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    The "Simply Ageless" Gospel according to Cathi

    in Motivation

    DiVa-LiCiously Yours...
    "Simply Ageless" Renditions from a DYNAMIC DIVA with PANACHE, PURPOSE, STYLE, GLAMOUR and VITALITY!"
    When I get an 'epiphany' you know those 'WOW' ideas, I move on them immediately.
    Saturday, June 29, 2013, out of the clear, I got, 'SHARE YOUR SIMPLY AGELESS Renditions with not only DIVAs but with the World!
    "THE SIMPLY AGELESS' GOSPEL ACCORDING TO Cathi is POWER PACKED with 'SIMPLY AGELESS' memorizations and renditions.
    The Challenge...etc.
    We're living longer but...etc.
    Invest in...etc.
    Your Golden Years...etc.
    Life is NOT A...etc.

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    Boomer Model Cindy Joseph Chats With The Ageless Sisters

    in Women

    Ford Classic super model and makeup artist Cindy Joseph is the founder and CEO of BOOM! By Cindy Joseph, a new and exciting concept in makeup that promotes natural, radiant, and ageless beauty. Cindy weighed her own desire to look her best against her opposition to the idea that a woman needed to “put on her face” to be beautiful.  She soon realized that she would have a greater influence on how beauty was defined if she was “in the game.” Using the skills and talents she developed while working with local photographers, Cindy began a career as a makeup artist for fashion and beauty in the late 70s. At the age of 49, Cindy was approached to model for the Dolce and Gabbana campaign photographed by Steven Meisel. The project ignited a modeling career with Ford Models Inc., which continues to flourish today. 
    Visit www.BoomByCindyJoseph.com

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    Lisa Dwoskin, Author of Metamorphecise

    in Health

    Lisa Dwoskin, author of Metamorphecise and former NBC fitness correspondent

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    Mimi Lam, Creator of I AM Teas

    in Health

    , Creator of I AM teas and she is considered an energy healer.

    From Mimi:

    "My name is Mimi Lam. My passion has always been sharing and caring. I dabble in many interests but at the core of my heart is how to live and love better. I was born in China, and have lived in the United States since I was an infant. I grew up helping in my family restaurant business since I was 7 years old. This prepared me for a busy life as a single Mom. Had a career as successful fashion designer for decades, including starting up a private label company for Vanity Fair in the 80's."

    "Multi- tasking was the norm. I woke up one day and needed to STOP living on autopilot. I read many self-improvement books and was a workshop junkie. These experiences enhanced my life and gave me a start on an exciting journey of going inward and learning many forms of, energy, crystal, sound healing. I studied coaching, nutrition and esoteric subjects as well. This was a time of tremendous, internal growth."

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    Ageless and Sexy - Sheila Pearl

    in Relationships

    Aging doesn't diminish your desire - attitude does!

    Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach, Sheila Pearl has dedicated over 30 years mentoring and coaching adults, teaching effective success attitudes and strategies for turning conflicts into collaboration and challenges into opportunities. Since 2004 Sheila has a private coaching practice called “Loving Relationships,” and she spends her professional life dedicated to teaching individuals, couples and families how to build and maintain loving relationships.

    Sheila's specialty niche is coaching, writing and speaking about the importance of sensuality and sexuality in the “New Midlife” (50-80+).  

    Sheila is the author of several books, including Ageless & Sexy: Pioneering Uncharted Territory for Loving Relationships in the New Midlife, scheduled for release Summer of 2014.

    Sheila can be found joyfully sharing and singing the love via her website, Facebook,Twitter, and YouTube! 

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    Ageless Sisters Show w/ Susie Hadas

    in Health

    Three-time entrepreneur, Susie Hadas, started experiencing hot flashes at the age of 47. Making her miserable and interfering with just about everything at the most inconvenient moments, Susie needed a solution. But confusing information and smelly, wet, sticky, and controversial products were the only “solutions” available. Susie founded Personally Cool and invented “the” product to help women get through hot flashes with grace and dignity – coldfront® - her now patented personal cooling system. Used by women, men and children with a wide variety of heat-related conditions all over the world, coldfront® has been recommended by doctors, users, and such notable media outlets as The Washington Post, Oprah.com, LA Times and The Doctors.



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    Pre-Holiday Special With The Ageless Sisters

    in Entertainment

    A rare opportunity with just Cynthia and Jackie sharing their favorite holiday secrets. 
    They will discuss ways to look younger and feel better during the holiday season. 
    We will videotape our live show so you can watch us in action on http://www.youtube.com/theagelesssisters

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    Veterans are honored at Ageless Aviation Dreams sponsored by SportClips

    in Lifestyle

    Life Lessons honors our Veterans of the Armed Air Forces at SportClips Ageless Aviation Dreams. This show is presented by SportClips, America's fastest growing hair salon franchise.

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    BGC: 10 Tips For Rockin' An Ageless Vibe

    in Self Help

    Join the Bougie Girl as she offers up her 10 tips for rockin' an ageless vibe.

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    An Ageless Woman's Guide to Heart Health

    in Health

    Your heart beats approximately 100,000 times per day.  In a healthy circulatory system, all of this happens without your giving it much thought.

    It's Never Too Late

    Did you know that it is never too late to make a positive change when it comes to heart health.

    Join host Tami Neumann as she sits down in conversation with cardiologist,Elizabeth Jackson as they talk about her book An Ageless Woman's Guide to Heart Health.  Learn why prevention is the biggest treatment to heart health.

    Dr. Jackson began work at the University of Michigan Health Center in 2007.  She works as an attending cardiologist with an emphasis in women's cardiovascular health and prevention.

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    Ray Spotts, Creator of OraMD

    in Health

    Creator of Ora MD and other fine essential oil products

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