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    Agile Writers - The 8 Stages of Story

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    In this segment we talk about the influences on the Agile Writer Method including Syd Field and Michael Hauge. We also talk about how the Hero's Journey maps to the 8 Stages of Story.

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    Agile Writer Method - Stages 0-8

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    We covered the need for plotting and pacing and some of the simplifying assumptions of the Agile Writer Method. Now, we're going to cover the 8 stages in detail. 

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    Agile Writers - Critique

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    §The Purpose of Critique is to

    §Get feedback

    §Get a first impression

    §Get a second opinion

    §Learn about mechanics (spelling, grammar)

    §Learn about structure (plot, character, etc…)

    §Improve your craft

    §through receiving criticism

    §through offering criticism

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    Agile Writers - Social Media

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    *Internet-based virtual communities and networks

    *User-generated content

    *Americans spend 121 billion minutes a month

    *Greater quality, reach,  frequency, immediacy, permanence than traditional media

    *People-based: Friends, Followers, etc…

    *Characterized by postings and comments and replies

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    Agile Writer Method - Writing Your Novel in 6 Months

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    Now that you know how to create a storyboard, here are the steps to writing your novel in a 6-month period.

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    Agile Writers - The first 60 Pages

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    You want to write an opening paragraph that will grab the reader's attention. In this segment we go into the details about what makes that first 3 sentences pop out. Then we'll talk about the first three paragraphs and the first three chapters. If there's time we'll talk about the next 30 pages as well.

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    Think Agile for Business Success

    in Business

    Flexibility is so important - being wedded to one idea is no longer possible as technological and market shifts happen seemingly overnight. Entrepreneurs can improve their flexible thinking and our guest Taffy Williams is going to talk with us about how.

    TAFFY WILLIAMS is the founder and president of Colonial Technology Development Company, which has helped launch a number of successful, entrepreneurial biotech, software, and pharmaceutical companies. He writes the popular “Startup Blog,” as well as articles for Examiner.com. He lives in Concord, North Carolina.  

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    IT Professionals: Agile guru Kent McDonald on the Agile Mindset and more

    in Entrepreneur

    Kent J. McDonald uncovers better ways of delivering value by doing it and helping others do it.  His more than 15 years of experience include work in business analysis, strategic planning, project management, and product development in a variety of industries including financial services, health insurance, performance marketing, human services, nonprofit, and automotive. He is active in the business analysis and agile software development communities helping people share stories about what does and does not work.  He shares those stories at beyondrequirements.com, techwell.com, and projectconnections.com in addition to presenting at and helping organize several local and international conferences. 

    He is co-author of Stand Back and Deliver: Accelerating Business Agility, a book that brings together immediately usable frameworks and step-by-step processes that help organizations deliver business value and build competitive advantage.

    His current project is  Beyond Requirements: Analysis with an Agile Mindset. Available on Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/1rkYKUf

    Other Writings:

    Article: What Are We Building Again? http://www.projectconnections.com/articles/070507-mcdonald.html

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    in Politics


    "Seniors Against a Fearful Environment (SAFE), a nonprofit corporation, was begun by the Black Panther Party at the request of a group of senior citizens for the purpose of preventing muggings and attacks upon the elderly, particularlywhen they go out to cash their meager social security or pension checks. Prior to approaching the Black Panther Party, the seniors had gone to the Oakland Police Department to request protection. There the seniors were told, to their dismay and outrage, that they "should walk close to the curb" in the future. Mrs. Van Frank, founder of the East Bay Legislative Council of Senior Citizens and the state of California's Outstanding Senior Citizen for 1971, commenting on the dangers experienced by the senior citi­ zens, has remarked: "The fear engendered among us old people by these mug­ gings almost makes us prisoners in our own homes."

    A section of a recent funding proposal for the SAFE Program substantiates these claims. A comparative crime study was done over a period of six weeks (August 21 to October 1, 1972) and details conclusively that the age of the victim does bear a de nite relationship to the type ofo ense committed. Ofthe com­ bined total of 249 victims of strong-arm robbery and purse-snatching, 48 per­ cent ofthe victims (118) were overthe age of y. During this same period, only 13 percent of complainants in armed robbery cases fell into the senior citizen category. The conclusion, then, is that an elderly person is more likely to be physically attacked, whereas the younger, more agile person, who is more able to a defend his- or herself, will more likely be the victim of an armed assault. The fact has also been established that 33 percent of all crimes committed in the city of Oakland are committed against senior citizens."

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    How Agile is Your Brain?

    in Health

    How agile is your Brain?  In this world of pollution and stress from all sides, our brain, our psyche takes a beating.  Let’s test your brain and find out; using one of the newest software created by Sound Health.  

    How does one keep their brain in “shape” for the New Year?  Join us, volunteer and let us BioAcoustically test your brain’s resourcefulness to meet today’s pressures and demands.  Watch online as we examine the potential of a brain.

    Sound Health Options 

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    Episode 3: AskAnAnalyst w Kupe - Bizness/Tech/STEM Opportunities Q&A

    in Jobs

    The key to innovation and successful solutios is identifying the real problems and finding the right solution for the right problem.   Professionals who help define problems, elicit and manage requirements as well as manage expectations and facilitate identifying solutions are called Business Analysis in various industries. Jacqueline Blackman (JB) and Kupe from B2TTraining are practising BA's and educators who are leading this online roundtable discussion at the virtual Tech Expreso Cafe. Find out what BA's do, lets talk about some of the tips and tricks. Also find out if this is the career path for you.

    Send Your comments and questions about your career dilemnas via twittedr using #BizTechTalkLive 

    email us @ technologyexpresso@gmail.com and we will read your questions and comments online!

    This NEW series is a collaboration and partnership between Technology Expresso and B2TTraining.com.