Births-Deaths & Events relevant to US(a)


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    in Education

    Join the Dino Dean Show Sunday February 7th @ 5 pm CST. We have all heard of the tragedy in Flint, Michigan with the water contamination and poisoning of the residents. Dino will be sharing another tragic criminal action of environmental racism in Alexandria, Louisiana. Dino will be speaking with community activist Agnes Francisco who will be speaking for the residents that have been poisoned and cancer stricken for decades at the hands of local companies. We will also be speaking about the great life of lecturer, teacher, metaphysician, Dr. Delbert Blair. This will also be a Get It Off Your Chest Sunday. In this segment we talk politics, current events, our community, no subject is off limits. The call in number is 646-200-0067. Join the Dino Dean family for smart, uncompromising conversation!!!

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    What's Up With the Republican Party?

    in Culture

    I will be taking a look a the current condition of the Republican Party.  I've been observing it since the reign of Richard Nixon.

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    Rebel Rise Live 1.27.16

    in Football

    Rebels247 staff gives the latest surrounding the Ole Miss recruiting trail, including the recent commitments of Tre Nixon and Royce Newman. Rebels247 also prepares for the upcoming big recruitment weekend, talks Ole Miss hoops and more in this edition of Rebel Rise Live!

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    My American View: Hosted by A J: Politics, Health Care and Treason

    in Politics

    A. J. discusses his views on the candidates for president, health care reform, homeless VA Vets, ex-president Nixon's treason exposure and more right here on Living in America Euphoric Network. A. J. is very opinionated and his views on where America stands is creating a following here on this podcast.

    Come, hear what A. J. has to say about all the above topics. If would are interested in A.J's opinion on any topic contact me at williamthannaford@gmail.com and I will pass it on to A.J.

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    An Interview with Priscilla "Lady A" Warren

    in Women

    Join us on Tuesday, October 13, 2015 at 7:00 p.m. as we interview Pricilla "Lady A" Warren to discuss her new book, "Beautifully Twisted," her empowement experiences, her life coaching techniques, and her journey onto doctrine-hood.  She is also the mastermind behind "Lady A Speaks."  In the meantime, take a few minutes to review her bio.

    Don't forget to call in to speak "Lady A" personally - (347) 633-9671.


    Lady A is a well-known authority who works with individuals to unearth hidden belief systems, overcome success barriers, and destroy debilitating life cycles.  Engaging, energetic and full of enthusiasm, Lady A is passion in motion!  Lady A is a spiritual leader, motivational speaker, author, life coach and a world changer.  This little lady brings creativity, energy and fire to the stage.

    Visit her site: Lady A Speaks

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    Interview with author William Turner

    in Goals

    William Turner spent his formative years in New England. He was educated in the private, parochial school system, and is presently retired from State service (State of California), as a supervisor. He has one son (Ontonio), and three grandchildren. His grandson is serving in the United States Air Force. His daughter-in-law, Bridgette, is a practicing pediatrician. William had aspired--so long ago--to be a priest, but felt at the time he had not been exposed enough to life to walk away and close the monastery door. His subsequent exposure to life sullied him beyond any aspiration to the priesthood. William now lives in Lancaster, California, spending much of his time doing penance, reflecting on his countless errors in judgment. William's penchant for writing mysteries stems from his exposure to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories and those of Agatha Christie. His mentor was Sister Agnes Bernard--his high school English teacher.