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    Hillary & Bowe Disgraceful Adventures in Afghanistan

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    Hillary.....Fired in Disgrace? Yep!!!!

    Bowe......and his wonderful adventure in Afghanistan....

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    War in Afghanistan

    in Lifestyle

    My guest will be Afghan author and industrialist, Nasir Shansab, who will help us understand the situation in Afghanistan and find a proper course of action for the United States now.  We will also discuss Mr. Shansab's book, Silent Trees. 

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    The "Dancing Boys" of Afghanistan

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    Christmas is over, so we have to get back to work.  Learn tonight how a young "T-Boy" of Afghanistan killed 3 of our Marines in 2012.  A whistleblower tried to warn the command and is now being punished.  The parents are suing, not for money, but for answers.

    Another missing airliner over Asia.  Is this computerized hi-jacking?  What is going on?

    Obama forces military couple to move their wedding so he can golf.  He did apologize to them.  Well, that was awful nice of him.

    Another un-provocted cop shooting, this time in LA.  Thanks Rev. Al Charlatan!  Thanks a lot for this phony race-war.  You must be damn proud of yourself.

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    Afghanistan – Leave or Stay

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    Darrell Castle talks about negotiations between the United States and Afghanistan for a new Status of Forces Agreement.

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    The Pope's Historic Address and What Was Missing

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    Pope Francis, the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, addressed the US Congress which administers the most powerful country in the world. His message was to stop the polarization and paralysis and use its power to help heal the world ripped apart by hatred, greed, poverty and pollution.

    The Pope touched on issues of war, immigration, abortion and the death penalty. We will address his comments and what they really mean. 

    We will also touch on the latest issues regarding the US military's escalating sucide problem and the Afghanistan scandal regarding American soldiers directed to stand down in the face of sexaual assault of Afghani chldren by Afghani militray officers.






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    Russia's new role in the Middle East

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    Guest:  Barry Jacobsen, military historian and blogger, joins me for a look at Russia's new policy in the Middle East..........what military options do we have?  is this the price of disengagement?......Russia has reached new intellegence accords with Iraq, Iran and Syria.....on another topic, Afghanistan is falling apart as a city has collapsed to insurgents......

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    Beyond the Veil – The Neglected News

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    This week on Beyond the Veil we will be reviewing news that many of you may have heard, but not nearly enough of.  Once again we are blasted by Mainstream Media with distractions while major pieces are moving.  While they are still covering the Pope, the tragic Oregon shooting, various stories to promote Gun Control, and the Presidential Circus we will be informing you on the finalizing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a small look at Agenda 2030, Russia and ISIS in Syria, and the American bombing of a civilian hospital in Afghanistan.  So be sure to join Switch Blade, Orlando Phoenix, Rush Perez of Anonymous North Texas and special guest Alex Freeman of the Fifth Column News tonight at 7pm Central on the ANT Radio Network.


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    Afghanistan – The End of the U.S. Combat Role

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    Darrell Castle talks about the end of the combat role for U.S. troops in Afghanistan and reviews the 13 year war.

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    Not Politically Correct 10/6/2015

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      (¦-}> Ric Veda loves you, and so do I <{-¦)

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  • The Price of War and The Values it Destroys

    in Self Help

    Our military has been fighting for the last 10 years and the burden they are shouldering is unlike anything we have seen before. The political class who voted for these wars have been unable or unwilling to get our troops the care they deserve. This has been a tragedy of epic proportions for the people who have riskecd their lives to serve their nation and depend on treatment when they return.

    We will be talking about 2 articles in particular, the first one that deals with a Marine unit that has suffered numerous suicides since the conclusion of their deployment, http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/20/us/marine-battalion-veterans-scarred-by-suicides-turn-to-one-another-for-help.html as well as the conflicts in Afghanistan and the scandals involving the sexual abuse of young boys.http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/09/21/world/asia/us-soldiers-told-to-ignore-afghan-allies-abuse-of-boys.html?_r=0

    We hope this show will shed the light of understanding upon the problem within our society when we ask young men and women to go to war.  

    There is great book that deals with this subject at length if you want to know more: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1250056020?creativeASIN=1250056020&linkCode=w00&linkId=UTSGLZNHUIGRBNGG&ref_=as_sl_pc_qf_sp_asin_til&tag=ejerbajapeso-20

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    Let's catch up on the past week...news, politics and electioneering

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    Welcome back for another Monday show of politics, news and election poll results. The Donals is still pulling strong numbers, but the competition, ie, Fiorina and Carson and Rubio are gaining traction. We will keep you apprised of all the latest poll changes. And say, did you happen to catch Hillary on SNL???!!!  Foreign affairs is still very much in the news, as well as further fallout ffrom the Umpqua Community College massacre. Join us and call with your comments at 646-595-3275...bring your coffee.