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    Basketball Summit - Coach and Scout Perspective

    in Basketball

    Join us on Thursday June, 11th at 7pm central as we talk about updates with the upcoming Houston and Las Vegas camps along with interesting basketball topics including NBA Finals discussion. Joining us will be coach Steve Mergelsberg who has coached all over, including most recently in England. Coach Mergelsberg has coached at our previous camps including in Las Vegas last year. He will give his perspective of the camp, how players stand out at exposure camps, and how to take advantage of opportunities like this. We will also be joined by another special guest, soon to be announced. 

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    BBall Summit Radio - Episode 6

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    Join us for episode 6 as we discuss the upcoming camps, the NBA Finals, and basketball news around the world. We will be joined by former NBA player and NBA coach Butch Carter who now works on basketball in Canada. Also we will have coach Larry Lessett who has many years of coachign experience at multiple levels including most recently in Mexico. Coach Lessett was a coach at the Portsmouth Basketball Summit and will be returning to coach and scout at the Vegas Basketball Summit!

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    BBall Summit Pt. 2 - Puerto Rico and Vegas!

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    Join us and the crew for our third episode on blogtalkradio.com, March 21st at 7:00PM right before Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals! We will have not one, but two special guests joining us on tonight's show, the famous Ruben Rodriguez 1979 MVP and nine time national champion, as well as Mr. Pantelis Missou a sports agent for Megabasket as well as former coach and scout for the country Greece!

    Our special guest(s) are here LIVE on our show to give you hints, tips, and advice on getting on track with playing semi-professional basketball and your arrival for the next basketball exposure camp(s). So don't miss out, join in the conversation or call in with your questions, we can't wait for you to hear our show. 

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    Affiliate Black Book - The Playbook For Ruthlessly Serious Affiliates

    in Business

    Willie Crawford interviews X, author of Affiliate Black Book about being an affiliate who plays to win, EVERY TIME. Tune in as we discuss:

    - How Google Seems To Deal With Affiliates And Other Types Of Advertisers

    - Why 95% Of Affiliaes Don't Make Any Real Money

    - Why There Often Seems To Be A Love-Hate Relationship Between Affiliate And Affiliate Program Operators

    - How And Why Affiliates Often Miss Out On A Major Percentage Of Commissions They Earn And What You Can Do About That

    - How And Why Affiliate Marketing Can Often Seem So Cut-throat

    - How And Why You Need To Treat Affiliate Marketing Like A Business And The Number One Things Most Affiliates Need To Focus On

    - Things You As An Affiliate Can Do To Fight Back, Earn More Commissions, And Get Paid All Of The Commissions You Earn

    You can check out John's latest course, Affiliate Black Book at:  http://WillieCrawford.com/abb/

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    International Black Summit Talk Show Network

    in Spirituality

    Having conversations that empower and inspire great contributions for within our community 

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    Modesto Bee sponsors water Summit

    July 15, 2015   7-9 at the Gallo center

    The forum will be moderated by founder and former president of the Great Valley Center and former Mayor of  Modesto, Carol Whiteside.

    Whiteside left the great Valley Center when Bob Gallo discontinued financing the venture.

    As Mayor of Modesto. she is known for “Curtains up 88” that gave us the convention center and closed 10 Street which created a campus for the then First Baptist Church and cut off downtown Modesto.

    Whitesides credits are many. She was paid $15,000 with M ID money to lobby for the sale of water to San Francisco.

    It would be more informative, if the Bee had Carol Whiteside as a panelist, rather than the moderator.

    The five panelists are Jeff Cowan, Randy Fiorini, Sarge Green, Felicia Marcus, and Assemblywoman Kristen Olsen.

    The panel will engage in a conversation on valley water.

    The panel will bring their facts, viewpoints, and opinions to the discussion.

    In the interest of transparency and qualifications, each panelist should be asked if they went to the microphone during M ID meetings to oppose the sale of our water to San Francisco.

    We already know that the moderator was paid to lobby for the sale.

    We should thank the editors of the Modesto Bee Ken Riddick, Joseph Kieta, and Mike Dunbar.

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    International Black Summit Network

    in Spirituality

    black community empowerment 

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    International Black Summit Talk Show Network

    in Spirituality

    Converation stimulating community development, community empowerment, and personal growth.  

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    International Black Summit Talk Show Network

    in Spirituality

    Conversations stimulating community empowerment, community development, personal growth, and transformational change.


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    youth summit

    in Social Networking

    the youth summit 6-21-201

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    Learn To-Build Relationships with Affiliate Sales

    in Marketing

    Join Teresa Maron for Consious Content Marketing in the Problem Solving field.

    What are Affiliate Relationships?
    Why should we add Affiliate sales to our Podcast?

    How to use the training that is provided by PodcastingbyProfessionals.com through the auto responders and swipe copy.

    Special Guest Sabrina Watson of DIYMarketPlace.net

    Examples of using blogging, newsletters and social media posts to talk about your brand and still featuring Podcasting for Beginners.

    Create Your Affiliate Link with Martha A Sanchez!

    How Using Podcasting by Professionals as a sponsor of your brand can promote your Brand.

    Contact Teresa at http://podcastingbyprofessionals.com/