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    GYIT! Remembers Dr. Delbert Blair, Master Metaphysician Pioneer & Iconic Elder.

    in Spirituality

    Please share in a celebration of memory in legacy of the honorable Scholar, Master Metaphysical Pioneer, Historian and Iconic Elder in Dr. Delbert Blair. “Get Your, It Together!” will air a very special tribute, never before, live episode on February 6, 2016 @ 10:00am est. / 9:00am cst., for some of the cherished memories. Dr. Delbert Blair has transitioned (1-31-16) into the realm of the ancestors, so this show will be dedicated to saying (RIP) Rest In POWER to our beloved Spiritual Dignitary. This will be an open tribute to this world renowned metaphysical guru, so anyone may share their experience, inspiration, personal anecdote and/or spark of vibration in resonance, in honor of our gentle giant of enlightenment, that has elected to disperse his power in assistance with raising our protective frequencies of LOVE! With his immense and impressive body of work that spans some 50+ years around the globe, we’ll review some of his many stops on this very stage, as we are humbled to have had the pleasure of sharing in the compassionate, high vibratory resonance that is, Dr. Delbert Blair! I’m sure we’ve all been touched in some way by the magnitude of this dynamic and powerfully potent, legendary elder, so this can be an opportunity to speak on it. Yes, we will attempt to review a very, very small microcosm of the life of our exalted trailblazing and innovative ambassador of how to raise frequencies, who has been an ongoing shining, exemplary example  of what a raised consciousness looks like in the flesh, for the many seekers of the I AM. So, let’s continue affirming that we’re ALL activated seeds of consciousness, animated by the divine spirit of The ALL That Is! 773-897-6555 & press 1 to share, listen live online or chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit .

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    The Changing Face of Beauty - Real & Natural

    in Health

    The benefits of a broader, more inclusive definition of beauty--whether that means using fewer and cleaner cosmetics, loving your body as is, or letting your hair express its natural curl or color--extend far beyond one's own life. They affect families, communities, even the culture at large.  Self-acceptance often leads to accepting others more easily, too, and the world can always use more of that.

    Join Partners in Health and Biz talk show host Gail Dixon as we discuss a few of the ways people have begun to redefine beauty -- and appreciate the natural beauty in each of us.

    Call into the studion with your questions and/or comments: 347-945-7433.


    Cosmetic surgery, injections and fillers, and similar invasive procedures are still popular, of course, but it's clear that clean, healthy, self-affirming beauty trends are gaining ground. 

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    Dr. Ahmses Maat creator of Maat Thermal Therapy, w/REVELATION aka & GodIs L aka

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome Dr. Ahmses Maat 2 “Get Your, It Together!” January 30, 2016 @ 10:00am est. He’s a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Certified Clinical Perfusionist on an open heart team and Doctorate of Metaphysics. Dr. Maat is a 2004 Martial Arts Hall of Fame inductee, a World Games Gold Medalist with a 5th degree Black Belt, offering self-defense and Egyptian Tai Chi Instruction. He’s also President of TaMeri, Inc., a health service company that specializes in wellness in which Maat Thermal Therapy is held as intellectual property and its useful process is being used holistically. He’s a co-founder of African Defense at Montu University where he provides workshops, classes and courses on Trans Cranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – A non-invasive, long term relief of resistant depression without medicines, Rapid Detox – A guaranteed method for complete detoxification from opioids, cocaine and methamphetamines without the harsh rigors of withdrawals in 3 days, Dream Timeline – A metaphysical unfolding of possible outcomes according to your life’s experience and passion, though not instructing any classes at this time, just to name few. His specialty however, is Maat Thermal Therapy – A Whole Body Hyperthermia Therapeutic Sauna method, used for healing cancers, AIDS, hepatitis, arthritis, fungal & yeast infections, adding complementary and natural healing methods to standard health care practices. So, continue affirming that we’re ALL activated seeds of consciousness, animated by the divine spirit of ALL That Is! 773-897-6555 & press 1 to share, listen live online or chat at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit 

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    Comfortable Within...

    in Lifestyle

    Once we are comfortable with ourselves it is easy to allow others the same courtesy, until then we tend to form opinions and conclusions about others based on our insecurities. What are you doing to be comfortable within your own skin? Or What have you done to be comfortable with you?

    Join me SistaSistaSister, Crystal J and Stephanie Wallace of LAID: (Love And Intimacy for the Disabled) next Sunday (January 24 2016) as we explore what it means to be Comfortable Within.  

    Time 5:30 central 6:30 eastern 

    (347) 989-0336

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    The Impact of Astrology on your Health - Part 3 - Beverly Nadler

    in Health

    In today's third and final segment on the "Impact of Astrology on Your Health," Health Guru, Beverly Nadler, covers astrological influences and nutrition and lifestyle recommendations for four more astrological signs.  Beverly will also share additonal fascinating facts about astrology.

    We have received countless messatges from our listeners affirming how accurate and helpful the prior shows in this series have been for them.  You can hear these shows in our archives -                                                                    part 1 on January 14         http://www.tobtr.com/s/8224435                                             part 2 on January 21    http://www.tobtr.com/s/8239939

                        You do not wish to miss part 3 - today.




