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    Melanated Woman: Afrikan Health Matters: Nature's Rx for Viruses

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    Everyday we hear more stories about viral outbreaks around the globe.  Fear of epidemics increase through out the population.   

    Viruses existed even before man, and originally they were messengers, delivering hereditary messages to ever evolving new life forms.  Then they evolved.  Things changed.

    "A virus is really little more than a clump of genetic material (DNA or RNA) bunched inside a protein packet. It needs a host cell to survive. Without one, it lies dormant. However, once it infiltrates a living cell within a person, plant, or animal, it taps into that cell’s reproductive equipment to duplicate itself. It makes thousands of copies of itself and in the process, damages or destroys the host cells." -  Mark Stengler, ND, The Natural Physician -

    Antibiotics, the weapon of choice in western medicine, are ineffective in the war against viral infections.  What can we do?  Luckily, Nchi Mama (Mother Earth), has an indestructable arsenal.  We'll discuss this arsenal and how to use it in our defense. 

    Today is Nina Simone's birthday.  Nina is in the realm of the Ancestors.  We love and remember you.


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    KTL RADIO presents THE SYSTEM OF RACISM ft Dr Frances Cress-Welsing

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    Join Know The Ledge Radio as we welcome the Mighty Matriarch for the first time, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing!

    As a renowned psychiatrist specializing in the root cause of extreme racism against the Afrikan people of the world, Cress postulates in the "Cress Theory of Color Confrontation" that white supremacy is due in fact to the numerical inadequacy and genetic deficiency of the caucasian race. For over 50 years Dr. Welsing has contributed to the justice of melanated individuals authoring The Isis Papers; The Keys To The Colors.

    In her initial appearance with us she will prepare us for her powerful lecture for the Sunposium series at Ta-Merry Temple with a presentation entitled The System of Racism (White Supremacy) And A Scientific Black Agenda. In this groundbreaking discussion she will explore the movements necessary for Afrikans to embrace the innate genetic superiority we possess thus removing the restraints and dependence of the current structure. 

    The age old tradition continues, as the elder brings forth the word. May you see the value in this divine opportunity and be ready to receive.


    *flyer design & words provided by KT the Arch Degree

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    GJU: Mama Pearl Wright - The Provisional Government – Republic of New Africa

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    The Office of Minister Of Youth {MOY) of PG-RNA Aim is to safe-guard and Nurture Our Youth, Our Own Babies Positive Progression & Growth into a New Afrikan Consciousness - Our Fountain Of Youth - - - it Is Our Time for Self-Determination and Self-Government

    The Provisional Government – Republic of New Africa (PG-RNA) was founded with a Declaration of Independence issued in Detroit on March 31, 1968.

    Inspired by the Malcolm X Society, the Provisional Government's purpose has been to complete the work of revolutionaries like Gabriel Prosser, Denmark Vesey, Osborne Perry Anderson, Tunis Campbell, Edwin McCabe, El Hajj El Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X), and Queen Mother Moore, by establishing a politically independent New Afrikan country (with full state power) in North America.

    " The Struggle for Independence And Reparations From The United States"; One important reason that many New Afrikans still work for an independent Black state is economic: it has to do with jobs for our people and meaningful careers, the economic power to develop industry, science and world trade - to stand on our feet as a nation-state with the respect of the world – a respect now lacking."

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    Education or Entertainment

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    Hidden Colors, Hidden Colors 2: The Triumph of Melanin, Hidden Colors 3: The Rules of Racism, 500 Years Later, African Origin of Christianity(Stolen Religion from Egypt and Ethiopia)Part 1 and 2 and so forth. Now, you have two ground-breaking documentaries for 2015. 7A.M. is focusing on group economics regarding Afrikans/Blacks, by Jason Black. Also, Tariq Nasheed with his 4th installment of Hidden Colors 4: The Religion of White Supremacy. These documentaries and more have tackled our issues regarding spirituality, economics, politics, judical, and social issues concerning Afrikans/Blacks. Let us not forget the countless Brothas and Sistahs with their lectures, town hall meetings, books, and dvd's as well.

    I feel as though you have two powerful documentaries focused on religion and economics, respectively. Which are both crucial...Economically, Afrikans/Blacks are no better off than we were when slavery ended. Devoutly, as long as we believe we will receive our milk and honey when we reach heaven. We are destined to stay in this situation we are in. Worse, they have no need for us and the inevitable will occur. So, what are we doing to change our condition regarding these issues?

