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    Q&A with Jessica Holter of The Punany Poets

    in Entertainment

    On Friday, December 28, 2012, Scottie Lowe of AfroerotiK and Jessica Holter of The Punany Poets will join forces for the very first time to bring you a night of sensational erotica at The Crucible in Washington DC.  Join the BTR discussion as these two very powerful women of erotica give their insights, thoughts, and feelings about all things erotic and share some poetic teasers of what the night will bring.  And for those lucky enough to make it to the show on the 28th, they will see the premiere of Sensu-Soul, the hot Black erotic video that is creating quite a buzz.  
    For Advanced Tickets go to http://www.punanytickets.com/

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    Black Erotica's Scottie Lowe of AfroerotiK

    in Writing

    Join me as I welcome Scottie Lowe, artistic creator of AfroerotiK.com.  Erotic provocateur, humanist, relentless champion for the oppressed, and facilitator for social change, Scottie Lowe is the creative genius and the blood, sweat, and tears behind AfroerotiK.  Voted the #1 Black erotic website, AfroerotiK.com gives serious erotic writers an avenue to pen their work. AfroerotiK.com visitors gain a place to learn and explore gender, age, sexual orientation, complexion, interracial and body size all in an Afronized erotic empowerment zone.  Scottie Lowe engages our listening audience in removing the shame and stigma from our collective sexual expression and provides the opportunity for all people of African descent to see themselves in a beautiful, erotic light. There is no other website like it and Scottie is on hand to answer authors and writers questions about publishing in the erotic genre.

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    Erotica Noir: The Sensual Art with AfroerotiK

    in Romance

    In this episode of HoneySoul Radio we will explore the art of erotica and it's artistic value. We will answer the question, "What is the difference between mainstream adult industry films and erotica?" We will discuss sensuality, love and intimacy and it's sacred connection concerning Black Love, with our very special guest, Scottie Lowe the creator, brain child, and creative genius behind AfroerotiK. 
    Scottie Lowe is an erotic provocateur, a humanist, relentless champion for the oppressed, and facilitator for social change, Scottie Lowe is the brain child, creative genius and the blood, sweat, and tears behind AfroerotiK.  Intended to be part academic, part educational, and part sensual, she, yes SHE gave birth to the website and the company to provide people of African descent a place to escape the narrow-mined, stereotypical, limiting and oft-times degrading beliefs that abound about our sexuality. You can find AfroerotiK at www.afroerotiK.com 

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    Throwback Thursday: Toys R Us

    in Lifestyle

    This is a rebroadcast of one of the very first AfroerotiK is podcasts that shares a special story about how a man decides to shower romance on his lovely wife.  Sit back, light a candle, and enjoy.  This is straight up storytelling, in the tradition of the African griot, for your listening pleasure. 

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    Sexually Submissive White Men

    in Lifestyle

    It’s a topic so important that we have to do a follow up.  On our last show, we talked about the dynamics of individuals who are aroused by being called racial epithets during their intimate moments with partners of other races.  The last half hour of the show was dedicated to submissive white males and their agendas.  There just wasn’t enough time to go into the multi-layers of this HUGE phenomenon so we’re going to dedicate an entire show to peeling off the layers and exposing this trend, where it comes from, and what it all means. 
    On this show, we are going to be exploring the different types of submissive white men, what it  means to Blacks in a racist society to have so many white men sexually submissive, what impact does this trend have on our culture, why this trend has remained so hidden in plain sight, and we will hear from the mouths of submissive white men and Black dominants who will tell all their secrets.  Join us for this fascinating conversation that will surely open your eyes and make you rethink everything you know.   

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    Redefining Black Manhood with Arielle Loren

    in Culture

    The Black Man: the most coveted, feared, persecuted, emulated, desired man on the planet.  Join with me as we begin to slowly chip away at the detrimental and unhealthy definition of what it is to be a Black man and start to redefine what it takes to be a strong, empowered Black man in this society.  A GOOD Black man is one who is honest even when he recognizes the consequences of his actions might be detrimental to him, who understands that he has to develop all aspects of his personality in order to be a whole human being.  A REAL Black man is one who acknowledges that woman are equal and necessary partners in a relationship and that their needs, wants, and desires deserve equal consideration, and who isn’t afraid to admit his fears and shortcomings, one who is willing to push past the pain in order to heal.
    Joining me will be Arielle Loren.  Arielle is the Editor-in-Chief of Corset Magazine, the go-to magazine for all things sexuality (http://corsetmagazine.com). She's been published as a writer and thought leader in various publications, including The Huffington Post, BET, NPR, NBC's The Grio, BlogHer, and Ebony. She also directed and produced Bideology, a documentary exploring women dating bisexual men (http://bideology.com). Honored by the Women's Media Center for empowering women online, she splits her time between NYC and traveling the world.

