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    The Final WakeUp Call: Falling 4The Bananas In The TalePipe: AGAIN

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    In Association with the T.E.A.B.A.G. Enterprises Incorporated
    A BLACK LIONS PRODUCTION (619) 924-9883
    Brought to you by Abruptly Wake Up the Sleeping 
    Mondays 8-10 PM E.S.T.
    For over four hundred years the Stolen Afrikan in AmeriKKKa has been robbed of Afrikan ancestry, robbed of their Afrikan spirituality, robbed of their science and robbed of their Story,
    The Stolen Afrikans in AmeriKKKa have been uprooted and are quickly dying, Like a tree without roots. The results of governmental-institutionalracism & genocide are chaotic; single parent households, unwed mothers, incarceration coupled with miss-education and the under educated have practically destroyed the black family. Their right minds are being destroyed with religion, drug addition, the prison & miss-education system.
    The continuous bombardments of the court systems manipulation and negative media influence have taken a toll targeted on black children, men and women.
    Society has brainwashed the black women into believing that they don't need their black men. 
    Our women don't believe this because they refuse to see their own reflection, which is their black man because society has convinced the black females to destroy the only true hope for their survival....The Black Man!
    The Black Lions are here to help our women experience the presence of a man so they do not try to defunct his true nature.
    The Black Lions are here to take back our communities, businesses, families & kin our children and our women....Maybe then our black women will discover that A Black Man was all she really needed in the first place.
    We need our women by our side in the revolution. Let’s Talk about it. (619) 924-9883
    All viewpoints expressed on this show are the sole responsibility of the creators of 
    Abruptly Wake up the Sleeping: Join the conversation - Uhuru Sasa

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    LGBTQ Matters: A Conversation with junior burchall

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    junior burchall, M.Ed., is a freelance writer, public speaker, curriculum consultant and Literacy Specialist. He is the founder of the Fihankra Home Academy, an Afrikan-centered homeschool located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. A devoted husband, he is also the father of two high-energy, irrepressibly brilliant, Afrikan boys. Burchall is the author of “Freedom’s Flames: Slavery in Bermuda and the True Story of Sally Bassett” and “Dame Lois: The People’s Advocate”. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his latest work, “Look For Me in the Whirlwind: A Story of Marcus Garvey”, tentatively scheduled for release December 2015. Burchall has said of himself, "I am 100% committed to the full liberation of ALL Afrikan people. which means that - if I am not an ethically inconsistent hypocrite and coward of the highest order, that is - I must be similarly unswerving in my advocacy for Afrikans whose lives are under threat because they are what we today would call 'gay', or 'bisexual', or 'transgender', or 'intersex' or 'lesbian', or 'queer'"

    This topic is currently consuming much of the real estate of public discourse regarding black people getting free. The host, Cree, and Mr. burchall have not always seen eye-to-eye on matters pertaining to it. But, neither has she seen eye-to-eye on the topic with other black people passionate on the other side of it. Because Cree has admiration for Mr. burchall's courage, sincerity, and intellectual rigor, she thinks this is a conversation from which she and/or the listeners will learn something significant. The goal of this conversation is to bring clarity to the questions and the answers about the best known (codified) ways to think, speak, and/or act in regard to "LGBTQ" matters and people in order to expedite black people's freedom.

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    ALLBLACKEVERYTHING...Warriors or wannabes?

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    Ontonight's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING We will separate the Warriors from the wannabes.

    In this WAR, and make no mistake Afrikans we are at war, on white supremacy and imperialism, it is imperative we are equipped for warfare. That first starts by understanding our position. What a warrior is and isn't. Once again we will give grassroots wisdom and tailored battle strategy as I, Sista Tria and my co-host, "the bully with the books" Bro. Aleous Kujichagulia. Go hard and give the option to those ain't ready to go home!!! Shout out to all my real AFRIKANS! !! See yall at 9 p.m est. Call in number is 347-850-8030. Abibifahodie! !!

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    The Condition of the Black/Afrikan people in America

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    Thoughts on the conditions many Blacks/Afrikans/African Americans find themselves stuck in, in the 

    age of Economic Slavery.

