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         It's a specialty for Saphyr Blue, and Reylon Ellis is near expert on HEALTH CARE INSURANCE.  This SATURDAY'S SHOW will center around HEALTH CARE and THE AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT.  Get your questions ready, and we'll dig into some of the dos and don'ts, and information.  The more you know - you know the saying.  And I say, ALWAYS STAY IN TUNE, because you NEVER KNOW when it's your TURN to GET PLAYED.....

    Plus in the beginning, HERSHEL MYERS JR joined us for the ongoing action and drama in Feguson, Missouri. That topic is on most people's lips and mind.  Hershel is right there in the heart of it.....


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    Right Care Radio

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    Right Care Clinic is a leader in providing primary care, urgent care, pediatric, geriatric, and mobile medicine in the southern Middle Tennessee area. Our staff is dedicated to being available to answer the questions health care consumers may have. This podcast is designed to establish a dialogue between health care providers and health care consumers.

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    Health Care Marketing Ideas

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    Health care success is heavily dependent on word of mouth. We know that people tend to turn to their family and friends for recommendations whenever they have a health problem, and we have the best plan to make this work in your favor.

    Word of mouth occurs naturally, but, as any other advertising phenomenon, it can also be efficiently kick-started and controlled by a marketer. Social interactions have massively changed in recent years by the use of social media platforms - and the type of content that gets shared most often on social media is video. If you want people to talk about your health care business, you need video content to get the conversation started.

    But, when it comes to health care professionals, there’s more to video content than just creating a shareable piece. The best health care marketing ideas are those that create a personal connection. Let's be honest - most people are terrified by their first visit to a new doctor - even if it's a regular checkup or a routine verification. A video is a chance to establish a connection before actually meeting the doctor. A video can help a patient set their mind at ease plus make them comfortable. For you, as this is more than advertising: it’s a great opportunity to introduce yourself, and to share your first smile with future patients. Thus, when you actually meet them in person, they’ll already be more relaxed and more willing to trust you.

    Health care marketing ideas are not as much about marketing, as about direct, interpersonal, human to human communication. Our videos can make your business stand out and help highlight its personality and its appeal – so that people contact you with a smile on their faces. We know the competition is tough, and we can give you the tools to get ahead of them in no time. 

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    Hijacking Health Care in North America

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    Join your host, Rebecca Girouard and Co-host, Mary Robbins, as they explore the ongoing challenges regulatory bodies have on natural health care and the ability to openly share information.

    We'll be covering topics of how Dr's are not allowed to promote natural products to support healing, and that only drugs can "cure".  Regulatory bodies require compliance.

    The industrialization of food production has cost North America it's health, even though back in the Nixon years, it was about putting food in bellies.

    How can we be compliant with the rules and regulations that regulatory bodies are emposing on the wellness industry?  The wellness industry is a trillion dollar business.  How do we help others?

    This is sure to be a provocative conversation!

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    Supreme Court & Affordable Care Act: Up to the Plate

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    Very shortly the Supreme Court will take its own crack at the Affordable Care Act in a decision which will determine if it lives or dies in 32 states.  Bart  brings on one of the nation's top ACA authorities, Mr. John Sarno, president of the New Jersey Employers Association and one of the very few folks on the planet who has read every word of the Affordable Care Act. to discuss the benefits and perils such a decision might mean for employers, for employees, and for our society at large.

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    Take Good Care of YOU!

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    It is very important that you press the pause button at some point in your day and check in with yourself. Pamper yourself. Do something fun, exciting, or relaxing that is going to be of benefit to you. Your health matters!

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    The Affordable Health Care Act/Plan

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    Join me while we talk about Affordable health care plan.

    Find out in pros and cons

    How it works and who it works for.

    Is it for you?

    Find out the different providers and more

    We will also talk about the topics in the news such as the update on ....Well you have to log on or call in to find out.

  • Affordable Care Act Update: Understanding Benefits

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    eCareDiary's caregiving expert will speak to John Mills, Co-founder and President of eCareDiary.com about how consumers can understand and manage benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

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    Family Guidance Center ~ Affordable Health Care ~ Open Enrollment

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    Family Guidance Center is back with us with a follow up to the Open Enrollment!  Open Enrollment for the Affordable Health Plan runs from November 15th, 2014 to February 15, 2014.  So many questions and yet we are still working to answer them!

    One question in particular is "Why Do I Need Health Insurance"?  I'm never sick!  

    I can't afford insurance, sometimes I work and sometimes I don't!

    Having a health plan is smart

    When you have a health plan, you’ll also be more likely to get routine checkups and preventive care which helps you stay healthy – and saves money on medical costs in the long run.

    It can be affordable, too

    A health plan can fit your budget because you can choose the coverage you want. For example, choosing a higher deductible can lower your monthly rate.

    Family Guidance Centers ~ Thank you to Sharon Smith and The TEAM!

    Tune in...Call in and get your questions answered ~ Guest Call In 1 (347) 327-9305

    N' The Know With Moe ~ Maureen "Moe" Forte' Talk Radio Host

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    Health Care: Who Pays and Who Cares

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    Tonight Dr Jonas discusses payment in health care.  Who pays and Who cares?  We'll go through the usual Twittere and Blog review with comments along the way.

    Is Direct Prmary Care really the answer to all the questions about payment reform in primary care?

    We'll peruse the updoming "Unsummit" in the Dayton area on the way through this show.  Tune in and join our chat room too.

  • In Sickness and Health: A Couple's Final Journey

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    Conversations In Care with Tami Neumann

    Welcome to the radio program that refelects the power of conversation.  Through this simple act, we can create a community of support, develop a course of action and begin to build the bridge to honest  & Compassionate communication.

    Tonight's Guests:

    Chris MacLellan, host of Healing Ties ~ Chris takes time to share with us his story of In Sickness and Health.  Chris's story of his journey with his partner was shared fearlessly with the community through a seies of srticles in the Sun Sentinel.  Listen in as we talk about this journey.

    The Fischer Report - With Tony Fischer ~ Tony brings us fresh news from the health care industry

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