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    Encore Tuesday Spot with Affion Crockett

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    This is our encore airing of our amazing interview with Comedian/Actor/Rapper/Producer and co-star of the new hit comedy "A Haunted House" Affion Crockett. We had an amazing talk with him and we hope you enjoy it too.

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    Affion Crockett visits the E!Buzz Talk Show

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    RebroadcastCarla B. welcomes Actor/Comedian Affion Crockett to the E! Buzz red sofa! Listen LIVE & call in to chat with Affion - 718-664-6543.About the E! Buzz with Carla B.One of the hottest entertainment news shows today! Carla B's E! Buzz brings you breaking news in entertainment, pop culture, exclusive celebrity interviews, behind the scenes first looks and Hollywood's hottest stories from the world of film, television, fashion, literature and interactive media.

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    Affion Crockett Talks about “In The Flow” on the E!Buzz

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    Carla B. welcomes Actor/Comedian Affion Crockett to the E! Buzz red sofa to discuss his new show "In The Flow," what motivates him; fate, stardom, love and so much more! Listen LIVE & call in to chat with Affion - 718-664-6543.  
    About the E! Buzz with Carla B.
    One of the hottest entertainment news shows today! Carla B's E! Buzz brings you breaking news in entertainment, pop culture, exclusive celebrity interviews, behind the scenes first looks and Hollywood's hottest stories from the world of film, television, fashion, literature and interactive media.

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    Cypher Lounge is In The Flow w/ Affion Crockett & Reign

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    And when we're you won't feel your legs as Cypher Lounge Radio is your Motivation each and every Wednesday night at 7pm PST. This week Hassahn Phenomenon and Dasha, The Divine Divah figure since they appeared on his show, that it was only right that they invite, In The Flow's, Affion Crockett to appear on their show.
    Yes, that's right, this week the dynamic duo welcome actor/comedian/rapper/dancer/producer, Affion Crockett to the Cypher Lounge.  With a crazy busy press schedule, Affion is stopping through CL to talk about his new show on Fox and to talk about how significant that is in this day and time.
    Also joining the party is singer/songwriter Reign Morton The Artist as he stops through to chop it up about his music, life, and his passion to be one of the dopest entertainers on the planet.
    If that wasn't enough, you know each month our brother from another mother, Shaun Beastley will pop in for a second to talk about this months PenUp Songwriter Event, which goes down on Thursday,August 25, 2011 at 7pm PST at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood.
    As always, we have DJ Mark One holdin' it down on the one's and two's in the world-famous six minute mix. It's going down like four flat tires on a low-rider on Cypher Lounge Radio.  Tune-In Sucka!

  • What Lies Ahead in 2015

    in Paranormal

    We are crossing the border to 2015, so what can we expect globally? We are still in the midst of the planetary shift that began in the 1960's. The energy on our planet has become intensified over the years, and as a world we are evolving to even greater spiritual heights. While this happens, a cleansing is ensuing, so how will all of this affect our lives both locally and globally?

    Tune in as Co-hosts, Rev. Maria D'Andrea & Mimi, talk about our roles in 2015 and the coming years. How did this all happen & why, and what can we do to strengthen our resolve & our spiritual foundation in order to cushion the blow of the changes that lie ahead.

    Visit us on www.MQuestMedia.com for further provocative & inspirational videos and articles on the paranormal and spirituality.





  • Ravens end Steelers season, recapping the Wildcard Playoff game

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    In this episode of The Terrible Towel Tantrum, presented by The Red Light Sports Network, sponsored by The Million Dollar Ramble, Rudy Reyes and Troy Otradovec will discuss the Wildcard Playoff game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens.  The Ravens came to Heinz Field, as the sixth seed.  They left as the team headed to the Divisional Playoff agains the Denver Broncos. 

    The Steelers were without Le'Veon Bell, and it showed over the course of the game.  The Steelers struggled to run the ball, but most of all missed the receiving threat, of Bell.  Ben Rothlisberger throw two interceptions that proved costly.  The first was a tipped ball, that eventually led to a Raven touchdown.  The second came in the end zone, that stopped a scoring threat.  Although the rushing numbers did not wow anyone, the Ravens established the running game.  It was evident, after the Rothlisberger interception.  The Ravens called a play action pass, and the defense collapsed, to the left side of the line, leaving Joe Flacco time to find and open Crockett Gilmore, for a touchdown.  Also, the defensive line did not pressure Flacco.  Flacco had time to find receivers, and did not make any mistakes, leading the Ravens, to the Wildcard win.

    With the season over, what veterans do you think will return?  Did Troy Polamalu, James Harrison, and Ike Taylor play their last games at Heinz field?  There are many decisions to be made in the offseason.  The playoff game proved that they need to shore up the defensive line, and upgrade at cornerback.  Listen in or call the show.

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    The Conscious Capitalist Show - Featuring - Sterling Crockett

    in Business

    Discussing the 4 core principles of Conscious Capitalism.