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    Erotic Innocence and Sacred Sexuality with Astarius Miraculi

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    How many of us are ashamed of our sexuality?  We think that what we like, desire, fantasize about is different, extreme, and dirty in comparison to what society tells us is acceptable.  We don’t want to express our true desires because we’ve been socialized to believe that what goes on between our legs is bad, dirty, and shameful. Join with me as we discuss the principles of erotic innocence and sacred sexuality and we can begin to view our sexuality through different eyes, embrace our sensuality as part of our spirituality, and we begin to rethink the ways in which we’ve been taught to view pleasure at the various stages of our life. 
    Astarius Miraculii has been dedicated to Spiritual Work for more than thirty years.  He is a Musician, Healer, Poet and Astrologer.  His music is created with the intention to heal and uplift.  His poetry points the way to the Higher Self.  His approach to Astrology helps the client gain insight and awaken personal power.

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    Love.  It’s mysterious, it’s often times elusive, and it’s what we need for our survival.  It makes our hearts go pitter patter and we fall head over heels into it.  We are going to be talking about Eros: how to find it and maintain it.   We, as a society, have become so disconnected and fragmented; love has lost its meaning.  We equate Hollywood romance with love, we want to be loved but we are terrified of being hurt so we shut ourselves off from it.  Some people have never seen true love so they define it as the drama that goes along with relationships.  Well, this is the conversation where we are going to get down to the nitty gritty on L O V E. 
    Joining us for this in-depth discussion of love is Grace Chung, author of We Must Stay Tuned to Make Music: Love-Actions for Your Partnering and Personal Evolution and owner of the website Love Actions.  We will be talking about the things we need to do within ourselves to attract love and the things we can and should be doing with our partners to maintain love.  Grace Chung is a wife, mother to a 13 year old girl and 11 year old boy, fine & graphic artist, and author. She has always been a keen observer of human nature, with an artist's way of seeing beyond the norm, and a love of articulating her thoughts and visions. Being with her husband for 17 years has made partnering a topic she literally lives. She sees success in partnering as not so different from success in bringing out our best selves. It comes down to staying tuned and taking Love-Actions.

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    At the Edge: Talking Erotics & Afrofuturism with AfroerotiK

    in Culture

    Our first episode features a conversation between Dr. Cherie Ann Turpin and Afroerotik about erotic agency, gender, race, and technology: what does it mean to be subject of desire and an Afrofuturist/futurist? What role does internet and social media play in the negotiation, articulation, and performance of racialized and gendered bodies as artists, writers, and lovers? As citizens of the world? 

    Do check out my blog for more on AfroerotiK:


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    Race Play: Interracial sex and sexuality

    in Lifestyle

    Everyone says, “Color doesn’t matter, can’t we all just get along?”  The reality is, color does matter, very much so in every way imaginable.  Publically, conversations about race are, at best, marginally politically correct, and most often, stifled, diminished, and ridiculed by individuals who want to silence and negate the concerns of people of color.  There are centuries of racism, oppression, bigotry, and discrimination that contribute to everyone’s perception of themselves and others.  Behind closed doors, in private, interracial sex is rampant and perpetuating stereotypes and dysfunctional behaviors.  On the internet, depictions of interracial relations are cliché, unhealthy, and detrimental to the resolution of racial tensions and to the formation of healthy interactions between the races.  Join with me as I discuss race and sexuality.  I will be talking about domination and submission, Black supremacy, the fallacy of white supremacy, race play, role play, and how it all comes together when the races collide. 

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    Tantra Mysteries Revealed

    in Lifestyle

    What is Tantra?   Sexual energy is a feminine force, the raw creative life force of the universe. Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, every individual runs both masculine and feminine energies within. When you increase the flow of feminine (shakti/sexual) energy within your whole body (i.e. in your nervous system, your chakra system), you experience increased healing, pleasure, aliveness, intuition, exuberance and creativity. The problem is, sex energy usually doesn't flow past the genitals. But you can change that using simple techniques. Ultimately, together with consciousness, you can use sexual energy as the fuel to awaken and expand your consciousness. That is the spiritual art and science of tantra.  Join with us as we discuss Tantra’s mysteries and practices with Jason Hairston and explore the mysteries of Tantra revealed. 
    Jason is an author, relationship guide/personal development coach and tantric energy healer for A Deeper Love, a movement that teaches people to be “students” of life instead of choosing to be “victims” of circumstance.  His spiritually-guided techniques direct clients inward to experience a deeper love so they can live more fulfilling lives.