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    Learn To-Build Relationships with Affiliate Sales

    in Marketing

    Join Teresa Maron for Consious Content Marketing in the Problem Solving field.

    What are Affiliate Relationships?
    Why should we add Affiliate sales to our Podcast?

    How to use the training that is provided by PodcastingbyProfessionals.com through the auto responders and swipe copy.

    Special Guest Sabrina Watson of DIYMarketPlace.net

    Examples of using blogging, newsletters and social media posts to talk about your brand and still featuring Podcasting for Beginners.

    Create Your Affiliate Link with Martha A Sanchez!

    How Using Podcasting by Professionals as a sponsor of your brand can promote your Brand.

    Contact Teresa at http://podcastingbyprofessionals.com/


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    Affiliate Summit - Growing a Conference

    in Marketing

    Are you an affiliate marketer looking to grow your search, social and digital strategy? Do you want to drive consistent profitable sales growth for your business, and learn from the top online marketing experts?
    Welcome to the new Digital Strategy Insights podcast brought to you by All Inclusive Marketing, hosted by founder and CEO, Sarah Bundy. Affiliate marketing has changed dramatically for both brands and their affiliates and for those who have kept pace with the changing landscape the rewards have been spectacular.
    This week’s guest is Shawn Collins of Affiliate Summit. Collins has been an affiliate marketer since 1997 and co-founded Affiliate Summit* back in 2003. He is a co-editor in chief of FeedFront Magazine, founder of GeekCast.fm*, and an author and blogger. Collins is the co-founder of the industry leader in creating happy, receptive and collaborative events.
    Listen this week as we discuss the astounding success of Affiliate Summit and how their exhibitions have grown to be industry leaders in providing excellent content for affiliate marketers.

    Learn More, Earn More

    As industry leaders in exhibitions for affiliate marketers, Affiliate Summit caters to all budgets, hosting both the ‘Meet Market’ and ‘Exhibition Hall’. This means you can be seen, heard and networked with regardless of your budget or current audience. They have succeeded in creating an innovative hybrid of trade show and job fair, with a different feel to both their East coast and West coast shows. Read more...


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    IT Life: An Alternative to University IT Programs

    in Technology

    Ashu Desai, our latest guest on IT Life Radio thinks college computer science programs are failing their students. He's founded a new kind of school to make the next generation of software developers that he thinks is more cost effective, faster, and most importantly, makes better developers than traditional IT programs from four year universities.

    Ashu thinks that developers aren't getting enough hands on experience or managing enough projects in college, and that the teachers they get are more interested in research than teaching. Desai knows first-hand. He dropped out of a college program himself when he realized he had learned far more from designing his own app than he was learning in school. After a few successful years as an IT pro, he decided to fix the problems he has seen. He founded Make School.

    According to Desai, Make School is designed to work more like a startup than a school. The "campus" looks like any office of a San Francisco startup. And the students spend part of their day in lectures and part of the day working on projects of their own. In other words, they get the startup experience. They've only had one class so far, but most of those folks are working and some are making well above the average salary for developers coming out of college and they're doing it in less time.

    The kicker? There is no tuition. Make School has a different business plan. Instead of taking money from you before you've made any they defer the tuition and then take a percentage of your salary in your first years after they get you a job. No job? No tuition.

    Ashu Desai is one of the founders of Make School, a university replacement for computer science. He attended UCLA to study computer science before dropping out to join Y Combinator and found Make School in hopes of improving computer science education.

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    Affiliate programs

    in Entrepreneur

    Interview with Cesar V. Teague
    Topics of conversation:
    Definition of Plan A Reasons for creating a Plan B in unstable job market Suggestions for Plan B Affiliate programs - definition and how to use circle of influence Home business pros and cons Plan B: 5 Differences That Make a Difference in your Small/Home Business Cesar V. Teague
    Xlibris (2011)
    ISBN 9781465334787
    Reviewed by Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson for Reader Views (8/11)

    Read interview with author on ReaderViews.com
    Read the review on ReaderViews.com

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    in Christianity

    Learn  all about all of our new and exciting programs.

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    Johnathan Johnson will highlight bodybuilding programs

    in Fitness

    Veteran Bodybuilder Johnathan Johnson, owner of Powerful Permission Fitness will discuss his achievements, training, and programs. 

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    The Golden Girls Network Affiliate Launch in Atlanta on April 26, 2015

    in Business

    Ms. Bonnie Moore is coming to Atlanta to launch the Georgia Regional Affiliate of Golden Girls Network at a free workshop on April 26.  Atlanta-area adults ages 50 and above are invited to come learn how to live like the fabulous four females on the TV Sitcom “The Golden Girls.”

    Bonnie Moore, age 70, is the founder of Golden Girls Network, the only nationwide network that helps mature adults find roommates and access the resources they need to make shared living work.

    Drawing on more than six years of experience sharing her home, Moore wrote a book entitled “How to Start a Golden Girls Home” and teaches classes on the same topic. A nationally recognized expert in shared living, she has been featured by National Public Radio, the Washington Post and an array of other media outlets.

    When: Sunday, April 26 from 3-5 p.m.

    Where: Mimi’s Café, located at 1221 Ashford Crossing in Atlanta

    RSVP: The workshop is free but advanced registration is recommended by visiting http://goldengirlsnetwork.com/events/group-discussion-shared-housing

    Questions? Contact Golden Girls Network’s Georgia Regional Director Beth Hogan at 770-851-9536 or BethH@GoldenGirlsNetwork.com