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    Irritated Genie joins us. Are Europeans forcing an homosexual agenda on Afrikans

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    Irritated Genie joins Field Afrikan Radio to discuss the "homosexual agenda" and how it's targeting Afrikans globally. We will also discuss the history of European homosexuality along with how homosexuals infiltrated the so-called "Civil Rights" movement and various Black artforms and Black entertainment. Lastly, we'll discuss the direction that the Pan-Afrikanist movement should make when dealing with those who openly support homosexuality or refuse to give their position on the subject.

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    ALLBLACKEVERYTHING..... We need a resolution!!

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    On tonight's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will tackle the violent on slaught happening in the Tampa Bay area and across our communities.

    In Tampa 27 Afrikans have lost their lives to gun violence in 2015 ,most unsolved. Why is that? What are we gonna do black folks? Tonight we need Tampa to stand up!! We need Afrikans world wide to stand up!!!

    Join Sista Tria Bro. Kuji and the entire culture freedom radio family. Our special Guest include Bro. Ali Abdul Muhammad chairman of the New Black Pantha Party Tampa. and yo the people!!

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    War? When Shots Are Fired In The Pan-Afrikan/RBG Movement, It Affects All Of Us

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    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss ideological differences and approaches that causes rifts between the people who fly the same flag of Pan-Afrikanism. Unless you've been under a rock for the last few years, you have witnessed two powerful brothers in the Pan-Afrikan movement have major ideological differences on how we should carry ourselves when falling under the banner of Pan-Afrikanism/RBG. This show ISN'T about stirring the pot. This show is about dissecting the psychology of both sides and presenting them in a way that we all can learn from including the parties involved. There are pluses and minuses to every approach to liberating our people. We will lay out those pluses and minuses to both approaches and give our brothers something to consider when they finally do come to the table and hash this out like the righteous Afrikans that they are. Join us in a productive discussion.

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    On tonight's episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will begin an on going series entitled Black woman decoded. This series will consist of several shows celebrating,understanding, encoraging and even offers of improvement for the the black woman.

    Tonight continuing in the recognition of woman's history month we will look into to stereo type of "THE STRONG BLACK WOMAN"  it's origins, perpetuations and misconceptions.

    All Afrikans are welcome to join the discussion. the call in number is 347-850-8030. Talk to ya'll at 9 est.


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    Kentake Malopenza christ-insanity in Jamaica & Akoma Ntoaso Tours 2014 update

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    Sistah Warrior Kentake Malopenza is gracing us again at AFRIKA'S REASCENSION, to give us an update on what happened during her latest tour to Jamaica. This annual excursion is NOT your typical getaway...it is a NATIONALIST'S GETAWAY

    visit Garvey's house

    meet & talk w/ real Jamaican Maroons

    get a feel of REAL JAMAICA & not caucasoid tourist traps.

    and MUCH, MUCH, MUCH more.....

    For more information, please go to





    She will also be sharing FIRST HAND ACCOUNTS of the highly deleterious effects christianity is having on stolen Afrikans in the Caribbean & in Jamaica specifically

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    Melanated Woman: Afrikan Health Matters: Nature's Rx for Viruses

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    Everyday we hear more stories about viral outbreaks around the globe.  Fear of epidemics increase through out the population.   

    Viruses existed even before man, and originally they were messengers, delivering hereditary messages to ever evolving new life forms.  Then they evolved.  Things changed.

    "A virus is really little more than a clump of genetic material (DNA or RNA) bunched inside a protein packet. It needs a host cell to survive. Without one, it lies dormant. However, once it infiltrates a living cell within a person, plant, or animal, it taps into that cell’s reproductive equipment to duplicate itself. It makes thousands of copies of itself and in the process, damages or destroys the host cells." -  Mark Stengler, ND, The Natural Physician -

    Antibiotics, the weapon of choice in western medicine, are ineffective in the war against viral infections.  What can we do?  Luckily, Nchi Mama (Mother Earth), has an indestructable arsenal.  We'll discuss this arsenal and how to use it in our defense. 

    Today is Nina Simone's birthday.  Nina is in the realm of the Ancestors.  We love and remember you.