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    Top 3 Ways Google Adwords Can Help Market Your Business

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    Google Adwords Tools Are you looking for Google Adwords tips to help you grow and promote your business? Are you looking to supplement your current internet marketing and search engine marketing efforts with Google Ads but not sure how? Join host and author Lisa Sims as she provides the top 3 ways Google Adwords can help you market your business. Some of the topics she will address include:
    Google Adwords Keyword Tool Pay-Per-Click marketing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) You don't want to miss this show! 

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    Geeks Round Table - Pilot Episode

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    Our first 'Official' podcast from the guys that brought you the Hard Truth (Ryan Sharrer) and SEO 101 (David Brown) and introducing Fabio Cuffaro. Just some quick introductions to get out of the way, then onto Panda  4.0, why your business needs an AdWords Specialist, Shell Shock / Bash Bug debacle, & General WordPress Security. 

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    CloseUp-The Zen Master of Internet Marketing-Paul Tobey

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    For those of you who own a business, it’s tough to get noticed in the vast ocean we call the internet. Former professional concert pianist turn internet marketing guru, Paul Tobey, will teach you the benefits of pay-per-click advertising, Google Adwords VS. Facebook Ads, why sending online traffic to your Home page of your website is a bad idea, the 7 steps to successful customer lifescyle marketing, why context trumps content marketing and why becoming a learn-it-all is the foundation for your success.

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    Mastering Google AdWords In 2011

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    Listen in as Willie Crawford, once dubbed "The King Of Pay Per Clicks" and the Google AdWords Management Expert that he relies upon,  AM Khan, share how you can use Google AdWords  to generate an endless stream of highly  targeted customers and leads... very cost  effectively.     If you'd prefer watching the interview in webinar format, you can do that at: http://Timic.org/AdWordsVideo   If you'd like a free consultation on your  business and how to leverage Google AdWords, just fill in the form here: http://timic.org/FreeGoogleAdWordsConsult

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    Google Adwords - Tricks Tips and More

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    For those who are regular advertisers on Google this show is for you. I'll be explaining some strategies so that you can get more out of your Google Adwords and pay less for it.
    In the show I'll explain the basic mechanics behind Adwords' rankings. How you can spend less but be ranked higher than those who spend more. How you can get free Adwords. How you can spend nothing but get free advertising with Adwords. Where to send people from your adwords links. Also, I'll explain how to focus your adwords spend.
    It's a lot to cover in 30 mintues so take lots of notes and enjoy!

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    A.V.A LiveRadio: How to brand your name using adwords, facebook & search engines

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    Join host Jacqueline Jax as she gives you the hard truth about branding your name online using adwords, facebook and search engines. with questions answered from our audience:
    1: Q: Benni Chawes:  I just listen to you on youtube "Choosing a Successful Brand Name". Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom!!! I'm REALLY in big doubt about my name....!!!
    It's absolutely special 'Benni Chawes' but gets misspelled a lot let alone mispronounced.
    I'm a danish singer/piano player. I do jazz/soul/pop idiom (www.chawes.net) and have been using that (birth) name for 8+ years now. I think I'm cutting of potential fans - or at least not getting out there as much as I could with that name. And that's a shame – I LOOOOVE performing and sharing my music with them. When ever I perform world wide in all modesty people really love what I'm doing :-) I also incorporate my vocal instruments into the show. With my voice I sound like the true guitar, drums, bass, and percussion. I released an album (late 2006), have toured in 20+ countries, sponsored by prestigious Bang & Olufsen as the first musician ever, won awards and have opened up for Ray Charles. Can you guide me? How do I go about this? Help...!!!!! :-)
    Thanks for reading all this ;-) Bless you. Benni

    2: Q: Is GoogleAdwords the best way to go? Or is there something better? Amy- Ohio

    3: Q: How can I get the right customers to my website ? Tim - Australia

    THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES ON www.AvALiveRadio.com - subscribe now and check it out.

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    Video Marketing Madness with Ray Lane and Steve Sleeper

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    Today on Video Marketing Madness, it’s Jessica Brace - one of the top experts in YouTube and video marketing strategies and author of “Ready, Set, GO Make A Video – 101 YouTube Video Ideas For Your Business”. We’ll have news of the week and Ray will have his video marketing tip of the week. 

