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    It’s Time to Get Delightfully In Sync with the Universe

    in Spirituality

    For today’s session I ask that you listen to this short audio I recorded just for you (music lovingly created by  Andrea Carri – you can purchase his beautiful music at: http://www.andreacarri.it/) Getting delightfully in sync with the Universe is the key to tapping into attracting endless magic and miracles. In this episode we'll discuss how you can begin to do flow in harmony with the Universe.

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    The Law of DeLight
    DELIGHT: Episode 2 – The Currency of the Universe, Wisdom, & Being Human
    Releasing All Resentments to Experience More Delight


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    A Little Afternoon Delight

    in Entertainment

    Right here Right Now-Afternoon Delight with Forbidden Tear's Radio!!

    4PM - 6PM

    Featuring Awesomeness!!

    And Books by Joy Redmond!!


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    Desire for God, Delight in the Lord

    in Spirituality

    Desire for God, Delight in the Lord Sunday Church Service

    Sunday Worship Service Arise with Healing in His Wings Give Praise unto the Lord

    Sundays 11:00 am

    Bible Study - Be Free In Christ, Bible Study Live Question & Answers Friday 1:30 pm

    Wednesday 1:30 pm and Thursday 8:30 pm

    Let's go through the Bible together and discover the rich treasure he has promised for our lives.


    Meet me Evangelist, Preacher Peter Kelleher on the streets of Bronx every Wednesday 1:30 pm 161st Street

    Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. Join us as God reveals to us the scriptures in the Gospel of John together. Allow the love of God to transform and bless your life.


    Got Questions give us a call, life in the Spirit. Let the Word of God change and transform your life.

    Contact us and view Daily Word of God  http://www.personalgrace.com



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    Today On The Boochcast, Booch summarizes the key moments of the Holiday Episodes of NXT, Gives a full recap of last night's NXT, A potential guest might call in, and afterwards Booch will get into some news and take calls. 

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    In His Shade I Took Great Delight

    in Religion

    Please join me January 20th at 11 am CST  as I discuss Song Of Solomon 2:3; . The Beauty of God  in this verse is so amazing.

    Our Beloved The Lord Jesus Christ  has given us eternal shade. And His fruit is so sweet. 

    The Douay Rheims says this -

    Douay Rheims says this In Psalm30:8,9

     The angel of the Lord shall encamp round about them that fear him: and shall deliver them. 8 (33-9) O taste, and see that the Lord is sweet: blessed is the man that hopeth in him. 

    This apple tree - the citron tree is a remedy against poison. Jesus gave us the remedy against the poison of sin.

    His fruit is so sweet.His mercy is indescribable.

    His tender mercy is over all His works.

    Song of Solomon 2:3

    "Like an apple tree among the trees of the forest, So is my beloved among the young men. In his shade I took great delight and sat down, And his fruit was sweet to my taste.

    Hope you can join- Char

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    Movie Reviews: Closed Circuit, Getaway, Afternoon Delight

    in Movies

    On this week's ScreenPicks Movie Show, we review three new films: Closed Circuit, Getaway, and Afternoon Delight. 

  • Afternoon Mini Readings

    in Spirituality

    Afternoon Mini Readings With A Powerful Clairvoyant

    No Repeat Callers

    This radio program is for entertainment purposes only

    I do not give out medical or legal advice..

    Time frames may vary as with all things that fall within the matrix

    Remember, you are always in control of your destiny through the Divine Gift of Free Will... 

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    P.S. It's the Afternoon

    in Entertainment

    Group of Johnson & Wales University North MiamiStudents Hosting their first radio show. Things of discussion will include: weather, news, celebrity gossip, Sports, and more. Sports topics include the Heat, Dolphins, Marlins, and our very own campus teams: golf, basketball, soccer. Wildcat students who want to know what's going on on campus stay tune and you'll find out all the different events that will be going on near you. 

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    Poetic Patterns ~ Access Limitless Supply through the Field of Delight

    in Spirituality

    Almine is the living embodiment of the field of delight. Through her teachings and tools she guides our hearts and minds to unify and step into this field. It is the field of Infinite resources awakened by happiness, joy and glad expectations. Join me today in this field, the very Garden of the Gods, to sing a song of delight for Almine. 

    To the Infinite the glory....

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    Lunch Time Tuesday Afternoon Tunes

    in Radio

    Going to be letting you know which of our website members are on target to win cash this month. Find out what you can do to win! Vote for your favorite songs at the top of the website every day! It's free to join the site and set up your profile page so come and join us! We have all kinds of great music coming your way to keep your afternoon moving along. Hope you are having a terrific Tuesday from wherever you may be listening!

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    The NTUNED Afternoon Mix Up With Ms.P And Nikki G

    in Lifestyle

    Start your afternoon off informed and entertained each Sunday morning or afternoon with a comprehensive look at local, state and national news, along with local guests who will discuss topics and events of local interest. Ms.P and Nikki G Either puts the skill of the gift to gab to work by bringing in community leaders and interesting characters to discuss issues and events that are going on in our community and the world at large. Can't leave out our views on fashion, entertaintment, social media and life in general. Dial in 818-495-6975 LIVE 

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