    Higher Purpose
    Stakeholder Orientation
    Conscious Leadership
    Conscious Culture

    Your Hosts:

    Christopher King (King) - who goes by King is the President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and author of a new book titled" Connecting With Intent - Why Social Capital is more Valuable than Financial Capital". He is the founder and CEO of King Connections.

    Ross Girardi - Vice President of the DC Chapter of Conscious Capitalism and Founder and Managing Director of Conscious Management Consulting (CMC). 

    Meet today's Guest:

    Sterling Crockett

    Sterling has worked in such varied industries as Construction, Defense and, most recently, the sustainable coffee sector as CEO of Chesapeake Bay Roasting Company. 

    His personal dedication to socially responsible leadership has led him to understand that we succeed or fail as a community and the realization that the most impactful work in tackling challenges will result from a collaborative effort at the community level.  Our greatest payoffs will come from understanding our commonalities; respecting our strengths and building credibility with direct reach into the community.

    Also a champion of education, Sterling is on the advisory board at the Universities at Shady Grove where he sponsors a scholarship fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs.  He is a board member of the Arts and Humanity Council of Montgomery County, Future Link Inc. and Impact Silver Spring. Sterling was also former Chair of the Board of the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce.


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    Speak Life Radio ~ You Are A Champion by Dr Beverly Crockett

    in Motivation

    Speak Life Radio ~ You Are A CHAMPION by DR. Beverly Crockett!

     Blessings family and welcome back to another amazing show. Are you frustrated? feeling stuck? wanting to give up on life? listening to the negative voices that speak words of death, saying that you are worthless and that you should give up???? Well please tune into tonight's show and invite your friends and family! We have the awesome Dr. Beverly Crockett joining us tonight and she is going to Speak words of Life into us with her program "JUST RUN THE RACE YOU ARE A CHAMPION" Dr. Beverly Crockett is an outstanding, exceptional, Christian Business Woman who has accomplished a vast array of tasks. Although she attended various Universities and Colleges after High School: coupled with a multitude of Certifications from completing various courses, including cosmetology, it wasn't until she relocated to Southern California that she obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Theology and a Master's as well as Doctoral Degree in Biblical Counseling. This accomplishment truly sealed in her spirit the Scripture that admonishes, "I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST WHICH STRENGTHENS ME."

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    Hybrid Jazz - with Alison Crockett and Veronica Nunn!

    in Music

    How wonderful to have two internationally known vocalists with such incredible reputations!  We'll start our show at 1:30 p.m. Eastern time on 6/5 - so that we can make room for the intensely versatile, passionate and persuasive Allison Crockett. Pianist and composer as well as songstress of rare ability, Alison was steeped in education at Temple University and the Manhattan School of Music.  While in New York, her path crossed with DJ/Producer King Britt (Digable Planets), who promptly nicknamed our guest Diva Blue. Alison and her True Believer teamed to make a success of the Sylk 130 album, "When the Funk Hits the Fan" - that featured "Seasons Change."  Delving into Hip Hop and more variable Jazz, Alison worked with the Greg Osby Band - then US3 in the U.K.  With three musical projects or original material, Alison has combined what she has learned - and FELT - through the years - so that she could give us "Mommy, What's a Depression." And she'll give us an earful when she stars at Blues Alley on Father's Day - blissfully, we'll get a taste of that earful when Alison joins us!

    Veronica Nunn is no stranger to our show.  It has been wonderful to learn what new projects and ventures are on her current plate - and the next show will be FULL of more good news!  Her podcast, "Tales From the Jazz Side", is going strong.  She has updated her Dead Horse Records label website - she has partnered with Institut Musik Daya Indonesia (where she conducted workshops and performed in May!)  And she has joined the Board of Directors of a wondrous nonprofit in New Jersey called Seed Artists, Inc.  All this - and a tour with Michael Franks!  Thus, the reason for V's visit this time around - to call attention to those extremely popular dates with Michael around the country :)

    Please join us in keeping company with two exceptional talents!

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    Kingdom-Minded Reconstruction (Not of this World) with Pastor Shawn Crockett

    in Religion

    Senior Pastor Bishop Shawn Crockett from New Foundations Church in Kissimmee, FL brings a powerful word from God about staying Kingdom minded in a world that is far from it. He will go over principles that will assist you in walking a lifestyle focused on Jesus and impacting those around you to do the same-building God's sure house, one brick at a time!

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    Our show is purposed to reach and teach the community. We want to be your source of needed information on improving your health both for the spiritual and physical person. We want you to know that we care ergo our motto "Caring is Contagious". If there is a health need or concern in your community let us know. We work with a team of health providers from all nationalities. We want to know what you are doing, how you are helping people in your community, state and country. We want to reach the WORLD via this radio show. We have a heart for the people of this world. 

    This night gives the ladies a chance to release, encourage one another, laugh and cry together. We want to know;

    1. What’s on your mind?   Answer how to fight that thing.

    2. What did you overcome this week? How did you do it?

    3. Remedies for female situations for men and women

    Our featured guest is Mrs. Annie Crockett the president of "The Married Ladies Social, Art and Chariry Club of America, Inc."

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