    Stay updated on the latest trends in Video, YouTube and Internet Marketing.  We answer your questions about how to use YouTube and Video to grow your business.  We’also bring in top guests in the Internet Marketing world.  

    Jessica's website is JessicaBrace.com. Free Copies of her book at ReadySetGoMakeAVideo.com/gift

    Today's show made possible by Ray's favorite ladning page buidler - Instabuilder. Head over to RaytheVideoGuy.com/Instabuilder and check out all the cool bonuses.

    Ray's tip of the week was on using AdWords to drive video views. Here's the how to video on that.

    Be sure to "Like" the Video Marketing Madness Facebook page to get the plenty of useful tips and the news of the week - Facebook.com/VideoMarketingMadness 

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    Illuminate Together Radio ~ Grow Your Business Online

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    Grow Your Business Online w/ special guest Sheila Fruge

    Have you ever had a dream so powerful, that something deep inside shifts? In this episode, Sheila will share an incredible dream experience which confirmed to her that Life is protecting and communicating with us.

    We'll also talk about her transformation from being a corporate citizen to working as an in demand marketing consultant. Most importantly, she'll share ideas on what service providers, practitioners and other consultants can do to get their businesses to show up on Google... at any budget.

    Sheila is passionate about showing others how they can use the internet to grow their business. Visit her website to know more www.frugeconsulting.com or AdWords survey.


    Illuminate Together Radio is a place  where you can learn ideas to help you grow your business in alignment with your personal spiritual beliefs.  Where you can learn from experts, hear their stories and become inspired.  A place where your questions are answered and your opinion counts.  A place where conscious business leaders gather to learn from each other and shine their lights together to change the world for the better.

    Contact the host about events or to be a guest on our show at MichelleSpalding.com

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    Speaking about Online Marketing

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    During the show today we are going to touch on a number of areas of online marketing that I know many of you have questions on for a number of reasons.

     A few of the topics for today are listed below.

    - How search works (kinds of search queries, SERP Page)
    - How small companies can leverage AdWords (Quality Score, local)
    - How small companies can do their own SEO (ratings, niche local terms)
    - How companies are misusing social media (traditional vs social)
    - How companies should use social media (content strategy)
    - Value and expertise locally

    Our special guest Mr. Jason Dulay is the founder and owner of ABC Web Consulting, a local online marketing agency that helps small businesses use the internet to get more business. Jason first got into online marketing when he built his first website at 10 years old in 1996. Working as an Online Marketing Consultant in a Singapore advertising firm, Jason helped a multitude of small and medium businesses improve their web presence and capture customers online. As the owner of ABC Web Consulting, Jason has helped local businesses with their overall online marketing strategy and has been able to bring measurable increases to their revenues and profits.

    Mr. Jason Dulay
    ABC Web Consulting
    Phone:571 308 6718
    E-mail: jason@abc-wc.com
    Web: http://abcwebconsulting.com


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    Interview With Kristie McDonald Author Adwords For Dummies

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    This week we interviewed Kristie McDonald in the studio, CEO of Vitruvian. Kristie is also the co-author of Google AdWords for Dummies (3rd Edition) along with Howie Jacobson run a highly-successful Digital Advertising Agency based here in Chicago.
    Kristie, Howie, and their expert team have years of experience helping business owners and professional convert more paid traffic into profits.
    Hear Kristie’s story and all about how to make Paid Search work for your company in this captivating interview.

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    Digital Marketing's importance in your business strategy

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    This week on #LFCRadio, we are going to talk about Digital Marketing strategies to use in your business and life. Terms like #NativeAdvertising, #DigitalMarketing, #AdWords #SEO and #Brand will all up in this convo. We are going to talk about digital rock stars like #JamesAndrews and #RoySekoff. We're talking the impact #Pharell & his hat had on the #Arbys brand. 

    Sounds a little weird? Not at all. It is the life blood of all marketing in this day and age! it is all about engagement! We're going to talk to Antonio Otalvaro of www.rawshorts.com, as we dig into this conversation of digital marketing. 

    As always we will dig into this weeks headlines, which include, Mark Cuban, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson & Stephen A. Smith Debate and the VA scandal. What can we say. Thats why our show is called what it is... Life Full Circle Radio! 

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