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    Program Summary Dec. 6 2014

    Courtesy Bristol Community FM radio (originating 5 Dec. 2014, UK)

    First airing of Argentina-based British journalist Laurence De Mello's exclusive interview with author of Op JB John Ainsworth-Davis

    Investigative reports: Noam Chomsky on the West's post-war betrayal of partisans and workers movements. Noam Chomsky: hard-line critic of US foreign policy; professor of linguistics at MIT. End Game of WWII and Nazis being helped by western intelligence services for various strategic reasons: Nazi Gold; Operation Paperclip, Reinhard Gehlen; NATO; Gladio; Svoboda Pravy Sektor; 'America's Nazi Secret' by US President Jimmy Carter's FBI Special Prosecutor John Loftus author of America's Nazi Secret; WWII US traitor Prescott Bush; 'OPJB' by John Ainsworth-Davies (aka. Christopher Creighton) – Martin Bormann escape from Nazi Germany; South America and Nazis – Klaus Barbie in Bolivia; clip of John Ainsworth-Davies: First airing of Argentina-based British journalist Laurence De Mello's exclusive interview with author of Op JB John Ainsworth-Davis aka. Christopher Creighton. MI6 'M' Section cell: Ian Fleming, Desmond Morton, Winston Churchill, King George VI, Lord Louis Mountbatten, John Ainsworth-Davis. Sullivan & Cromwell money laundering; Former CBS News Europe correspondent Paul Manning's book: Martin Bormann Nazi In Exile. Red House Meeting. Post WW2 era: Lucky Luciano and the Mafia; communist threat and strong unions to placate people; clip of Noam Chomsky. David Powell from South West Friends of the Earth: TTIP – business led trade deal between US and EU that will degrade regulations – suing governments, secret courts, NHS; doubts that Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station is still going ahead as one of major backers is in financial trouble.
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    Field Afrikan Radio Wraps Up The Major Events of 2014

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    Field Afrikan Radio understands many Black people will be celebrating a "New Year" based on the White man's calendar tonight so we decided to hold off on some very important discussions we have lined up and instead have a 2014 wrap-up show. We will discuss some of the biggest stories that affected the Black "community" in 2014. We will also discuss how those events will shape what will happen to Black people in 2015. Before you get turnt up tonight, tune in and build with your people. We'd like to know your opinions of 2014 and what you foresee happening in 2015. Respect. 

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    BAIO: What is a "Diaspora" Afrikan?

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    Mr. Holipsism discusses the BAIO's definition of a Diasporan Afrikan and how it differs from the traditional Pan Afrikan definition. 

    The BAIO Blogtalkradio broadcast is a weekly forum to discuss the vision and goals of the BAIO, create a consensus among Afrikan Centered Progressives (ACPs), and to raise the bar and elevate the level of discussion to: LAND, INFRASTRUCTURE, NATIONHOOD, SCIENCE, TECHNOLOGY, ENGINEERING & MATHEMATICS.


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    Mental Afrikan Meanderings

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    michael brown/darren wilson

    tamir rice/ohio 2 second pigs

    Stolen Afrikan mentality

    Protest syndrome vs. Afrikan nation building

    Tonight's show will discuss & give you al a chance to chime in on recent events affecting Afrikans worldwide.

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    Irritated Genie Live: Do We Need Clearer Guidelines To Claim Pan-Afrikanism/RBG?

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    Irritated Genie will join Field Afrikan Radio live for a very powerful and much needed discussion. What does it mean to be a Pan-Afrikanist/RBG? Are there any rules to being a Pan-Afrikanist/RBG? How do we decide who gets to fly the flag of Pan-Afrikanism? How do we come together to flesh out Pan-Afrikanism and make it more practical and less theoretical?  We will discuss those questions and many more. The climate is ripe for clarity and nation building as it relates to Pan-Afrikanism. Join us in this discussion.

  • Bringing Clarity To Our Purpose For Having The Dominatrix and RBG Show?

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    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we want to discuss the events that happened on our special Monday show. (The Dominatrix and RBG? MindoverMatter and Tammie Fontayne Live To Answer Questions) show.  Field Afrikan Radio doesn't want to leave anything to interpretation and we want to be very clear and open about why we did the show, why we set parameters to the show, what's our stance and why we believe the show was important to do. We also are going to discuss next weeks plan because that RBG and Dominatrix show is a catalyst to important future discussions. This show isn't about negativity, it is about clarity. We invite you to call in to comment or ask questions. Black Power!

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    nazis run the fascists usa paridigm.

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    Trums nazis36k. You thought they werecstopped
    .killed..well your wrong.they lived in nj!!

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    vote out nazis

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    Democratsare nazis..gettem out..now.!!!

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    The Hypocrisies Of White America

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    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the hypocrisies and double standards of White America. Europeans are the forefathers of the saying "do as I say and not as I do". They condemn Black America for the very things that they are actually guilty of doing. We will dive into the psyche and the paradigm of European double-talk as it relates to their laws, religion, media and school system. To defeat White supremacy, we must understand how to interpret the Europeans forked tongue language and expose their hypocrisies. Join us.

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    If Black Lives Matter! Prove it. The Psychology Involved In Today's Protestors

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    On this episode of Field Afrikan Radio we will discuss the "Black Lives Matter" and the "I Can't Breathe" slogans/movements. Are they trying to rally together Black people with these slogans or is it just more pandering to the very people who are killing us? We will also discuss some of the dangers of these movements such as many of them being integrationalist rallies where Black people are marching with the very people who are destroying them. Who are leading these rallies? Where are they leading us to? What are we not recognizing at those rallies? We will discuss those questions and the overall psychology of these movements/rallies. The vicious cycle is still in play; will this generation finally break free from it. Join us in this discussion.

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    (Power talk) Afrikan Winds

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    Tonight we are having the Supreme Power discussion

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