    The reason I ask. I was listening to Shahrazod Ali speak on this radio program. She was at a speaking engagement and the audience was able to purchase copies of Hidden Colors 3. She stated, a Brotha came up to her and said, "Hidden Colors was good. You all hit it on the nail and when are you coming out with Hidden Colors 4?". Her reply, "Do you need Hidden Colors 50?". I understood exactly what she was saying at that moment. Most of us take the information, process it, research, or apply it to our lives. I have seen every Hidden Colors and each time. I never thought about another one coming out. I viewed the information as educational and not entertainment. How did we get here as a people?

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    ALLBLACKEVERYTHING...Where is the love?

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    On tonight's episode of all ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will ask the question "where is the love?" What fuels the breakdown of communication between the blackman and blackwoman? Can collective responsiblity be restored?

    We as Afrikans in America are given the definitions for everything we do,feel, think by whites. This includes love. We have lost our way in being there for one another and understanding this is where our weakness lies...Finding our way back to each other is key

    Call in join the discussion at 347-850-8030

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    UNsung Sheroes of Afrikan World Movements!

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    In Afrikan peoples quest for knowledge of our life experiences, we relish in learning of the names of Afrikan Heroes.We celebrate them joyously!  But, what about our Afrikan Sheroes?  Who are they? Can we say the names of five of them in a row with knowledge of their life stories? I say no, we cannot and as an educator, the aim of this show is to assist in calling their names and sharing some parts of their life stories. Perhaps this is why we cant get it right in benefitting from the many movements we have iniatiated worldwide. Afrikan people have always been about balance and Afrikan women have always "rode" along with Afrikan men in making changes for our collective survival. Many of us know the names of many Afrikan men who have contributed to our collective "freedom," yet few know the names of the women who supported those men, stood in their stead and made it possible for them to "fight for our freedom!" We call the names of the women who fought against our enslavement, the women of the Ayiti Revolution, the women of the Civil Rights Movement and more. They are all UNsung Sheroes whose names should be remembered and called upon as often as their Afrikan male counterparts. 

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    ALLBLACKEVERYTHING .. "what you got on my liberation homie?"

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    On this episode of ALLBLACKEVERYTHING we will ask ourselves the questions What do we want for black people? What are we willing to sacrifice to get it?

    As observing various people and groups, some beautiful cries for revolution are resurging(i love it) but what do you the AFRIKAN people want? who are you willing to let go of? what material things are you willing to remove from your life? what habits are you willing to break?

    oh and...


    CALL IN EVERYONE BLACK N PROUD. This is an open mic discussion for all listners.. call in number is 347-850-8030. 9:00 p.m est


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    Prisons, gangs, witchhunts and white supremacy

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    There is a trick that the California prison administration pulls on African Americans in prison. It is to charge them with gang activity if they refer to “George Jackson” or any of his writings or ideas or to the “Republic of New Afrika” or the politics of New Afrikans. Thousands of people, mostly Black and Brown, have been held in solitary confinement for years and even decades, because “gang activity” constitutes a “security threat to the prison,” according to the Administration.

    Read Here : http://sfbayview.com/?s=george+jackson+university+

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    The Hypocrisies Of White America

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    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the hypocrisies and double standards of White America. Europeans are the forefathers of the saying "do as I say and not as I do". They condemn Black America for the very things that they are actually guilty of doing. We will dive into the psyche and the paradigm of European double-talk as it relates to their laws, religion, media and school system. To defeat White supremacy, we must understand how to interpret the Europeans forked tongue language and expose their hypocrisies. Join us.

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    Field Afrikan Radio Wraps Up The Major Events of 2014

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    Field Afrikan Radio understands many Black people will be celebrating a "New Year" based on the White man's calendar tonight so we decided to hold off on some very important discussions we have lined up and instead have a 2014 wrap-up show. We will discuss some of the biggest stories that affected the Black "community" in 2014. We will also discuss how those events will shape what will happen to Black people in 2015. Before you get turnt up tonight, tune in and build with your people. We'd like to know your opinions of 2014 and what you foresee happening in 2015. Respect. 

  • 500 Years Later in America. Now What?

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    Enslaved Afrikans have been in the western hemisphere for roughly 500 years now. Do you see any positive light at the end of the tunnel or is that tunnel actually the fast track to hell? We will discuss the so-called Black community as it relates to our past, present and future along with our politics, economics and moral compass. 500 years later; who are we and where are we ACTUALLY going? Join us in this discussion.

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