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    Resurrecting the Afrikan Woman

    in Family

    Honorary guest Mother Yaa Baruti will be joining The W2 and discussing issues and solutions to restoring the throne of the Afrikan Queen.

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    Program Summary Dec. 6 2014

    Courtesy Bristol Community FM radio (originating 5 Dec. 2014, UK)

    First airing of Argentina-based British journalist Laurence De Mello's exclusive interview with author of Op JB John Ainsworth-Davis

    Investigative reports: Noam Chomsky on the West's post-war betrayal of partisans and workers movements. Noam Chomsky: hard-line critic of US foreign policy; professor of linguistics at MIT. End Game of WWII and Nazis being helped by western intelligence services for various strategic reasons: Nazi Gold; Operation Paperclip, Reinhard Gehlen; NATO; Gladio; Svoboda Pravy Sektor; 'America's Nazi Secret' by US President Jimmy Carter's FBI Special Prosecutor John Loftus author of America's Nazi Secret; WWII US traitor Prescott Bush; 'OPJB' by John Ainsworth-Davies (aka. Christopher Creighton) – Martin Bormann escape from Nazi Germany; South America and Nazis – Klaus Barbie in Bolivia; clip of John Ainsworth-Davies: First airing of Argentina-based British journalist Laurence De Mello's exclusive interview with author of Op JB John Ainsworth-Davis aka. Christopher Creighton. MI6 'M' Section cell: Ian Fleming, Desmond Morton, Winston Churchill, King George VI, Lord Louis Mountbatten, John Ainsworth-Davis. Sullivan & Cromwell money laundering; Former CBS News Europe correspondent Paul Manning's book: Martin Bormann Nazi In Exile. Red House Meeting. Post WW2 era: Lucky Luciano and the Mafia; communist threat and strong unions to placate people; clip of Noam Chomsky. David Powell from South West Friends of the Earth: TTIP – business led trade deal between US and EU that will degrade regulations – suing governments, secret courts, NHS; doubts that Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station is still going ahead as one of major backers is in financial trouble.
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    Field Afrikan Radio Wraps Up The Major Events of 2014

    in Politics

    Field Afrikan Radio understands many Black people will be celebrating a "New Year" based on the White man's calendar tonight so we decided to hold off on some very important discussions we have lined up and instead have a 2014 wrap-up show. We will discuss some of the biggest stories that affected the Black "community" in 2014. We will also discuss how those events will shape what will happen to Black people in 2015. Before you get turnt up tonight, tune in and build with your people. We'd like to know your opinions of 2014 and what you foresee happening in 2015. Respect. 

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    UNsung Sheroes of Afrikan World Movements!

    in Culture

    In Afrikan peoples quest for knowledge of our life experiences, we relish in learning of the names of Afrikan Heroes.We celebrate them joyously!  But, what about our Afrikan Sheroes?  Who are they? Can we say the names of five of them in a row with knowledge of their life stories? I say no, we cannot and as an educator, the aim of this show is to assist in calling their names and sharing some parts of their life stories. Perhaps this is why we cant get it right in benefitting from the many movements we have iniatiated worldwide. Afrikan people have always been about balance and Afrikan women have always "rode" along with Afrikan men in making changes for our collective survival. Many of us know the names of many Afrikan men who have contributed to our collective "freedom," yet few know the names of the women who supported those men, stood in their stead and made it possible for them to "fight for our freedom!" We call the names of the women who fought against our enslavement, the women of the Ayiti Revolution, the women of the Civil Rights Movement and more. They are all UNsung Sheroes whose names should be remembered and called upon as often as their Afrikan male counterparts. 

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    Myth Busters Part 1: Misused Cliches and Loose Ideologies

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will be doing some myth bustering from a RBG perspective. We will discuss common ideology flaws many of our people are indoctrinated with. There are many cliches, loose ideologies and misinterpeted Biblical verses that many Black people foolishly lean on, treat as the gospel and use as their foundation from which all of their other ideology is built upon. Those cliches, loose ideologies and misinterpeted biblical verses affects how we view politics, economics, the Black family, spirituality and Black nation building. We will show you how those concepts don't stand up against proper logic and facts. Join us.

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    BAIO: What is a "Diaspora" Afrikan?

    in Social Networking

    Mr. Holipsism discusses the BAIO's definition of a Diasporan Afrikan and how it differs from the traditional Pan Afrikan definition. 

    The BAIO Blogtalkradio broadcast is a weekly forum to discuss the vision and goals of the BAIO, create a consensus among Afrikan Centered Progressives (ACPs), and to raise the bar and elevate the level of discussion to: LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE, NATIONHOOD, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS.


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    Has the Black Church Worn Out Its Usefulness In Black America/Sports Racism

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will begin our show with a short segment on sports and racism. We will dive into the politics of sports as it relates to Black men, especially those who speak on behalf of Black America. We will follow that discussion with a building session on "The Black Church" in America. We will give our opinions on what the purpose of the Black church is today. Have we moved past the days when the Black church was something positive for Black people as a whole? Is the Black church a hindrance to Black liberation and building Black infrastructure in our so-called community? We will discuss those questions and many more. Join us in this discussion.

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    Mental Afrikan Meanderings

    in Current Events

    michael brown/darren wilson

    tamir rice/ohio 2 second pigs

    Stolen Afrikan mentality

    Protest syndrome vs. Afrikan nation building

    Tonight's show will discuss & give you al a chance to chime in on recent events affecting Afrikans worldwide.

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    What's Real Hip-Hop? Top 5 List And The Politics Of Rap/Black Music

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we're going to take a break from "heavy" discussions and have some fun discussing the culture of Hip-Hop. We're going to give our top 5 list on questions like "Best lyricist", "Best Producers", "Our Personal Favorite Top 5 emcees" etc. We will discuss why we think certain rap music is labeled "real Hip-hop" and why other styles aren't which means the subject of regional/coastal prejudices will be discussed. We will also discuss the politics of what is happening in the Hip-Hop culture in general. If you enjoy Black music and the artistry of the Hip-Hop culture come and build with us. We're bringing the barbershop to the Field Afrikan Radio Show and remember everything we discuss is always from a RBG perspective.

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    Deconstructing Black Feminist, Male Women Bashers And How We Contribute To Both

    in Politics

    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will have a no hold barred discussion on Black feminism and the Black males who bash Black women. This won't be a "run of the mill" discussion. We will show you how Black feminism and Black misogynism works to destroy the Black family and Black infrastructure. Many Black people may not overtly fly the banner of feminism or misogynism but we will show you how we know when you are. We will also show you how some of the things we think are empowering genders are actually destroying genders and causing more harm than helping. We will not beat around the bush so prepare for real talk. This discussion isn't designed to destroy but to build back up the Black family. Join us.

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    the pope,agenda 21,nazis in control

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    the facts were written,,have been told as they use the vatican again,,for global murder,,gangs of globalist trillionaires,,forget the billionaires are ripping off humanity,,power hungry oligarcs,,maniacs,,,we do not stand a chance unless we wake up others!

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