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    Sunday Evening Shout! Gospel Music In The Basement With JaVonne (Kenny Bobien)

    in Music

    Have you ever heard of Gospel House Music? Well, Tonight we are expecting a visit from special guest, The King of Gospel House Music, Mr. Kenny Bobien! Get ready to listen to some inspirational gospel music right here on Sunday Evening Shout! Gospel Music In The Basement With JaVonne. Now, it's true that I've been known to play a song or two that may not fall under the category of traditional gospel music, but every single song played on this show has an uplifting and positive spiritually affirming message! Tonight is no different! We will dance, we will shout, we will praise and play Gospel House Music! This show is for any and everyone who believes that God is love and love is for everyone! God knew you and loved you before you were formed.

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    in Prayer

    Israel's story during the time of the judges was of repeated falling away and consequent suffering then deliverance. The God would remove HIS

    hand of protection and they would suffer. GOD would intentionally wait untill they cried out in desperation. then  

    Many people are oppressed by the enemy and instead of crying out

    they would simply endure.  Somehow they would live with things the way they are. But if they cry out GOD would respond  

    but HIS deliverance would be worthless in the longterm since they will have to participate. There will be a part for them to play such as repenting of sin

    or rejecting the stronghold or fighting a spiritual battle. Are you living with oppression ? you don't have to. Join us fro live prayer at 6:00 AM. Mon-Fri. Dial 714.459.3963.  

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    Out of the Fog: Living Hope with Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

    in Spirituality

    Getting past family dysfunction, tragedy, and trauma to embrace emotional and spiritual healing might seem like a difficult (or even impossible) task. Lynne Cockrum-Murphy has made that journey. She joins me to tell her empowering story, and share tools to help us leave suffering behind, learn to trust again, and make life-affirming choices. This interview originally aired on Empower Radio. 

    Lynne Cockrum-Murphy is an intuitive consultant specializing in helping people move forward on their spiritual path. She channels, offers ThetaHealing®, readings, Access Bars and facilitates physical healing, emotional growth and removes blocks to a life of joy, meaning and purpose. Find out more about Lynne and her work at desertjewel.org and lynnecockrum-murphy.com.

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    Sunday Evening Shout! Gospel Music In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    This segment is 120 minutes of Gospel, uplifting, inspirational and affirming MUSIC. All of the music played may not necessarily be gospel but will always have a positive message... A message of love, acceptance and empowerment! God is Love and Love is for Everyone! If you made it to church and want a little bit more shout or didn't make it outside of bedside baptist, it doesn't make a difference. God is where you need God to be! Open your heart, feel God's love and let the music minister to you. Just keep in mind that JaVonne is no angel, just another servant! God Bless

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    "G Y I T!" welcomes Ahad Rassoull 2 YIN Energy Saturday, hosted by GodIs L aka.

    in Spirituality

    Please welcome Ahad Rassoull to YIN ENERGY Saturday! on “Get Your, It Together!” for the 1st time. He’s an Akashic Record Reader, Business Manager for “Of The Sun” services and products, as well as the co-host of “Transformation,” a radio show on Voice America, the 7th Wave Channel every Wednesday at 8:00 am pst. / 11:00 am est. As the reader of the Hall of the Akashic Records, Ahad is able to interpret the energetic records of the souls past, present and future lives, as all souls have their own Akashic Records. This Hall (or Library) of the Akashic Records, is where all of the souls’ records are stored energetically. The Akashic Records however, are not a dry compilation of events, but contains our collective wisdom. As the Business Manager Of The Sun, at ofthesuncoffeeshop.com, he’s a key component in the DNA activation process of DNA Replicate, at www.DNAreplicate.com. DNA activation is a restoration of the original blue print of the Divine. As a co-host of a fresh and profoundly innovative and spiritually healing platform, the radio program Transformation is vastly becoming the voice of America, as it relates to the application of useful strategies and effectively helpful techniques for spiritual healing. You may contact Ahad for scheduling a consultation at (203) 308-6832, and/or email him at ahadofthesun@gmail.com. If you’re interested in affirming that we’re all activated seeds of pure consciousness, animated by The Spirit of The All That Is! Call 773-897-6555 and/or log onto the site during YIN ENERGY Saturday at www.blogtalkradio.com/gyit.

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    ClearHeartLife w GodIs ShaniAsantewaa> Mercury Retrograde wildcard

    in Self Help

    Mercury Retrograde Rx Wildcard.  Whatever comes to mind,  Education, Alkaline Water, Cold Resistance


    ClearHeartLife w/ Godis Shani Asantewaa Sheryl Strothers practically APPLIES empowering metaphysical techniques LIFE AFFIRMING Health, Wealth, Relationship, Creative Self-Expression, Community & Strategic ACTION over the long & short term.  No lamentations nor observations please  GodIs US is our premise. We convene to Graciously Accept the Mulitudinous Blissings of our Divine Inheritance!  We convene speaking our Holy Word Co-Creating our Next New Age of Respect Love Honor Grace & Prosperity. We illuminate current issues w/ history thereby deriving the metaphysical messages, lessons and blissings that birth transformative solutions. Stepping up as earthkeepers, powerbrokers & game changers.  Return of the Magnetic Matriarchy & Electrifying Masculine!

    Perspicacious Meliorist at your Service} Civil Engineer, Belly Dance Therapist & Instructor, Practitioner of Religious Science, Psychic Surgeon, 40 years Organic Lifestyle proponent, Mother of 4, Coop Cofounder & Chef Extraordinaire, Master Tie-Dye Artist, Shed 150lbs, Permaculturist, Inventor, Prepper Survivalist, Kwanzaa & Culture Doyenne, Participant in LandmarkWorldWide, Manufacturer of Natural Compounds, Lecturer and Author. Schedule Godis Shani Asantewaa for your event or consulatation now~!

    #24HourChantDownChantUp  landmarkworldwide.com